ANDREA: Episode 33

Previously on Andrea:

“Hey Eddie, hope you good. I thought you were going to surprise me tonight and I waited. I’m here when you need me.”

She read through it a couple more times as she fiddled with her phone and slightly rubbed the button that would have sent the message on its way but she hesitated. Would she do this? Would she go down this road? Eddie needed her as much as she needed him, she was sure. Without knowing it, she had started imagining what their kids would look like. No sooner did she realize this than she snapped out of it with her mind made up.

She needed Eddie tonight.


Sam’s mother woke with a start. It was dark all around. Did she just have a nightmare? She reached for the bedside lamp and switched it on so she could check the time.


What kind of dream was that? What was going on? She wasn’t the type to just dream randomly and she knew it. A message was being passed across to her but what was it? Why would she dream of Andrea shopping for a horse and a sheep only for those to turn to her son and Eddie?

What kind of horrible dream was this? She thought deeply and hard about what the interpretation could be.
Then all of a sudden, it dawned on her.

What? That can’t be possible. No way on earth that could happen. She fought to dispel the thought from her mind but the thought seemed to hold on strongly to her mind until she couldn’t shake it off.

This couldn’t be.

She lay back in bed as she started shedding tears into her pillow.


Co-written by: RebelKween

ANDREA: Episode 33
Her mind was made up. She had cried enough and what she needed were answers above every other thing. She picked herself up from the bed, wiped her face with her wrapper and steeled herself for what she planned to do next. She didn’t even attempt to check the time because she knew if she did, she would be tempted to wait a little longer and waiting any longer was not something she was prepared for there and then. She seemed to walk like one in a daze into her bathroom to rinse her mouth and to wash the leftover of the night off her face. But try as she would, she couldn’t shake off the eerie feeling of the dream she had and it kept tugging at her mind and ate at the core of her soul.

When she was done, she opened the door and stepped out of her room as she walked casually towards Sam’s room. When she got there, she tested the door but it was locked so she knocked softly on the door and waited for the response. When nothing happened after some moments, she knocked some more but this time a little louder. She didn’t have to wait long because she heard the unmistakable sound of a key turning ever so faintly on the other side. The door swung open as she gazed into the irritated face of Sam. He obviously wasn’t looking too pleased to have been yanked out of bed at that time of the night. He rubbed his eyes as he regarded her for a while.

“What do you want, mum?” He seemed to yawn at her “It is not even 3am.”

“I want to talk to you” She said

“Can’t it wait, mum?” He asked with another yawn.

“No it can’t wait.” She responded. “I plan to leave this morning before even the cock finds its voice and we need to have a talk before then.”

 Sam sighed audibly and rubbed his temples. He knew that he was going to have that talk whether he wanted to or not so he knew he might as well get it over with. His mother’s expression and posture told him that much. He knew it all too well. So he stepped aside and waved her inside.
His mother walked past him to his bed and perched herself on the edge of the bed. She beckoned to Sam and patted on the bed for him to come and sit beside her. He took hesitant steps towards her and sat down.
An awkward silence followed for the next few minutes. Sam was happy with the silence and was even dozing off when his mum’s voice pulled him back to consciousness.

“Samson, I want to tell you something,” she started,”but before I start, I want to ask you a simple question.”

“And what is that, mum?” Sam asked with a sigh

“My son,” she said, “do you have another mother now that I should know about?”

Sam always felt exasperated whenever his mum asked him this question but this time around, he was struggling to contain his temper. How could his mum wake him up at this ungodliest of ungodly hour only to start subjecting him to some maternity test questions? He wasn’t having any of that.

“If you have something you want to say, mum, please say it.” Sam stated with his irritation badly disguised. “I really needed this rest and coming to wake me up at this time as it is isn’t helping matters. Say what you have to say mum and let’s get this over with.”

His mother made no attempt to interrupt or snap at him or anything of the sort. She just simply remained calm as she watched him. She had decided she was not going to say anything to rile him or put him on the defensive. Her major aim was to find out the truth even if she had to coax or blackmail him out of it. She decided it was probably a masterstroke to have come to see him at this time. She actually new that the hours between midnight and 4am was the period that  was sacred to Sam when it came to his sleep ever since he was a kid. Any other time outside that time was basically for lying down lazily on the bed. She had to take control of this discussion and do it in a way as not to lose Sam in the process. She had to be wise. She was a woman. She had to put her foot down. She opened her mouth to speak and her voice was even lower.

