ANDREA: Episode 31

Co-written by: RebelKween

“What are you doing here, mum?” 
Sam asked with an alarmed look on his face after he had made sure he shut the door behind him. It was all he could do not to scream at his mother.  His look of alarm then gave way to anger as he gave his mum a hard, cold look. “Were you eavesdropping on us?”

There was no reply. 

“I asked you a question, mum?”

“Tell me it’s not true.” She managed to mutter.

Sam got a jolt all over wondering how much his mother had heard.

“T…tell you what is not true, mum? Sam could only mumble. He hoped Andrea hadn’t heard all that was going on. His sudden urge to use the toilet not helping the least.

“Tell me all I just heard isn’t true, Samson.“

Sam really needed to use the toilet there and then but first, he had to contain this situation now before it got out of hand. He grabbed his mother’s arm and led her to her room. When they had both gotten in, he shut the door after her.

“How dare you listen in on us, mum?”  Sam asked trying on one hand to show his displeasure at his mum’s decision to eavesdrop on them and on the other hand trying to buy himself some time to come up with a suitable answer to get his mum off his back. He tried to remember every exchanged word that had come out between him and Andrea while they were arguing to be sure they had not let out everything but his mum’s shout extricated him from his thoughts.

“Answer me!” His mother shouted.  “What is going on in this house?”

“You really shouldn’t have eaves-dropped, mum!”  Sam tried to sound stern. “That was very rude and an intrusion of privacy. You of all people should know that.”

“But I didn’t have to eavesdrop.” Sam’s mother countered “I actually wanted to see Andrea and I stepped out of the room when I heard your shouts. It was all over the hallway.”

And with that, every veneer of defiance he had in him was stripped off and ripped into shreds. He was for all intents and purposes busted.  He really should have kept his voice down but all that was water under the bridge. It was time for some damage control.  He had to be careful though because he didn’t know what his mum knew and he wasn’t ready to play straight into her hands. He had goofed enough for one day. He decided to feed her a little truth at a time to get a feel of what she must have figured out.
Here goes nothing, he thought to himself.

“Andrea wants to divorce me.” He started. “She came to my office and saw me with another babe and that was that. She’s been mad at me and finally decided she wants to end our marriage. So I was naturally angry at her decision and that was why there was all that shouting.”  He exhaled dramatically like he had gotten a huge load off his chest and waited for the blow he hoped will never come.

He was wrong. Because when it came, it hit him below the belt and stopped his breath.

“Eddie is sleeping with your wife, right?” The mum asked with an even tone.

That was it! He told himself.

“W-where did you get t-that f-from, m-mum? Sam replied with a laughter that sounded more like a shriek than anything else. “T-that’s absolutely pr-preposterous.”

“I know what I heard, Sam.” She fixed Sam with a steely look. “I heard that loud and clear. You said there was no way you were leaving her for Eddie or anyone else. What did that mean?”

“That was something I just said out of annoyance.” Sam said without even thinking or meaning to. But the moment the lie came out of his mouth, he knew it tasted good and so he tried to follow it up with some more.  “You know how it is. I was very angry with her for even suggesting the divorce and I guess I wanted to say something mean to her and all that. That was why I said so.
“I’ll apologise to her tomorrow or something and it will all be alright. No big deal there.”

He shrugged but from his mum’s expression, he could tell she didn’t believe a sound he just uttered.
She had him covered with that stare that made him feel like she was trying to see into his soul. He really had to go to the toilet now. Time to change tact before his mum was done reading.

“You know what, mum, you really need to rest now. I’ll come see you very early tomorrow morning and we’ll talk about this. Are you still leaving tomorrow?”

She nodded.

“Okay mum. If you insist. It’s after eleven now and you really need to turn in. Don’t worry about us, we’ll resolve the whole issue. Trust me on that.”

She sat on the bed as if hypnotized then stared ahead into empty space.

Sam wasn’t comfortable with that.

“Come on, mum.” He walked over to her as he removed her bag from the bed and helped her lie down and covered her up. “Are you okay with the temperature of the air conditioner?”

She nodded.

“Good. Now if you’ll excuse me, mum, I’m pressed. I’ll see you tomorrow. Goodnight, mum.”

He got to the door and as he opened it, his mum’s voice stopped him in his tracks…

“What is that secret business you all have together?”

“We’ll talk tomorrow, mum.” Sam replied without turning back. “I promise to answer all your questions tomorrow. Just switch off the lights and go to sleep. Goodnight.”

He shut the door after him as he stepped out.




Eddie sat with his hands firmly clasped between his thighs as he stewed in his own juice. It had felt like eternity since Senami turned in and every second had felt like agony. He hadn’t for a moment stopped looking in the direction of her room door. That door was what was separating him from a fantasy he had done a very careful work on in the last couple of days.
He had wondered what she would be like. What her flesh would feel like. Would she be anything like Andrea or better? Or would she be worse. For him, he had never experienced better or worse because Andrea had been the only lady he had been with intimately. She was the only first-hand experience he had ever had and he had never thought of feeling naked against the flesh of another woman since he had met Andrea.

Not until now.

Now it felt like nothing he had ever felt before. This was a new feeling that felt strange. Alien but divine. He glanced at his watch without actually seeing it and thought of what next to do. He could chance it and go spend some time with her and have her swear to secrecy that she won’t reveal it. There had been no activity from upstairs in a while. No one had come downstairs for any reason whatsoever so no one was going to notice anyone was missing. He imagined her in her nightgown now turning under the sheets in expectation of him. Not that guy hitting on her in church or any other guy but HIM. That made him extra excited as he licked his lips and he decided there and then that he would do this and damn the consequences.

