ANDREA: Episode 25

Co-written by: RebelKween

Service was over and the trio of Andrea, Senami and Eddie headed back to the car. For some reason, Eddie seemed melancholic.

“What’s wrong, Eddie?” Senami asked. “Didn’t you enjoy the service?”

“Yeah, Eddie. I noticed the long face.” Andrea chipped in. “What’s wrong?”

Eddie threw a quick glance at her as he got into the car. Andrea could have almost sworn he eyed her but she couldn’t be sure.

“I’m fine, ladies.” Eddie replied as he started the car after the two ladies got in. Senami sat in the passenger seat as they had agreed and Andrea sat at the back. And just at that time, a young guy a few cars away in the church parking lot waved in their direction and Andrea waved back with a smile. She turned away from the guy’s direction just in time to catch a dark look on Eddie’s face. This time around, she was very certain.

“Is there anything the matter, Eddie?”  She asked.

“Nothing.”  He replied drily.   “I’ve told you before that I’m fine.”

Andrea sat back. Okay, this wasn’t good at all, she told herself. She was sure she knew what was biting at him now. Even though she got a lot of attention in the church after service from mostly guys, she had spent a considerable amount of time talking to this particular young man. The one that just waved at her in the parking lot.
He had come to say Hi to her and to personally welcome her to the church. Eddie was some meters away where he was being attended to by some other church members and Senami seemed to be distracted by a certain young man in the church too.
So the young man had simply come to chat her up and tried to convince her to come again to the church and he had thrown a very sweet compliment her way that she was surprised she actually caught with some pink in her cheeks. Reluctantly, or maybe not, she had given the guy her phone number and he had promised to call during the week. Thereafter came some small talk before she decided she needed to excuse herself when she saw Eddie was just about rounding off his own talk too. She had to admit she was a tad surprised when the young man didn’t ask if she was married. Oh the shock that would have registered on the guy’s face if she had told him that not only was she married but she was actually married twice over.
She giggled to herself at the thought as she left him. Anyway, she dealt with his types everyday and she knew he’ll make his move soon. She was ready.

But to the issue of Eddie…

“So who was that young man after service that was all over you?”  As Eddie’s voice suddenly snapped her out of her thoughts. She looked up to see Eddie wasn’t even talking to her but to Senami as he seemed to divide his attention between Senami and the road. Right there and then, she, his wife, might have been in another car and in another state for all he knew. Involuntarily, she felt a tightening in her chest.

“From the way the guy was going about it, at a point I couldn’t tell who was Senami and who wasn’t anymore.” Eddie went on with a chuckle.

Senami burst into laughter.

“Answer me naa.” Eddie urged. “Oh, let me guess; that’s the reason why you never miss any service in that your church. There’s a bee buzzing round that soft petal, abi?”

Andrea almost gasped but Senami was a little lost. She wasn’t sure she got his meaning.

“Actually, Eddie, he’s a nobody.” Senami replied all the same. “We just talk.”

“Really, that guy looks like he wants more than just a talk.” Eddie pressed.  “Have you tried offering him coffee or breakfast.”

“But why naa?” Senami replied in mock alarm. “Breakfast say wetin? He never complained he was hungry.”

“So I’m to believe that with the way that guy was dancing around you, he wants nothing, right?” Eddie kept on. “Remember you’re not supposed to lie. You just left church?”

“Are you sure you even listened to anything in church today?” Senami asked.

“I would have but I got distracted a lot. I was thinking how much it costs to put your church together. I was also trying to figure out how much would have dropped in that offering basket today and how much it would have cost your pastor to get that Brooks Brothers suit he was putting on….”


“… and i had to admit that even though his shoes were very impressive, from the affluence I saw on display, dude should have been wearing alligator skin or snake skin or any other reptilian skin they can find cos the way they milk you guys there is very cold-blooded!” Eddie finished.

“Ha! Eddie!” Senami exclaimed. “May God forgive you o!”

“That was uncalled for, Eddie.” Andrea scolded.

“Really, Eddie, you shouldn’t have said that at all.” Senami really sounded hurt.