“Samson, do you have another mother that I should know about?”
She tightened her jaw as she waited for his response. She knew that only one of two things was bound to happen. The first possibility was for Sam to lose his temper and go back to bed regardless of whether she was there or not. The second option was just to humour her and answer her question even if it’s with gritted teeth just so he can have some peace. She knew that for the sake of the control she needed in this discussion, the second reaction was what she hoped for with all her heart. She stared at Sam’s face with the help of the illumination from the bedside lamp. She saw his features seemed to harden a bit and was scared she had lost this and was about to change tact immediately but before she could say a word, Sam was already speaking.

“Okay mum,” Sam stated with resignation, “you’re my only mother. I don’t have another one.”

“Good.” Sam’s mother said but Sam wasn’t quite done because he cut her off before she could utter another word.

“And mum,” Sam cut in, “I beg of you, please don’t preach to me about how you carried me in your tummy for nine months and how you breast-fed me for over a year and all the sacrifices you made for me and every other red-cross endeavours. I realized and acknowledge all you did and I honestly don’t need to hear it right now. All I need is for you to go straight to the point so we can end this and I can try to catch a couple of hours sleep before daybreak. Can you do that for me, please?”

Sam’s mother sighed and put her arms between her legs as she rocked herself back and forth on her seat for a moment.

“Thank God we both know I’m still your mum.” She started “And thank God we both know I bore you in my tummy for nine months and breast-fed you for over one year and not to mention all the other sacrifices.”

Sam rolled his eyes but elected to keep quiet as he was now certain any objection would only prolong matters. The mother went on;

“I want you to know that I’m your mother and I cannot mislead you. I cannot mislead you at all because I love you more than life itself. You’re my first child, my first son and the first fruit of my womb. I will never open my eyes and watch you go astray or get into any kind of danger. I love you so much and I will give my life for you without a second’s thought.

“There’s no day I don’t pray for you. I pray for you every single time. I’ve been to countless vigils for your sakes because I want you to be happy and I don’t want you to end up in hell whether here or the afterlife. I’ve prayed for you so much that I get extra sensitive spiritually when it involves your matter in particular. I have an issue bothering my mind so seriously right now. I had a strange dream and I need you to shed light on that dream.”

This statement caught Sam in mid breath. And he stared wide-eyed.
“A dream?” He asked, “Shed light as how?”

“Thank you for asking, my son.” His mother responded and proceeded to tell Sam about the dream she had and watched as his expression started to turn ashen. She ended and waited for him to respond.

“I don’t know what to say.” Sam managed to mumble without stuttering even though he was in shock.

“Sam, I need you to tell me the truth here and now. What is going on?” His mother entreated. “You can trust me with whatever is going on and my duty is to pray for you so you don’t enter into any evil. I know my dreams are a message especially those I have about you. Is there anything going on between Eddie and Andrea that I should know about? Is there a covenant among you all that you’re covering? Let me know my son so that I can have peace and so will you. I’m your mother like you have affirmed. You can talk to me.”

She could see Sam was somehow disturbed. She knew there was something going on in that mind of his. His shoulders hunched and it looked like he had suddenly aged ten years right before her eyes. Her motherly instinct almost made her reach out for him but some common sense which she had never known existed and acted so strongly seemed to take over. She remained motionless as she let her words take effect on him. Did she just see a glimmer in his eyes? Or was this a figment of her imagination? She stared more closely without trying to move closer but she needn’t have done that because at that same moment, Sam looked up at her and she saw the tears seemingly trying to hold tightly to his eyes as he struggled to make sure they didn’t drop or run down his subdued face. Her heart went out to him at that moment more than she had ever remembered it but she waited for what he had to say with the attention a spider would pay a fly.

