ANDREA: Episode 32

Co-written by @rebelkween.

What was taking him so long?

She had left him sitting in the sitting room for over an hour now and he was yet to knock on her door. Or did he need some more encouragement? Maybe she should have dragged him along as she went to her room. But she knew that at the same time, she had to be careful how she played the game. What if Eddie wasn’t into her as much as she had thought?
It was quite possible she had to admit. It would have been so embarrassing if she had made the moves only to have Eddie shout at her. Oh that would have killed her. But then, maybe the dude needed a little bit more push. She would just have to find a way to do it because he was the key to her future. Nothing could derail things now.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

She got up from the bed and tiptoed to the door without knowing why. It was her room after all and she could move around it as she liked. But it was so funny that sometimes the thought of doing something crazy seemed to give birth to other crazy acts. She opened the door and peeped out into the silence of the darkness. She stepped out of her room to walk to the living room hoping to catch Eddie asleep where he was seated but he wasn’t there or anywhere in the sitting room for that matter.

What had happened? When did he leave here and why?

She contemplated checking his room but she decided it was a dumb move. Maybe she should just call him or send him a message but what would she say? She felt a little heat in her inside so she strode to the kitchen to grab a glass of water before she went back to her room. She sat on her bed and decided what her next line of action would be.
Should she call? Should she send a text message? She picked up her phone and started typing the message…

“Hey Eddie, I want you like crazy now. I want you like I’ve never wanted anyone in my life.”

She considered it for a while and decided it was too bold and in bad taste. She thought about it a little longer and then cleared the text. She typed again…

“Eddie, come over and let me fuck your brains out!!!!$$$%%%&&&!!!!!”

She giggled to herself as she cleared the message. That would have been so crazy. She imagined the look that would have been on Eddie’s face as he read it. What she would have given to see the look on his face. There were times she wished she was crazy and carefree. She started to type again…

“Hey Eddie, hope you good. I thought you were going to surprise me tonight and I waited. I’m here when you need me.”

She read through it a couple more times as she fiddled with her phone and slightly rubbed the button that would have sent the message on its way but she hesitated. Could she do this? Could she go down this road? Eddie needed her as much as she needed him, she was sure. Without knowing it, she had started imagining what their kids would look like. No sooner did she realize this than she snapped out of it with her mind made up.

She needed Eddie tonight.

She read the message she had typed one more time as she still found herself considering the wisdom of her action. With her thumb, she kept rubbing the ‘Send’ button.


He held her close to himself as he kissed her head and inhaled the fruity flavoured smell of her hair. He was still trying so hard to process what Andrea had just told him. The suddenness of it didn’t make sense. Even though he had to admit that Andrea and Sam’s relationship seemed to have taken some kind of battering in the past days, this still felt like a serious twist in an already bizarre tale.

“So tell me, Andy, wh…what happened? Please tell me everything.”

Andrea was silent for a while as she just dissolved herself into his warm embrace. He wondered what was going on in her mind and whether she was debating what and what not to tell him. He knew he’d have to be patient and not push it. He began to wonder what Senami would be doing now. Would she be naked already or was she still fully clothed? What exactly would she look like beneath the protection of her clothes?

“That bastard cheated on me”

Andrea’s words slashed through his thoughts like a samurai’s blade through paper.

“What?” Eddie asked both from surprise at what he had just heard and the fact that he wasn’t sure he had heard rightly.

“I was at his office after you guys dropped me off last Sunday and I met him with another lady.”

Now wasn’t that something, Eddie thought to himself.

“Look, Andrea. I know I must sound crazy for saying this but you know his kind of job. The lady you saw him with might be a client or something. Don’t you think?”

Andrea wriggled out of his embrace and looked him in the face like he was a new specimen. He began to wonder if shutting his mouth wouldn’t have been a much better idea. After all, wouldn’t it be a great idea if Sam was out of their lives? Then he’ll be a conqueror much like Alexander the great because he’ll have Andrea all to himself.  And Senami?

“You don’t get it, do you?” Andrea cut into his thoughts again. “You must think me paranoid, right?”

