Andrea: Episode 27

Co-written by: RebelKween


Eddie parked his car, picked up his bag and got out. He had had a very tough day at work and all he needed was a shower and a cold drink to get him back on track. He hoped there wasn’t any drama waiting for him inside. He couldn’t handle that right now. The past three days had been ominously calm. Like there was a wall of tension everywhere around the house.
He had gotten home that Sunday evening with Senami and without even talking to anybody, he could sense it. Initially, he had thought it was because of the drama that played out in church but one look at Andrea that night and the episode with the man was all forgotten. Something or someone had hurt Andrea. He had been trying to find out what was wrong but she kept assuring him that nothing was wrong. Like he’d ever believe.
He had thought she’d feel a lot better by the next day but the contrary was the case. As a matter of fact, she had kept away from everyone. She was either locked up in her room or out of the house. She didn’t seem to want to seen by anybody.
He had noticed even Sam was acting all funny. He seemed to answer everyone with a grunt and he kept looking at them all funny like he was searching for something in their faces. Why the strange behaviour from Sam and Andrea? He decided that they may have had a nasty fight and wanted to keep it between them. He wondered what the fight was about. Was it him? He had asked Senami to dig into the matter to see if she could find out what was wrong but even Senami hadn’t been successful there. Andrea hadn’t been hostile to her so it was a good sign.
Was it the fact that Sam’s mother was still in the house? Hadn’t Sam told the old lady what he was supposed to? Or had even the woman done something to upset her so? Or had Sam gone behind his back to harass her over the issue of the babies they had discussed? He couldn’t put it past the conniving bastard going behind his back.  But even all that couldn’t have made Andrea so hurt.  Livid, Yes. Frustrated, Yes. But hurt? Not like this. Nothing like this.

If there was one thing he loved about her, it was the fact that Andrea was very strong with her emotions. It would take a disaster to break her down. The irony of it all was that it was what frustrated him the most about her. Why couldn’t she just betray her emotions with a few tears instead of acting all stoic.
What in the name of Zeus was going on?



What could it be?

Senami sat up on her bed pondering over it for the umpteenth time in three days. She reminisced with fondness the events of Sunday with a smile. The movie, the popcorn, the drinks, the ice cream, the jokes, the laughter, the lunch and her favourite part; the thrill she got from feeling Eddie’s eyes devour her body at the cinema and whenever he was sure she wasn’t looking. They had come in to meet an empty living room and she had gone upstairs to check up on Andrea and had met her room door locked. She had knocked but there was no reply. She called Andrea’s phone and it was switched off. She was slightly worried so she had gone to check on Sam’s mum and to ask if she had seen Andrea. The old lady had replied that she had only heard Andrea’s door shut louder than usual a few hours before and had not seen or heard from her since.
Someone had hurt Andrea, she had decided. This wasn’t the normal Andrea. So she decided to go see Eddie to tell him what was going on so he wouldn’t be caught unawares. Then she had headed for her room. She met Sam on her way down and he had looked like he was trying to make up his mind whether to tell her something or not. Apparently, the ‘not’ won because he just replied her greetings with a grunt and walked past.
She had decided there and then that whatever was wrong with Andrea had Sam hand writing all over it. But what could it be? She had tried to find out from Andrea a couple of times in the last three days but she had just said she was fine and she avoided everyone. Her routine had been to lock herself in her room all the time and if she had to go out, she left with little or no words.
Sam was suddenly so elusive too and he seemed to move like he didn’t want to be seen, heard or smelt by Andrea. Or were they avoiding each other? That would make the most sense. So why would they avoid each other unless…  Could Andrea have caught Sam with another woman? MEN!  Sam wouldn’t be so stupid to bring another woman to the house so how could that have happened? It must have happened from the moment they dropped Andrea at home to when they came back from their outing. But she didn’t understand how it could have… What was she saying sef? She had to go talk to the security guard immediately.  Then she’ll go talk to Sam’s mum. She needed to get to the bottom of this. She got up from the bed and headed for the door.

What the hell is going on in this house?



I’m a total idiot!!!

Sam kept telling himself. He wasn’t so sure whether he could go home now or not. How could he have been so careless? But then, he wasn’t exactly careless. It was very rare for Andrea to come check him up at work. Never on a Sunday. Never. Guess there was always a first time for everything. How can he ever forget the look of shock in her eyes? It must have mirrored the look he had in his own eyes after raising his head from the other lady’s neck to see her there. He could not find his voice until Andrea found her feet. With that look of shock mixed with pain, she simply turned to walk away. What haunted him the most was that he never for once caught her glance at the lady he was with. The babe could have well have been air. He went after her and he was mumbling words that even he didn’t know what they were. But he was sure he had tried to apologise or something like that. But Andrea simply just moved as if she was in a daze. She managed to get outside the promises and hail a cab. “I’m sorry.” He had said. “I can explain everything that happened there.” She simply looked away as the cab drove off. He had seen a drop run down her cheek.
What could possibly be his explanation apart from being stupid enough to even say he had one? Why couldn’t ladies just understand that it’s just about the sex and nothing else is involved? What did she expect anyway? She was getting the juice from two men so why should it be so much trouble for him to also get the action from two women? Okay, maybe a lot more than two but wasn’t it enough for her that he respected her by not bringing them home? He never denied her sex whenever she asked for goodness sakes. He would have to find a way to calm her down but she should just chill and stop blowing things out of proportion. What the hell did she expect? They had not had sex in a while and he happened to have the libido of a lovestruck rhinoceros. She knew that so why all the drama. Damn! He had to pass up on all that sweet ass that day. He had thought of nothing else all day. All what he could have done to that babe all night and how she would have responded. Hmmm… What was that stupid Andrea looking for in his office that day in the first place?! He was sure he would never have the chance to know. He’ll try and talk to her and give her space to cool off.
With that resolve, he picked up the charger he had finally remembered to buy for his mum earlier that day, a few other stuffs and headed for home.
“What’s the worst that could happen?”   He had asked himself.



