ANDREA: Episode 26

Co-written by: RebelKween

She paced around the room a little bit then she picked up an item from her bed and put it into her bag. She was packed already and only counting down the days till she returned back home.
Her only consolation was that she had seen her son after such a long time. Take that away, she might have stayed back in Osogbo because she felt nothing was achieved with her visit.

Absolutely nothing.

She had come to the house and seen the magnificent building and thought this would be heaven. She had learnt the hard way that no matter how magnificent an edifice is, if you don’t have the right people to share it with, it’s all material and immaterial. Everyone had done all within their powers to make sure a lonely old woman is well and truly alone.
The place had no life and was depressing. She was bored stiff as she had nothing to do. It was like the oyinbo people had created things to help people do everything. They had machine to wash, machine to sweep, machine to do everything except give birth. She missed sitting in her shop and trading gossips with other traders and returning home to trade gossips with her neighbours. She missed her neighbourhood. She missed the early morning crow of the Roosters accompanied shortly by the bleating of the rogue goats in the neighbourhood. She missed the smell of the early morning dew mixed with breeze from the trees, smell of domestic animals dropping and smoke from some housewife’s burning firewood as they made an early breakfast for the family as they prepared for the day’s work or school for the children. Everything in the house smelt too plastic.
Her nose didn’t even agree with  the smell of all the different stuffs they sprayed their house with all in the name of trying to get fresh air.
She couldn’t wait to get back home and she knew she’d have to bear with the house for another one week. After then, Sam and the rest of them are in God’s hands.

She had not spoken to her neighbour in over two days because her phone had been dead since the day before.
In her haste to travel down to Lagos, she had forgotten her charger at home.
So far, she had only been able to talk to Dorcas once since the day before and it was with Sam’s phone and that meant him being there. She would have called her neighbour too but she didn’t remember her number off hand. No one in the house had the charger for her Nokia phone so she had had to do without her phone since then. Sam had asked to get her a new phone but she had insisted on her own phone and that he should get her a charger instead. She really couldn’t understand the kinds of phones they used in that house. All big things that looked more like hand-mirrors than phones. No keypad to push. Just screen. It was war to even call Dorcas on Sam’s Samsung glass or whatever he called the model of the phone.
Her phone battery had really tried hard to have lasted almost a week and it’s to be expected of Nokia phones but she couldn’t wait a week before communicating. She hoped Sam would get a charger for her before the next day at the latest.

She started sorting through her things again.


Andrea kept on staring straight ahead in the back seat of the cab. She had different emotions running through her mind but she didn’t want to dwell on any of them much. She just wanted to get to her man and have him screw the hell out of her. With any luck, she might get some later that night too. There had been so much tension since Sam’s mother came into town and she hadn’t even gotten a hug much less gotten laid in over a week. She would see to it that she got some action that night too and she planned on making it mind blowing.
She made a mental note to buy some vanilla ice cream on her way from work. Maybe she could pick up some cherries and chocolate too. She had some oil left in her room from the last  experience. She giggled to herself when her phone rang.
It was a client whose home she was working on the decoration. A real nightmare of a woman who never seemed to be satisfied and could never be pleased. She thought not to pick the call but decided to.

“Hello, ma.” She said and listened.

“Does it have to be today, ma?” She said with consternation in her voice
“Can’t it wait, ma?”

She listened some more with pains etched all over her face.

“Okay, ma.” She said eventually. “You’ve promised it’ll be a quick one and I’ll hold you to that cos there’s somewhere I really need to be right now. But I’ll join you in a beat.”

She hung up and rubbed her forehead. How she hated that woman right about now. If this woman blew her plans this afternoon, she was never going to forgive her ever. 

She turned to the cab driver.

“Huh… Would you mind making a quick detour, please?”


“Do you think we should go see a movie or what?”

They had just stepped out of Kentucky Fried Chicken after grabbing lunch and they decided they should still kill some more time before heading for home.

“I’m sure a movie won’t be a bad idea, Eddie.”  Senami replied.

“No, it isn’t.” Eddie agreed. “So which do you wanna see?”

“I’m not really picky about these things. Let’s just see whatever is available and hope we enjoy it.”

“Okay then. Let’s go grab our tickets and some popcorn. We’ll see what else we can grab after that.”

