I’d like to ask if you have seen this 2006 movie Will Smith starred in; “The Pursuit of Happyness?” Yeah, that one. Great movie, wasn’t it? For those who haven’t, It’s about a guy called Chris Gardner played by Will Smith whose wife left him and their little boy. He had to struggle with selling a device he’d invested heavily into, taking care of his little son, and picking up a stockbroking job he wouldn’t get paid on until after 6months of training. To top it all up, he lost his home, his bank accounts and his credit cards. I was really impressed with the movie. The guy had to go virtually everywhere with his son. Father and son slept anywhere they could find. On the street, in shelters and in one touching scene, they slept in the toilet of a train station.

I was genuinely touched when I saw that movie. I shed a tear or two. Yes, it was that touching and that’s coming from the same guy who found ‘Titanic’ funny.

I was impressed with the way the main character took time out to study inspite of his difficulties. Excuses weren’t an option. He had a kid to raise. With the one suit he had hanging on his arm all through his ordeal, his skin colour, the man worked so hard and with self belief on his side, he was able to come out tops until he became the celebrated success he turned out to be.

That was an educating, entertaining and motivating movie to watch. I was well and truly impressed. I can name another Hollywood movie like that which I found impressive… ‘Men of Honour.’

What’s my point? Hardwork and Self-belief. Yes. Hardwork and Self-belief.

I was somewhere today and a Nollywood movie of the Yoruba genre was on TV. I couldn’t help but watch some part of it. It got to a point where I shook my head and came to a conclusion that Nollywood movies have been a major contributor to the rot we have in our society today.

I can see a thousand Nollywood movies and I’m certain of one thing… they’ll have the same undertone when it comes to how to become wealthy.

When last did you watch a Nollywood movie where one is taught the true values of hard work and dedication on the road to wealth? I’d like to see the name of one of such movies in the comment section. I’m so certain that if ‘In Pursuit of Happiness’ was a Nollywood movie, the guy would have gone to see a herbalist to find out why times were so tough. Then three years later, he’s a multi-millionaire and another three years later, a demon is wiping his business and family out. Then he runs to meet a ‘Man of God’ and they pray for him and the demon vanishes.

End of Movie.

When you ask the producers, they’ll say the movie is to teach people that Get-Rich schemes never work in the long run. But these producers will never make movies to show the proper ways to go about making wealth. One wonders if many of them actually know.
Sometimes, I wonder if some didn’t steal and cheat to make the money to make movies (no disrespect to our movie makers) because if they believe in the value of hardwork, financial planning and belief in God, it would show more in our movies. Way I see it, the only values the movies I see in Nollywood tend to promote is

1) Entitlement mentality.

2) Excuses mentality (where they tell you that the reason why you’re poor is that someone has used your goodluck or something that silly.)

(I would have added promiscuity but we’re doing a bad job of copying Hollywood and also making a bad job of it.)

I’m not saying there is no ‘Juju,’ all I’m saying here is that after all said and done, man is the architect of his own fortune or misfortune. If a man wants to get wealth that will last, he should TRUST in God for his wisdom and always STRIVE to attain excellence and good values. He should also LEARN (by books) to be financially disciplined and plan ahead. All these is a lot of Hard work.
We want to see stories of men that truly achieved greatness so we can learn from their characters and their mistakes. We’re tired of seeing people who failed then they take shortcuts to wealth and end up becoming failures.

Let Nollywood show the future generations the standards they should aspire to. Let them show them that wealth is not in the amount of dollars you spray fuji artistes on the dance floor or how many bottles of beer and wine you can buy for people at bars, but by the legacy you leave behind, the smile you put on people’s lips, the lives you impact positively.

We’re tired of seeing so much mediocre and negative mindset on display in Nollywood. Every Hollywood movie you see is forward thinking in terms of creativity, innovation and technology.

Why can’t we also be this way?

Let’s do away with diabolism in our mentality and mind-set but instead let’s embrace dynamism.

The future generation need to see NOW what we’d like to see them display.

This is me signing out!

God help us all.

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6 thoughts on “MOVIE MUSINGS

    1. @annie. You could make a case with that but maybe not. We’re a product of a mindset cos it wasn’t always dis way. It’s time we do a 360 on dis mindset and it starts wit d producers.


  1. well said
    our own movies must just show jazz n deux ex machina to extricate the protagonists from their holes…sigh
    it is disheartening but at least we have a new crop of movie makers that have their heads on the right way


    1. @just. Hey coz. Great to hear frm u. I must admit, I’ve seen movies that are being released dese days and it calls for optimism. Shows some people are beginning to think harder. But a lot still needs to be done not just in terms of picture quality and building up suspense but in ensurin values dat people can abide by and with.


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