“Sorry, ladies. I didn’t mean all that.” Eddie retracted. “It was just a joke. Of course I heard all the pastor said. But I was serious about him wearing Brooks Brothers though.”  He laughed at this last bit. Alone.

What followed was an awkward silence and after a while, Eddie decided to break it.

“So where are we headed? Home or where?”

“I don’t know about the two of you but just take me home.” Andrea replied coolly.

The tone wasn’t lost on Eddie and he was sure it was lost on Senami too but he didn’t press on it.

“Home….coming up.” He said in a way to cool the tension but somehow, it didn’t work.

Normally, he would have tried to make her laugh, tried to chase the dark clouds that seemed to be gathering above her head now but this wasn’t a normal scenario. He was just not in the mood to try so hard to disperse any anger. He had stood nodding in church as those boring church members tried their best, in all fairness, to welcome him and make him feel at home as they reeled events after church events to him. He smiled politely while he kept on throwing glances in the direction of Andrea and the man she was talking to.
He didn’t look like the welcome committee so why the all the smiles between them? What infuriated him the more was that Andrea seemed to be paying the man so much attention like he was some modern day Angel Gabriel. She didn’t seem to care her own husband was standing not quite five meters away, she just kept smiling and all that. It was when she got out her phone to exchange what he was certain were phone numbers that his demeanour fully soured. All the while, he was monitoring Senami too. That young guy seemed to be all over her but he noticed she was being kinda aloof and that she threw uncomfortable glances his way from time to time. This was how Andrea should be playing it but instead, she seemed to be seriously in cahoots with the man. Didn’t she tell him she was married with a man to spare? Or should he go interrupt and take his wife away from him? He decided to play it cool and just watch. Senami threw a sweet smile his way and waved. He also got a malicious look from the guy with her. Not even a glance from Andrea. She could be cold when she wanted to be.


“What’s the matter, son?” Chief Ogoh asked. “Why the long face?”

“Nothing, sir.” Eddie replied automatically.

“Nothing? Nothing?” Roared his father. “They’re you are sitting with not only the longest face I ever saw but you’re staring into your system which has already hibernated and I’m not certain you’re even aware of that.”

Eddie was taken aback. He wasn’t aware. He now looked around him and realised he had actually lost every concept of time and space for he didn’t even know how long. Andrea was this way to him. She radiated warmth from a distance but the irony of it was that close enough, she gave him the chills. She was a true ice princess. She gave him the kind of sensations no other lady ever gave him. He was lucky that her father and his were friends because there was no other way or game he could have played to hook up with this lady. He could never forget a dinner his dad had organised years ago. Apparently, her mum couldn’t make it because she was fighting a terminal disease so she came that day as her dad’s date and from the moment he set eyes on her, everything had looked surreal… How could he forget that dazzling smile? Or that sparkle that might have been her eyes or her diamond earrings. He wasn’t so sure. The gown had a slit that revealed her shapely left leg. Try as he could, he couldn’t take his eyes off her that evening. He was entranced… A shadow loomed over him.

“Is it that Mr Metzger’s daughter that’s turning you this way, son? What’s that her name again?”  Chief Ogoh asked as he stood over him.

“Andrea.” Eddie replied.

“Yes, Andrea.” Now Chief Ogoh was a very impressive man. Not just in business but also in size. The interesting thing was that he was barely six feet in size but he had this powerful aura around him that made him look much taller. He wasn’t slim or fat, he was big in a way you can only describe as powerful. He oozed raw power.
Now with his father standing over him and the man’s shadow seeming to envelope his own entire existence, Eddie didn’t know when he started confessing to his dad.

“Ye…es sir, it’s her.” He stammered. “I like her so much like I’ve never liked anyone in my life but she always seemed cold to me. I don’t know what to do.”

“Hmmm…” Chief Ogoh acknowledged in a sound that seemed more like a grunt. “Is that all?”

“Yes sir.” Eddie sighed, glad to have unburdened his soul.