“Mum, what I want to tell you now, I need you to promise not to panic.” Sam said with a broken voice. “If I sense any form of panic from you or any hysterics, I promise you that I would say no more and that would be that about that. Do I have your word on that?”

He gave her a very stern look as she did all she could to calm her mind. She had a feeling that what she was about to hear was going to have a negative impact on her and it scared her so but she needed to hear it all. She knew a lot would have happened for Sam to be in this condition and for him to seem this contrite. Whatever it was, this was the cross she had come to this world to bear and she planned to bear it all. He was her only son and her light. She wouldn’t open her eyes to let this light go out.


She snapped out of her reverie.

“I’ve heard you, my dear.” She said in a voice barely above a whisper. “I promise not to panic. So what do you have to tell me about what is going on?”

“Mum.” Sam said while looking at a spot straight ahead with a distant look on his face.
“Yes my son.” His mother replied and braced herself for what was going to come next. Her arms were firmly folded as a certain cold seemed to envelope her there and then.

Sam opened his mouth to speak…


Eddie opened his eyes with a start. For a moment, he didn’t remember where exactly he was so he looked around in the darkness. For how long had he been asleep? He must have slept off without knowing it because his glasses were perched askew on the bridge of his nose. He adjusted it even as he felt a weight on his chest and the fruity smell of the hair reminded him who it was and where he was. He now remembered he had been consoling Andrea as she wept in his chest. How long ago was that again? He looked around in the darkness as his eyes got accustomed to it even though it was ever so slightly. He fumbled in his pocket for his phone, fished it out and checked for the time on the screen. 4:49am illuminated back at him and he blinked.

Wow! He had been asleep for a few hours. He suddenly remembered that he was supposed to hook up with Senami. He sighed because he knew that the chance was blown tonight and potentially maybe permanently. Sam’s mother was leaving this morning and things were supposed to return back to normal again. Distance would have to be put between him and Senami from the moment she leaves he realized with regret. Could he rush down to Senami to try to salvage something now? He needed to leave now before the day broke. He had about thirty minutes by his own reasoning. He had to move.

He lifted Andrea’s slim body a little as he weaved his way from under her even as she stirred in her sleep.

“Andrea?” He said softly in her ears.

“Hmm?” Andrea purred.

“I need to go now, Andrea?”

“You don’t have to do anything, Eddie.” Andrea said as she held Eddie in an embrace.

“But I really have to go now.” Eddie said as he extricated himself from her hug. “It’s almost 5am and Sam’s mother is leaving this morning and can be about now. We don’t want her to know I was in here, do we?

“No we don’t.” Andrea replied with a sigh as she rolled her eyes.

“Good. I need to dash out now. We’ll see in the morning, okay?”

“Okay Eddie.” Andrea replied softly as she hugged tightly to her pillow and was asleep again.

Eddie smiled. This battle is won. He picked up his phone in the darkness and with his back to Andrea, he dialled Senami’s line. He waited and when she picked it up, he cut the call. He immediately composed a text message.

“I’m really sorry, something urgent came up that kept me. I’m on my way now”

He sent it and looked back at the bed where Andrea was peacefully asleep. He felt a twinge of guilt at the fact he was about to cheat on her and that in itself worried him. But he had to tell himself that according to the act they had put up, Senami was his girl and they had all agreed to keep the act as real as possible so as to fool the old lady so in itself, this was keeping it real. Even though he had to admit to himself that this was a lame excuse to quell the guilt tugging at him but somehow, he felt better with it. He smiled to himself as he tiptoed toward her door. He unlocked it and was about to open when his phone beeped. He quickly reached for it as he saw the message was from Senami…


Great!  She was still awake. He opened the door with as much stealth as he could manage and scanned the hallway. When he was sure the coast was clear, he took one last look at the sleeping figure then stepped out.


He opened the door for her to step out and she did just in time to see Eddie tiptoeing out of Andrea’s room with his back to her. She froze as she watched him glance at his phone with a smile then looked up just to catch her gaze. The smile vanished. Sam stepped out too just in time to take in the scene. Eddie looked like he was going to explode in shock. He had not even noticed that his phone had dropped on the floor with the battery, the phone and back cover all splattered in different directions.

This was bad.

Real bad.


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