With that resolution being reached, he got up, clenched and unclenched his fists as he headed towards Senami’s door. His palms were all sweaty. When he got there he took one long last look towards the staircase to make sure the coast was clear. He was really feeling hot now even though the sitting room was cool from the air conditioner. He wondered if the heat was from his inside. He tried to make up his mind whether to knock on the door or just walk right in.
But she expected him to walk right in, didn’t she? After all, she was expecting him. He’d have to put the theory to the test he decided as he reached for the doorknob to check if it was really open. His heartbeat paused at that same instance at what he might find out when he stepped into the other side but he got a serious jolt even as the phone beeped in his pocket.

It was a text message.

He fished out his phone from his pocket to check his message. He froze in shock when he saw it was from Andrea.


‘Hey Eddie, I need you now. Can you find a way? Please…   Don’t bother knocking’


Eddie felt a trace of something that felt like hate there and then.  He couldn’t be reading this here and now. Just as he was about to experience the kind of life he never dreamed he would.
Was it possible? Could this be? No he couldn’t possibly blow this now. Would he have this opportunity with Senami again? Tonight felt so perfect… like it had been ordained from the stars. Should he just ignore the message then try making it up to her later? But this was strange from Andrea. She wouldn’t ever send an sms like this unless it was absolutely necessary and it really sounded like… what did she need him for now? Wasn’t Sam or the mother there? Was she trying to break his cover? He really had lots of conflicting thoughts running through his mind and there was no answer that came with them. He decided he couldn’t just let this once in a lifetime opportunity pass by. No way was he going to let it. He’ll come up with a good excuse. He wasn’t going to blow this for anything.

He had to seize it and Andrea, unfortunately, would just have to wait another day.  






Sam rushed into his room as he threw his phone on his bed, took of his clothes and dashed into the bathroom. He sat down on the toilet seat shivering all over like tiny electric jolts were passing through him. What to do… what to do… he kept thinking about how to handle this mess he had gotten himself into.

Andrea was kidding if she thought she was going to let him go like that, that was for sure. There was no other way around it. He had gone through a lot of bullshit for her and this wasn’t the agreement they had. If she hadn’t decided that she wanted the security of daddy’s money, she wouldn’t have married that oaf and if she hadn’t married that oaf, he would have had her to herself and if he had had her to himself, would he have been stupid enough to cheat on her? There’s no way he would have cheated on her. No way in heaven and hell he would have cheated on Andrea.
Although an innermost voice asked him who he was kidding because he knew himself to be an incorrigible philanderer, he muted that voice and swatted it aside. She wasn’t getting rid of him on the easy and that was that.

How to handle his mother’s curiosity was next on his mental agenda. How much did she really know? What exactly did she hear about their ‘business arrangement?’  Should he come clean and tell her what was happening instead of having her find out herself? He chided himself immediately for such a stupid thought. But he knew he had to give his mum something or she would not get off his back. The die was cast and since he couldn’t let his mum know the true story, he would have to give her a part of the truth and have it well coated. Eddie would have to be the fall guy. He couldn’t afford to put it on him and Andrea because he knew his mother never approved of her and he was already tired of her ‘I told you so’ speeches. Besides, dragging Andrea in for the fall would make things even more complicated. So he’d have to sacrifice Eddie alone to his mum tomorrow morning and with this thought, he felt a lot lighter and even managed to smile to himself as he reached for the toilet roll…






She wasn’t sure if she was doing the right and she really felt confused by it all. But what she was sure of right now was that she didn’t give a damn.
What was keeping Eddie? She had expected him to have come in through the door already. Or had he fallen asleep? No way, he couldn’t have fallen asleep. He wasn’t an early sleeper after all. Or maybe he was waiting to see if the coast was clear. That was kind of strange because there was no one around to see anyway. But the truth was that no one could be too careful. She decided to take her mind off the wait by thinking about all that had happened that day…

Wasn’t that movement just outside her door? She could have sworn there was someone outside… There! That was unmistakable. The outline of a shadow underneath her door then the door knob turned as she adjusted herself on the bed. It was a bit comical to see Eddie tiptoe quickly into her room and fumbled with the door as he locked it behind him. Watching him move a little awkwardly as he approached her, she wondered why she had switched off the light in the first place. But that was how she had felt. She needed the lights off to think a while…

“Hey, babe.” Eddie said as he sat down gingerly on the bed. He didn’t know why he felt so awkward right now but he really did right feel that way then. He knew that it was for no other reason than the tension that had built in the house over the weeks and the fact that the roof would come crashing down on them if he was caught right now by…


The name had sliced through his thoughts as he considered the lovely figure not quite a foot from where he was. He could practically feel her body heat so close to him and the desire seemed to well up in him like waves on a turbulent ocean. He noticed something glisten on her face and he reached out to her and helld her close to himself in concern wondering what could have gone wrong even as she whispered the words that made him start to break out in cold sweat…

“I’ve told Sam I want a divorce.”

At that moment, inexplicably, the castle he had built in the sky with a naked Senami as the queen came crashing down.


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6 thoughts on “ANDREA: Episode 31

  1. Mr Ace, may I remind you that writers are not immune from litigation arising from their provocative works. Was this a joke or wuh? Jus wen I was about to beam an award winning smile at the commencement of an eddie-senami loventure, u flipped it over to andrea. This series shd be named after Senami sef. Do well o! Otherwise…..


  2. Wow! Lovely twist there,I must confess. All the while,I thought Eddie entered Senami’s room *covers face in shame*. Keep it up,great job!


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