ANDREA: Episode 30

Co-written by: RebelKween

Previously on ‘ANDREA’

“Senami,” Eddie started, “I know what you’re scared of and there’s nothing to worry about. I know you had fun and went to see many places all the while we acted like we’re an item but there has been a lot of tension here that has been made even more pronounced with the presence of Sam’s mum. If you’re scared that her departure would mean relegating you back to the duty of full time domestic staff then you have nothing to be worried about. I’m sure Andrea will still see you the same way as she’s seen you these past few days and I’ll most certainly see you the same way I’ve seen you these days. The only person you have to worry about is Sam but I’m certain we can always win him over. So you have nothing to worry about, dear.”

Senami simply smiled and faced downward for a while. When she looked up, she saw Eddie still looking at her with some concern in his blue eyes. She couldn’t help but ask him the next question that popped into her mind.

“And if I may ask you, Eddie, and I’ll need you to be truthful to me because I promise this is between us; how exactly do you see me these past few days?”

Eddie quietly used the helm of his shirt to wipe his already clean glasses as he regarded Senami.


“I’m really sorry about all that happened, babe.” Sam started to say, “I feel like a complete jerk. I didn’t really mean to hurt you but I was just being…” He kept silent as Andrea raised her right hand to his face.

“I’m no longer interested in this relationship with you, Samson.” Andrea stated coolly. “You can save your excuses for whatever bank will cash them.”

“What?!” Sam blurted with his eyes staring wide like they threatened to emit fire and the vein on his neck bulging. He seemed out of control. “Are you out of your fucking mind?!!!”


ANDREA: Episode 30

She had sat back after Sam had left unable to do much. She was still lost in thoughts about what Sam had said and she somehow felt weak. Gradually, day by day, Sam was proving to be a chip of the old block. It was a well documented fact that her late husband was a philanderer. But he was always smart enough to keep his women far away from her home and she felt satisfied in that knowledge. That was why she didn’t care for men that go out drinking together. She had always believed Infidelity was an ultimately bitter recipe with ‘men’ and ‘alcohol’ as the major ingredients. Could she turn her eyes away and let Sam keep on this way? There was this popular Yoruba which states that; “Agba ki’n wa l’oja ki ori omo tuntun wo” which literally translates to mean “An elderly person can’t be in the market place and a baby’s head will be badly positioned.”
She would have failed as an elderly person if she didn’t play her part by trying to set things right and she would have failed as a mother if she didn’t have a good talk with Sam about sleeping around. God knows she wouldn’t want her son to end up like his father because that would be terrible. A total disaster. No! Not on her watch. She would have to talk to Andrea too and try to see what happens from there. She knew within herself that she was doing this more for Sam’s sake than for Andrea’s but it had to be done.
She picked up a clothing item and fidgeted with it a little, all thoughts of Dorcas totally forgotten for the mean time. Then she stood up and paced the room a little. She sat back down again still lost in thought as her mind travelled unhindered into the past with a powerful digger of sorts to dig up memories of life when her kids were growing up. It was a life of pleasure and pain in equal measure. Her late husband could be sweet when he needed to be and when it was time to be a beast; he was very good at that too. It wasn’t always easy to look the other way then when news got to her about her husband’s skirt chasing but after some heavy beatings that once resulted in the loss of the baby that might have been Sam’s immediate younger brother or sister and a few days in the hospital, she had resigned her fate to leaving him in his ways and hoping God wouldn’t allow anything bad happen to her and her kids. She was so shocked at his burial when no other lady came out to claim she had a child with him elsewhere.
Maybe the man had to be praised for that.
Andrea should count herself lucky that she hadn’t gotten a beating from Sam yet.
The episode when he beat up a fellow boy in Primary School aside, he didn’t seem to have his dad’s violent streak. Okay she had to admit that there were a couple of incidents in Secondary School and some others in the university but Sam might have outgrown all that. But would he have outgrown a particular episode where he was caught pants down in Secondary School with a girl who was a year his senior?
She had gotten an earful from her husband over the incident as if she was the one that handed the girl over to him. He had been expelled with the girl but she and her husband had gone crawling on all knees to the school to have the expulsion overturned. After a couple of hours, they got the expulsion overturned but Sam still ended up with a two weeks suspension and a two weeks detention upon resumption which to her and her husband was a supreme bargain. That period had been hell for her and Sam. Her husband had gone through all of Sam’s properties and found some magazines and video cassettes in his possession that a boy of his age and even some years older than him shouldn’t have ever had. He confiscated everything and swore that Sam would never see them again. Sam had cried to her then that the magazines and cassettes that were seized weren’t his and that he promised to return everything because he couldn’t afford to bear not returning other people’s properties. She had calmly and with a cool voice told him that he would have to take it up with his father and that she wanted no part of it. That had been the end of the matter. Sam would rather face his so called friends’ wrath than his dad’s. She didn’t know how he had sorted himself out with his friends and she hadn’t cared. Barely a month later, she came back home much earlier than she usually did and was shocked to find Sam at home because he wasn’t due back because of his extra-mural classes. To make matters worse, he wasn’t alone.
There was this girl who stayed around and whose body a lot of men’s eyes around had been feasting longingly and shamelessly on. She was just around Sam’s age then but was very respectful and she greeted her without fail. A couple of times, the girl had even helped her with some heavy load on her way home. She had always thought that the girl was properly trained and always given her parents kudos. But here was the babe moaning in pure pleasure and totally oblivious to the fact that she had been watching her and Sam pounding furiously at each other for the best part of a minute. Her own mouth had been wide open in readiness for a scream to express her shock when she had walked in on them but not a sound had come out. It was Sam that had first spotted her and she thought Sam was about to have cardiac arrest from the expression on his face. Even now that she thought of it, she wasn’t sure if the moan that escaped his partially parted lips at that moment he saw her was one of pleasure or terror. The girl had with so much shame plastered on her face hurriedly and wordlessly worn her clothes ad was out of the house. Sam’s father had never heard about that incident and it was an ignorance he had taken to the grave. She hadn’t told him not because she didn’t want Sam punished, because the truth was that he deserved much worse than her own strength could mete out, but the fact was that she knew her husband very well to know that he would handle it badly and even she would bear the brunt of Sam’s stupidity.
She had to talk to Andrea so she got up to head for Andrea’s room.