Why not let’s just grab ourselves too, Senami thought to herself and looked at Eddie’s face to see if for a split second, the thought crossed his mind too. She couldn’t place what was running through his mind from his expression but she could tell immediately that he wasn’t on her frequency at all.

“What?” Eddie asked with an incredulous look on his face.

“What’s what? Senami replied.

“What was that look for?”

“What look?”

“The one you just threw me.”

“The look i threw you. What about it?

“It was just… I dunno… kinda creepy, that’s all.”

“Creepy? How do you mean?”

“I can’t explai…. You know what, never mind. Forget I said anything. Let’s go get those tickets.”

He led her to get the tickets, some popcorn and drinks. They found seats in the dark room illuminated only by the light from the screen and settled down just in time to catch the opening scene of Les Miserables where lots of prisoners sang a moving song as they pulled a ship in. It was a touching scene so they were hooked from the moment they sat down. Senami found the concept of the movie so enthralling as she watched on but Eddie soon started to get bored and hoped the real action in the movie would start soon. What was with all the damn singing? He began to fidget in his seat and look for something to distract him. He leaned into his seat and threw his arm around Senami’s seat.
She seemed oblivious as she sipped on her drink, her attention never leaving the screen. He was really jealous right now. He wished he could find the movie just as interesting as Senami was. She really looked beautiful as she stared wide eyed at the screen. He had never noticed how beautiful she was. He almost thought of doing something naughty to distract her but he didn’t know how she would take it and he didn’t want to be left red in the face.
He brought out his phone and started fiddling with it. He wasn’t sure he was supposed to be feeling the way he was feeling there and then.


He kissed her. He looked into her face and kissed her again. Panting slightly, he dragged himself up and started dressing up.

“Sam.”  The lady got up too with a satisfied look on her face. “You’re simply the best I’ve ever had.”

“I know.” He replied with a wink.

“And how did you know?” She pouted as she put on her bra and clasped it in front.

“Well, you’ve been moaning it for over half an hour now, dear.”  He replied with a smirk as he zipped up his trousers and reached for his shirt.

She laughed.

“You’re one cocky bastard, Sam. And speaking of cocky, there’s almost no day I don’t think of that cock of yours. I miss it a lot.” She giggled and licked her lips.

“Well, the guy misses you too. He asks after you from me a lot.” He winked.

She laughed as she finished putting on her clothes then she reached for her handbag, opened it and fished out her hair brush and a small mirror. She proceeded to tidy up her hair. Sam just looked at her and chuckled.

“What’s funny, Sam?”

“Nothing. I just love seeing you re-arranging your hair. It’s crossed my mind to come roughen it up again.”

“Don’t you dare!” The lady replied with a playful warning look.

Sam laughed.

“Hurry up, lady, I’m starving.” He said.

“In a minute.” The lady said and got out her make up kit, cleaned her face and started applying some powder to her face. When she was satisfied with what she saw in the mirror, she brought out her lipstick and put it to her lips. Sam walked behind her and started to kiss her neck and her shoulder.

“If you keep on with this, I’m afraid we won’t leave here soon, Sam.” The lady moaned.

“Okay.” Sam said as he let her go. “But better hurry up before I lose my self control.”

“Okay, honey. I’m done now.” She hurriedly used a tissue paper to clean off the smudges around her lips.

“So the plan is we go grab lunch and from there we go hang out somewhere.”  Sam said.  “Better still, let’s go book a suite in a five star hotel and have the time of our lives. What do you say to that?”

The lady’s face lit up. “Are you serious? What will your wife say?

“Of course, I’m serious.” Sam said. “As for what my wife will say, she’ll raise all manner of hell but we don’t plan to tell her will we? I’ll just tell her I’m working over. No biggie there.”

“Wow! So I’ll be having you and that your massive manhood with me all night? I can’t wait.”

“In that case, let’s go grab that Lunch now. I’m so starving. I need the energy so that I’ll have the appetite and the energy to eat you up later.” Sam replied and winked.

“Oh yeah? Guess I’ll have to be yummy enough then. Let’s go eat.” She squeezed her breasts in his face.
Sam held her in a hug as he grabbed her butt and squeezed. The lady wriggled herself free.

“Later, you’ll say I’m the one delaying o.” She said with a pout.

“Okay, let’s go.”

He put his arms around her waist and he playfully nibbled at her ear lobes as he unlocked the door with his free hand and then opened it as the smell of sex wafted outside.


Andrea was standing at the door.


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