ANDREA: Episode 15.

Co-written by: RebelKween


Artwork by: ‘godz’


The pain seemed to be far away. Then,it seemed to move even closer. It was all dark and there was nothing to be seen only felt.
Then he heard the sound…then sounds but he couldn’t quite place it in the darkness.
Where were these hushed sounds coming from? They seemed to be close but still so far away as he tried his best to grope in the dark but there was nothing to hold on to. Something wasn’t right here. Then there came the throbbing pain and involuntarily,he felt his already shut eyes tighten some more. When he decided to loosen it, he seemed to feel the darkness fall away and some light seemed to seep through. That was all he could pick. Light. No focus. The throbbing came again as he tried to visually catch on to anything that made sense apart from the light. He heard a sound he recognised from any dream and many dreams he could and would have. That same voice he had heard in so many of his sweet dreams and imaginations.

“Thank God he’s awake.” Andrea replied with glee. “Will you get the doctor now,please?” She addressed the nurse that just came to look in to make sure all was alright.

“Alright. The doctor will be here shortly.” The nurse replied and walked out of the room.

He turned to look in the direction of her voice as Andrea’s features began to become clearer as he focused his gaze at her.
He could see the love in her eyes as she came closer to his bed to hold his right hand.

“How are you,darling?” She asked.

“Never been better.” Eddie replied with a smile.

“How’s the head?”

“Oh it’s fine. A little throbbing here and there. Nothing a good analgesic can’t get rid off.”

“That’s nice to hear. I guess you can come home today.”

“Why not, babe? The smell of antiseptic around here is making me feel sick. Get the doctor so we can get the hell out of here.”

“He’ll be here soon. The nurse went to get him.” Andrea replied then glanced a little uneasily at the other side of the room.
Eddie caught the look and turned to look in the other direction and there leaning on a wall and looking like a child who just got dispossessed of a piece of meat he thought he was totally entitled to was Sam.

Eddie was shocked and for a split moment couldn’t hide it. He shut his eyes tight and mentally counted to 20 then he opened his eyes again. Sam was still standing there with a bemused expression on his face.

“Well, well, well… Who do we have here?” Eddie said. “Honestly,Sam,when I saw you standing there, two things crossed my mind; either I was dead and this is an afterlife or I’m in some serious dream. I just ruled out the possibility of being dead. Next, I’d like to check to make sure I’m not dreaming.”

“Even out of a coma, you’re still a pain.” Sam retorted. “Why not pinch yourself to make sure it’s a dream. In all honesty, I’m wishing this is a dream too.”

“You miss me that much, Sam?”

“No,I don’t miss you, Urkle. If you had been driving a little carefully, we’ll be somewhere else instead of baby-sitting you like this.”

“SAM!!!” Andrea was ready for battle.

“He’s right, Andrea.” Eddie replied. ” I should have driven more carefully. Sorry, guys.”

“It’s not your fault, dear. It could have happened to anybody. It’s mean of him to put the blame…”

“It’s okay, babe.” Eddie didn’t let her finish. “Well, he’s here and that’s all that counts.”

He turned to face Sam.

“Honestly, Sam, I appreciate your coming. I really do. You were the last person I expected to see to be honest.”

“Yeah yeah, whatever.” Sam waved him off. “You don’t have to get all mushy on me. It’s disgusting. So when is that damn doctor gonna come sign you and hence the rest of us out of here? I’m sick of hospitals and there are a million places I’d rather be now.”

Andrea glared at him.

“What?” Sam asked. “Have I said anything wrong again? Just saying out what we’re all thinking.”

“It’s okay, Sam.” Eddie responded tiredly. “You don’t have to raise your voices and let them throw us all out. I’d like to walk out of here with some dignity intact and not being pushed out for being a nuisance. Moreover, all these talk is aggravating my headache. So, Sam, you’ve come and I appreciate it. You can go get some other things done. I’ll be fine now.”

Sam glanced at Andrea but she fired a glare back. He knew it would be a bad idea to even consider stepping out of the room now to as much as take a piss. He sighed and remained rooted to where he stood.
The tension in the room was so palpable that when the doctor walked in soon after, he felt he should have come in with his surgical knife to cut through.

“Uh… I’m sorry but it would seem I just walked into the middle of something.” The doctor said the moment he walked in. “I think I’ll give you guys a moment and I’ll come back when you’re done.”

He made to leave as a look of shock registered on the others but it was Andrea that found her voice first.

“No no no, doctor. It’s fine. Really. Uhm… We were just discussing. It’s actually nothing. You can have a look at him and let us know if he’s good enough to leave.”

“Okay. Let me take a look at him. Will you two step out for some minutes, please?”

“Okay Doc.” Sam was out of the room in an instant.

“I’ll be outside, dear.” Andrea said to Eddie as she stepped out.