When Eddie was certain his glasses were clean enough, he wore them as a wry smile played on his face. Senami seated beside him looked like she could spring up at any moment but was trying so hard to look calm. He could also tell from her eyes that she was holding her breath.
What could he tell her? What did he think of her? Truth was that he thought she was actually a fine lady and from the looks she got from some guys when they go out, he was sure he wasn’t alone in this assessment. And like every normal guy who was with a fine lady, he got ideas from time to time. The most powerful was when they were at the cinemas. That was the day he felt most aware of her as a woman. He had actually fantasized being alone with her in the cinema hall while the movie was playing, then all of a sudden he had reached out to hold her hand and she had let him.

No withdrawal of the hand, instinctive or otherwise.


“Listen, Senami,” he started to speak as he found his voice once again, “I want you to know that you’re a very wonderful person. Very wonderful.”

“Hmm” Senami simply muttered as she fixed him the look that seemed to tell him to keep going and not stop now.

“You’re a very wonderful lady and I must also admit that you’re also cute. Real cute.”

Senami held his breath for a minute. She suddenly felt heat well up from the inside as Eddie went on.

“And I must admit that any guy would be so lucky to have you.”

“Really?” Senami asked wide eyed.

“Yeah. Really.”

Senami contemplated for a while then thought to ask something but restrained herself. The silence that ensued was so uncomfortable that Senami could hold it to herself no longer and decided to ask.

“Back then at the cinema…” She started to say but Eddie cut her off

“Back then at the cinema is a situation I’d rather not talk about. At least not now, please.”

“Why? What’s there to be ashamed of? Not like anything happened…”

“Like I said, Senami, now is not the time or place. Let’s just drop it for now.”

“Okay.” Senami replied and lapsed into a sulky silence.