“No no no.” Eddie replied with caution in his voice. “Not that at all. I was just wondering”

“Then wonder this;” Andrea said, “I saw him kissing the bitch. He was even kissing her as they got out the door while still straightening their clothes. Do you imagine how that felt?”

“Yes I do, Andrea but…”

“No you don’t!” Andrea cut in. “You can’t possibly know. How could you know?”

“Okay Okay. Maybe I don’t know but you really should calm down, dear.”

Andrea stared at him for a moment then sighed.

“So what are you going to do now?” Eddie asked when he was sure it was safe enough to.

Andrea was staring at a spot on the bed with a faraway look. She kept silent for so long that Eddie thought she was not going to answer his question. If she wasn’t going to talk to him, why invite him here with all the attendant risk? It was even more irritating considering the fact that he was just about to get some unexplored loving before he got her message. Damn him for leaving the darned phone on. If she wasn’t going to talk to him, would she at least make love to him? He was totally sexually charged and he needed an outlet one way or the other and he needed it fast. He was already pondering on an escape plan to try salvaging something from the botched plans to get cosy with Senami when Andrea finally spoke.

“I’ve told him I want out. That I want a divorce.”

“And what did he say? Don’t answer that. I can tell. He promised fire and brimstone, right?”

Andrea nodded.

“But that is not going to be easy, Andrea.” Eddie said. “What we have going on right now – this thing between the three of us – is not really an ideal situation. How are you going to handle it? It could blow up in our faces and it would not be pretty.”

Andrea couldn’t help but notice Eddie couldn’t even acknowledge or bring himself to say that what they had was a marriage. From the way he turned up his nose when he spoke about it, it looked more like he thought it an abomination than a Union of any kind.

Like what was she really thinking? She knew that from the moment she had decided to take the chance of marrying the two men, she unwittingly invited some demons to torment her. Even though at the time, she had been watching out for her interest, she knew for a fact now that she had made the kind of mistake that if she ever got out of it alive, she’d be scarred for life. How she envied all those ladies with that one man in their lives that they loved so much it gave life a meaning. It could have been her but she had let greed dictate her choice. Yea… Greed. She had tried to tell herself that she had done what she had to do and had outsmarted her father but who is the fool now. Who was laughing now? But she had decided to put on a bold face and look in control of herself both for her sake and the sake of the relationship but she knew some emotional cracks were beginning to emerge and she knew that it was a matter of time before the crash came.

“And you think I’ve not thought about it, Eddie? Because I have. What I saw, I can’t get out of my head and that’s why I want Sam away from me. His being around only makes it worse.”

Eddie didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know whether to help her think of a way to get Sam out of the house or if she needed him to try talking her out of this divorce idea of hers or whether she just needed his listening ears and shut mouth.
He did the only thing he felt made sense at the moment as he held her close to him again and cooed in her ears even as he felt her body shaking with sobs. All he could think of there and then was how a very promising night could go this bad all of a sudden and if he’ll be getting laid this night.

It was turning out to be the worst night of his life and it was happening so fast.

She saw her as she kept peeking through the window wondering what she wanted. Was she trying to steal something or what? Eventually, when the lady saw nothing could be achieved by peeking in through the window, she eventually went to the front to knock on the door. As she watched, she wondered what Andrea was doing in a place like that. It all looked blurry but she thought the place looked more like a small church than a house but the building really looked old.

“Come in!” A voice bellowed from inside and she opened the door and walked right in.

Andrea went inside and walked towards the man at the counter. Or was it an altar? Why was it getting so conflicting for her? She was getting so worried.

She took a good look at the man Andrea spoke with but he didn’t look familiar. He seemed to be in his fifties, dark with a very unattractive face and a bald head. She didn’t like his look. He was wearing a black shirt and was that a bishop collar she saw? It was all so confusing. When the man emerged from behind his counter to talk with Andrea, she noticed he was very short with a pot belly and the image of the devil came straight to her mind.

“What can I do for you, my dear?” He asked. He had a very loud voice.