“WHY ARE YOU COWERING LIKE A WEAKLING???!!! Chief Ogoh boomed all of a sudden. Eddie jumped up. “How do you want to get a lady when you’re acting like one? You think it takes only book knowledge? You have to be BOLD! Let her know you’re in charge and never act like a weakling. A faint heart NEVER conquers a fair maiden. Look her in the eye and hold the gaze with your chest out. You’re the son of a lion. ACT LIKE IT. I’ve always taught you to take action with boldness and that never changes. AM I MAKING MYSELF CLEAR???

“Yes sir.” Eddie barked with a salute.

“Good.” Chief Ogoh calmed. “I’ll see to it that she’s all yours. I promise you that.”  And with that, the man left the house.

Eddie had slumped back on the chair as his heartbeats slid down to the normal tempo. Then a sudden realisation had hit him as he smiled softly. In all his life that he had known his father, whether good or bad, financial or lethal, his dad had never ever broken a promise. And he had just promised him Andrea.


Eddie sighed as he parked the car at their gate and honked the car horn. Dogo, the gateman, started to open the gate at the sound of Eddie’s car. Andrea opened the car door.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come with us, Andrea?” Senami asked. “It’ll be so much fun if you’re there.”

Andrea exhaled and seemed to pause a while.

“No, I’ll just go get some stuffs done and rest too. You guys go have fun without me.”

“Are you sure you wanna be up there alone with mama?” Senami asked.

“Don’t worry about mama. I know how to take care of myself.”

She picked up her bag and got out.

“We’ll be back as soon as we can.” Eddie called after her. “You can call when you need us.”

He started the car and backed out of the drive.

Andrea stood there hoping that somehow, Eddie would change his mind and suddenly insist she comes with them and she would have happily jumped into the car even though she would have acted like she was reluctant about it. How she would have liked that. But it seemed Eddie had his mind made up because he drove off without hesitation. Could Eddie really be acting like this because of the guy she was talking to in church? It didn’t make sense. Did he think she would run off with him or add him to the house to make three husbands? She shook her head and turned to go inside. She seriously hoped Sam was home right now because she needed him to make some crazy love to her. No foreplay at first, just some wild, almost-animal like sex to get her mind of this albeit briefly. But when she entered the compound, she realised with alarm that Sam’s car wasn’t there. How could she had forgotten that Sam had sent her an sms while she was in church that he was going to work and he’ll be back a little late?  ‘Damn!’ She told herself. She didn’t feel like going upstairs anymore. Maybe she should have gone with Eddie and Senami  afterall. No! She wasn’t going to be denied. She had to quench this fire. She was going to get laid this afternoon if it has to be on Sam’s office table, the floor or even on his keyboard. It didn’t matter but she was going to get it. She turned and headed back outside as Dogo rushed to open the gate for her. She saw a cab even as she got outside and hailed it. She really wasn’t in the mood to drive. She got in the cab and there were soon on their way to Sam’s studio.


“Guys, that’s our final take for the day. Let’s do this again tomorrow. I need a rest. My head is banging.”

“Okay, chairman.” The upcoming musical act had responded with a little disappointment. It was a very short session and he really was looking to releasing this his hit single quickly.

“What time tomorrow?”

“Nine a.m.” Sam responded. “You’re going first.”

With that, he dismissed the session and he was headed to his office to attend to the ‘banging headache’ he had. From the moment he got the call, he hadn’t been able to concentrate at the studio session anymore. He couldn’t wait to hold her naked body to his. His manhood had started to protest at it’s restraint in his trouser. It was already rising to the occasion. When he opened his office door and walked in, he noticed she was seated in his office seat with her legs crossed.

“Sorry, I kept you waiting a while. I honestly couldn’t wait so I had to cancel the session.” Sam said as locked his office door and began to un-buckle his belt.

“No problem, dear.” She kicked off her shoes and rose to her feet.

In one smooth move Sam carried her up and put her on his office table and they were kissing and tearing each other’s clothes off.  If there was one thing Sam liked about this particular babe, it was the fact that where he was concerned, she never spoke much. They both understood they were in just for the sex, no strings whatever attached. She wasn’t his best lay but she was up there. He wondered what Andrea would say if she saw him now. He chuckled in his throat as he snaked his hands up the lady’s skirt and her panties started to come off.


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