Eddie just sat back looking all degrees of uncomfortable. What exactly did this girl want from him? Was she trying to goad him into admitting that he had desired her? So she had actually noticed it all and acted like she didn’t. Could it be possible that she was coming strong on him? Like encouraging him to make the move he had imagined to make? Should he make the move? He knew within him that the dread of Andrea finding out was the only thing that kept him from making any serious moves on Senami and not any sense of morality. But then he wondered how discreet Senami woud be if anything at all happened. Would she blackmail him? That might actually go a long way in determining many things. What the hell was he thinking? Had he actually been considering cheating on Andrea with Senami? Was he going insane? But he had to admit to himself that this kind of interest that Senami was showing in him was really interesting. He had not flirted or been flirted with by a babe of the opposite sex this brazenly before. Not even Andrea. For him, it was a new feeling and he liked the sensation it sent down his spine. He then quickly stole a quick glance at Senami again and decided that even though she was a little thick around the waist, she really did have firm, full boobs and he began to consider the possibilities. Back then at the cinema… He was sexually attracted to Senami and he knew there was no controversy about it now. As much as he wanted to deny it, he failed. He found her totally desirable and that was that. He had to make a quick getaway before he said or did something stupid there and then. As he made to get up, he noticed Senami was staring at him funny. He wondered how long she had been staring at him that way.

“What?” He asked her.

“Nothing.” She replied with a pout.

“How long have you been staring at me?” He asked.

“Long enough, I think.” Senami replied with a mischevious smile.

Eddie’s tummy was in knots by now and he wasn’t sure he was comfortable with Senami’s expression. Had she read his thoughts? That wasn’t possible. Or was it? Before he could utter another word, Senami leaned closer to him and whispered words that knocked the winds out of his breath.

“When you’re done fighting yourself in your mind, I’ll be in my room if you need me.” She smiled her mischievous smile as she got up on her feet and left. She made sure to exaggerate the swing of her hips a little as she did so.

Eddie couldn’t find his voice or feel his legs. The only thing he could feel throbbing was his heart and the member between his numb legs.


“What the hell are you trying to tell me, Andrea?!” Sam blurted out with the veins on his neck threatening to pop. He truly looked murderous. “What the fuck did you just utter out of your mouth?”

“Keep your voice down, Sam.”

“I’m not keeping any shit down, woman! I’ll speak as loud as I damn well please, you hear.”

“You’ll have to calm down, Sam.”

Sam laughed a maniacal kind of laughter.

“Calm down? Trust me, my love. You’re looking at a calm Sam considering the circumstances.” He spat out with a sneer. “What the hell is wrong with you? So I made a huge mistake and I said I was sorry so what else do you expect from me?”

“Sam, you cheated on me with a slut!” Andrea protested.

“So? Big deal! Big freaking deal, Andrea.” Sam fired back. “You knew from the outset that I have the libido of a horse on steroids. You always mocked me over it and of recent, this horse hasn’t been getting enough fix so what would you have me do, Sunshine?”

“So you’re justifying the fact you cheated on me, Sam?” Andrea asked this time with an edge in her voice.

“No, I’m not. I’m just trying to let you understand the circumstances, babe. Look…” He paused as he seemed to weigh the import of his next words and when he was sure he could utter them, he did. “You really have to understand my position. You’re having the best of both worlds, Andrea. Why can’t I?

“Best of both worlds you say.” Andrea replied with a squint before he could go on. “And would that mean what I think it means?”

“You know what I’m talking about. You have Eddie also tying up the loose ends as far as you sex life goes so as to keep you maximally satisfied. And where does all that leave me? After all said and done, I don’t bring them home and I’m always protected. They mean nothing to me. It’s you I love. Any other lady is just for the sex. They’re a mere stop gap.”

“Hmmm… So we’re now even talking about ‘They,’right?” Andrea seemed to mutter to herself. “This just got interesting.”

Sam looked liked he had been sucker-punched in the guts. Once again, he had let his fiery temper get ahead of him and he had carelessly let slip what he shouldn’t have. Nevertheless, he wasn’t going to hand her the initiative.

“Sam, you understood everything from the beginning. You agreed to this arrangement right from the outset. So why are you acting like I force fed you the idea?”

“Oh please spare me all that, Andrea. You’ve always known I didn’t care about all that from the start. You knew it was you I wanted above every other thing. You were the one that was so worried about not being cut off. Do you remember all that little bit?”