“I was told you have some horses for sale. I need one.”

“Horses, aye?” The man replied with a mischievous smile that showed some crooked teeth. “You’ve come to the right place. Let me show you to my stable so you can make your pick.”

He then led her out to another building not too far off. It was much bigger than the one they just left and it looked more like a farmhouse than anything. She wondered what Andrea needed a horse for in the city.

“There we go!” The man announced as he swung open a large door to show a stable of horses. But as Andrea walked in, her attention caught a black sturdy stallion, a real thoroughbred and she went straight up to it without as much as a glance at the others and stroked its nose.

“I want this one!” She declared.

“I beg your pardon.” The man said with a shocked look on his face.

“I want this horse.”

“Won’t you even look at the others?” The man said. “I mean, you should see this white mare, it’s really pretty and should suit you just fine.”

“No, sir.” Andrea declared with a note of finality. “I’ve made up my mind. I want this horse and no other.”

The man simply sighed.

“If you insist, my dear lady, but I must warn you that it’s a very hot tempered thing so you have to be careful how you handle it.”

“Not to worry, sir.” Andrea replied with a wry smile, “I know how to handle horses. Hot tempered or no.”

“It’s settled then.” The man stated and the crooked smile returned. “You really must know your horses. So let’s discuss that small matter of price, shall we?”

She watched as they haggled over the price as she somehow couldn’t follow the proceedings but from the look on Andrea’s face, she could tell that a lump sum of money was involved.

After a while, they settled and Andrea was in the process of paying for the horse when she saw it.

It was a white sheep with a few black spots on its fur. There was nothing extraordinary about that sheep except for the fact it was wearing a collar and a gold ring, set with rare gems, was attached to the collar. That alone made it the most intriguing thing she had ever seen.
Who would not only put a collar on a sheep but at the same time attach a ring of obvious high value to the collar?

The man noticed what Andrea was staring at and a smile played out on his lips.

“Lovely sheep, aye?” He said.

“Who cares about the sheep?” Andrea said without taking her eyes off the sight before her. “I want that ring.”

“Well, there’s a problem with that.” The man said, now looking serious. “Two problems as a matter of fact.”

Andrea’s face snapped up to meet his gaze. “What are the problems?”

“No 1, if you want that ring, then you’ll have to take the sheep too. They go together.” The man paused then continued. “No 2, the rule here is that you can only take one animal from here so if you pick this sheep and its lovely ring then the horse stays.”

“But I can’t leave this horse.” Andrea shrieked in alarm. “I love it and I want it.”

“Then you’ll have to take it and say goodbye to this sheep.”

“No. I want that sheep too.”

“Do you know what you’re asking for young lady? Do you know all the trouble you’ll be getting into if you walk out with these two animals?”

“I’ll take my chances, sir.” Andrea responded with resolve in her eyes. “I’ll take them both. I want that horse and I want the sheep too if that’s what it’ll take to get that lovely ring.”

What was Andrea doing? Was she really serious about getting the sheep too? And right before her eyes, money eventually won out and Andrea closed the deal and walked out of the stable with the Horse and the sheep and a smile on her face like she just conquered a kingdom.

What was going on?

Then the scary thing happened. Right before her eyes, the sheep transformed to Eddie and the horse to Sam. Her eyes bulged as she seemed to choke.

Sam’s mother woke up with a start. It was dark all around. Did she just have a nightmare? She reached for the bedside lamp and switched it on so she could check the time.


When did she fall asleep? What kind of dream was that? What was going on? She wasn’t the type to just dream randomly and she knew it. A message was being passed across to her but what was it? Why would she dream of Andrea shopping for a horse and a sheep only for those to turn to her son and Eddie? What kind of horrible dream was this? She thought deeply and hard about what the interpretation could be.

Then all of a sudden, it dawned on her.

What?! That can’t be possible. No way on earth that could happen.

She fought to dispel the thought from her mind but the thought seemed to hold on strongly to her mind until she couldn’t shake it off anymore.

This couldn’t be.

She lay back in bed as she wept uncontrollably into her pillow.


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