Andrea lay down with her eyes still sore from all the tears she had shed. How could Sam do this to her? If she could kill Sam with her mind, he would have been dead before she could consider the fact that she loved him so much. That day, she was sure, would remain permanently entrenched in her head.  After she had managed to escape that annoying client, and had risked even losing the contract, she had dashed off to Sam’s office and had gotten there just in time to see her man necking another woman. She had felt badly gutted. She didn’t have to be a genius to know that Sam had just had sex with the strange lady. They practically smelled of it and she saw in their eyes and body language the feeling of fulfilment from a satisfying sex session. The moment the door opened, she had been shocked out of her mind. She thought to scream, she thought to bash the bitch’s head in, she thought to attack Sam and give him something to always remember her by. She thought of everything she could do but did nothing. She was rooted to the spot while her tongue seemed to cling to her palate. The whole world seemed to be slipping away from her consciousness. She had known she had to get out of there before she lost her mind. So somehow, she had been able to turn away from them and walk away with her sanity and whatever was left of her dignity. She hated Sam there and then and he hated the slut he was with most of all and wanted to keep as much distance between them but she couldn’t help but feel some satisfaction that Sam had left the bitch alone to come after her. She honestly didn’t hear whatever Sam was trying to tell her then because nothing had made sense. She honestly didn’t know how she was able to compose herself to tell the cab man where she was going. She actually didn’t at first. She had simply told the cab man to just drive. Oh how she had cried. She had kept it under control until she had gotten home, managed to get to her room without seeing anyone just as she had wished then she had turned the lock behind her. That was when the fountain had fully opened up. Sam had knocked on her door not long after and she had screamed that he should leave her alone. She had lost all sense of time ever since that fateful afternoon, three days ago. She had also tried to ward off every attempt by Eddie and Senami to find out what was going on. She just didn’t feel they had to know but she knew they would keep digging. She had also evaded Sam’s mother even more. Maybe she no longer wanted anything to do with Sam. He had sent so many messages apologising but she was having none of it.  She was really thinking of ways to make him pay. But somehow, she had to admit to herself that she had unwittingly brought this on herself. Even if she was married to Sam alone, men like him were usually difficult to satisfy sexually because he had a voracious sexual appetite. Add that to the fact that she was married to two of them and had to share the responsibility…
She had not slept with him in weeks and that was certainly pushing it. She realised she wasn’t a machine and she couldn’t be having sex with the men every day even though she had promised herself that she would have a healthy sex life with her men. She had certainly starved him but couldn’t he have held on a little longer?
Couldn’t he just be strong for her? How dare he cheat on her?!!!
She was going to have to have showdown talks with Sam when he got back.



She had been tired of Sam’s promises to get her a new charger for days now so she had finally stepped out of the house to go get one herself. Every minute spent in that house with her phone dead was torture. Sunday was already a long time away and she was harbouring thoughts of leaving before. She had decided to stretch her legs to go out that evening because she was bored and tired of staying at home all the while. She had needed to go out and go out she did. She really didn’t have anywhere to go so she had just asked Senami where she could go to buy a phone charger and Senami had accompanied her to a shop a distance away to get one. They had gotten in not quite thirty minutes ago so she had quickly rushed to plug in her phone but there was no sign of life on the Nokia phone. She had called Senami to report that the charger seemed not to work but Senami had told her to wait a little while since the phone battery had been dead for days so it would need to pick up before the charging sign showed and so she had given the phone some time to charge to see if the charging sign would come on and when she just picked it up, she realised Senami was right and that the phone was charging.
She couldn’t wait as she had tons of phone calls to make. She really needed to catch up on the neighbourhood gossip with her friend. But first and quickly, she had to check up on Doris. She called Doris and asked how she was and to check if all was well with the house and the shop. She then promised she’ll be home that Sunday. Doris told her to tell Sam to get her a phone when she’s coming and the elderly woman simply hissed and promised she’ll pass the message across.
She ended the call and called her neighbour. The call connected at the second attempt.

“Good afternoon, Mama Bunmi.” She started. “I’m sorry I’ve not called you in ages. My phone battery has been dead and I forgot my charger at home.”  She paused to listen for a while and then said, “Ehen? I should put all that one aside? Oya gist me what is happening my friend abeg abeg.”

And with that she listened to the woman on the other side as her countenance changed from a smile to a scowl and a look of murderous rage masked her face. Her hand had begun to shake as she pressed the mobile phone to her ears.

The next day suddenly became her own Sunday there and then.


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