“Listen to me, motherfucker!” Andrea spat at him. “When we started this stupid charade, you didn’t have shit! You weren’t worth shit! Do YOU remember all that little bit? I was raised in affluence and I’m not going to throw that life away just because I’m in love. You should understand I loved you was why I put myself into this kind of shit. I’ve always told you to be patient and to play this cool but you fascist prick would never listen. Never listen!”

“Oh! Thank you for the love shown, my dear. I really do appreciate it. But you should remember that we’re married and …”

“And we can bring that marriage to an end.” Andrea had cut him off. “I decided this fiasco was over the moment you stepped out through that door with that bitch. Fact is that I am no longer interested in whatever we have. I can’t stand you anymore. Anytime I see you, I just can’t shake that thought of you cuddling up to that bitch out of my head and I can’t live with that for the rest of my life…”

“And what happens to my life Andrea?” Sam seemed to speak in a beseeching tone. “What happens to all the years I’ve invested into this? The way I’ve had to cut myself off from my family and friends just to keep up with this life I’ve had to live? What happens to what existed between us? This wasn’t the way it was all supposed to pan out, Andrea. I know I may be wild most times but you can’t deny the fact that I love you and I can’t see myself living this life without you, babe. Please let this go, babe. Please forgive me and let’s forget it all happened.”

He went down on his knees by her bed as he reached for her hand.


The elderly lady had made up her mind and decided to have the chat with Andrea. She stepped out of her room and made to head for Sam’s room hoping to have a word with him first but eventually changed her mind to go speak with Andrea instead. As she approached Andrea’s room, she heard the raised voices but she couldn’t make out what they were arguing about. She rushed to the door to make sure there was nothing serious going on when the words started to filter out gradually to her. She put her ear close to the door as she watched the passage in case anyone showed up. She began to listen…

“…I don’t bring them home and I’m always protected. (Sam’s voice) They mean nothing to me. It’s you I love. Any other lady is just for the sex. They’re a mere stop gap.”

Just as she thought, the stupid boy was really cheating just as his father had. She listened but she couldn’t fully make out what Andrea had replied to that. There was a short silence when Andrea’s voice finally broke through again.

(Andrea’s voice) “Sam, you understood everything from the beginning. You agreed to this arrangement right from the outset. So why are you acting like I force fed you the idea?”

What arrangement was this girl talking about?

(Sam’s voice) “Oh please spare me all that, Andrea. You’ve always known I didn’t care about all that from the start. You knew it was you I wanted above every other thing. You were the one that was so worried about not being cut off. Do you remember all that little bit?”

What was going on here? Cut off from what and where?

(Andrea’s voice) “Listen to me, motherfucker! When we started this stupid charade, you didn’t have shit! You weren’t worth shit! Do YOU remember all that little bit? I was raised in affluence and I’m not going to throw that life away just because I’m in love. You should understand I loved you was why I put myself into this kind of shit. I’ve always told you to be patient and to play this cool but you fascist prick would never listen. Never Listen!”

What kind of language was this girl using? What’s all this? She heard a door shut downstairs and she quickly moved away from Andrea’s door as she tip-toed to the top of the stairs to check if there was anyone coming. When she was sure no one was coming, she tip-toed back to Andrea’s door and listened.

“… get your paws off me, Sam! I want you out of here. I want you out of my room right now.”

“Now listen to me, Andrea, you’re not getting rid of me that easily.” She knew from Sam’s voice that he was pissed now. “I’d advise you to get that divorce thought out of your head because I’m not going to let you.”

Divorce? Had it come to that? She knew that all this ‘oyinbo’ people always had wahala but she wasn’t sure she could stand her son divorcing.

“There’s no way I’m going to lose you to Eddie or anyone, okay?!” Sam blurted coldly. “I hope you have a good night rest.”
Sam’s mother was rooted to the spot with shock. Eddie? What did Eddie have to do with all these? Was she seeing Eddie too? What was going on? Her heart had begun to beat faster. She had this sick feeling she didn’t want to know the answer. But she had to. She also had to hurriedly leave that place as Sam’s footsteps approached the door.


Sam paused by the door and looked back towards Andrea with fiery rage in his eyes. She simply ignored him. He wanted to say something else but thought better of it as he reached for the door and stepped out to see his mother standing outside looking pale and wide-eyed in shock and with her hand in her mouth.

She looked like someone who had just seen death.


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