Sam was leaning on the wall and whistling an unknown tune just outside the door when she stepped out.

“You know you can be a real Son of a Bitch without even trying. Did you know that? Has anyone ever told you that?” Andrea went straight for the jugular.

“Yea. I been told that a coupla times.” He shrugged.

“And you enjoy that, don’t you?”

“You’re raising your voice and you’re in the hospital, Andrea. Please keep it on the down low.”

“What was the meaning of all those mean things you were saying in there?”

babe. I didn’t ask to come here. I remember I vehemently opposed coming here in the first place but you wouldn’t listen.”

“And is that why you decided to act like a complete…a complete…”

“Son of a Bitch? Jerk? Fool?” Sam cut in. “Why are you getting so dramatic? You know that guy in there and I can’t stand the sight of each other. So why put us in this uncomfortable situation, Andrea?”

“You dare to call Eddie ‘that guy in there,’ Samson???”

So on and on, between hushed voices and gritted teeth, they argued their cases out. Nurses walked past either in the company of fellow nurses or leading patients around. They all tried to look bored as the exchange went on between the beautiful half-caste lady and the hunk she was arguing with. A few were actually surprised because they thought the patient was her husband from the way she fretted over him. So what’s this with this guy? Could she be callous enough to bring another man to the hospital her husband was admitted? ‘Where this world is headed sha’ a few concluded as they traded gossips.

But Andrea and Sam were impervious to it all as they kept arguing until they had run out of both points and steam. It was time to call a truce.

“Alright! Fine! You had a hectic night and you need to rest.” Andrea said.

“Well, you’re right. But may I ask where I can catch that rest, my lovely wife? The only way I’m sleeping in one of the beds here is if I’m wheeled in unconscious.”

Andrea sighed.

“You’re right. I guess you have to leave then. Really wanted you here but I can’t hold you down. Guess we’ll see later then.”

“I guess. Please, excuse me then. Good thing he’s fine.” He said that as he nodded towards Eddie’s hospital room door without looking at it.

He touched her gently on the cheek and walked away and it took him all his willpower not to look at the behind of a particularly voluptuous nurse that hurried past him. He would have given anything to just see her hind as she walked fast. He could imagine how the two heavy mounds would be fighting to outdo themselves on who can make more impression. But he knew that Andrea would be staring at him. Maybe he should have hung around a little longer and under the guise of catching some air, he would have strolled out to catch this nurse’s attention and if lucky, get her digits.
Wishful thinking, he decided. He had more important issues on his mind. He had forgotten to ask Andrea how they’ll be getting home. What the heck? They could manage. He got to the parking lot, walked to his car, opened the door and got in. He fished his cellphone from his pocket and speed-dialled Imabong’s nos. He waited…

Andrea just shook her head slightly as Sam left. She could see a group of nurses whispering a distance away and she was certain she was an issue in their gossips but she couldn’t care less. Sam, Sam, Sam… She thought as her mind travelled. She couldn’t help but notice the voluptuous lady nurse that just walked past her. She was impressed Sam didn’t look back after her when the lady walked past him and she knew that inability would have killed Sam on the inside. She knew he ignored the lady out of respect to her and however hypocritical that might be, she appreciated it.
Sometimes, she wished she could just let him go but she knew she couldn’t. He had become so much a part of her that she knew there was no way she could extricate him. He was like a tick that when removed, it usually draws blood. Then she chastised herself for likening her Sam to a tick. After all, a tick was a blood sucking parasite and Sam may be everything but he wasn’t a parasite or a blood sucker. What he could suck, he sure knew how to suck though. She allowed herself a little smile and a silent moan as she thought about it. The door to Eddie’s room opening brought her out of her reverie…

“So, Doc, how is he?” Andrea asked with her eyes wide in expectation.

“He’s doing real fine. He’s free to go home.” The doctor replied with a smile. “All that’s left is to pick up some drugs I prescribed at the pharmacy and I’ve told him to come for a check up later in the week. A nurse will come get him set soon.”

“Thank you, doctor. May I go in?”

“By all means do.”

She went inside.


Her phone kept ringing but she didn’t pick up. And it was his fourth try. He was really worried now. Curse Andrea for calling him over something stupid and making him come all the way.
Sure he loved Andrea but Ima was a part of him he couldn’t part with, married or not. He decided to compose an sms to send to Ima. He needed to get through to her quickly.


Eddie was dressed and ready to go as he and Andrea made sure to pick up all his personal effects.
“What of Sam?” Eddie asked suddenly.

“He’s gone home. He needed to rest.”

“It’s okay. Guess I’ll see him later then.”

“Honey, you’ve not told me how it all happened.”

“Nothing much to tell. I was driving out of the estate when these hausa peeps or wherever they’re from pushed their truck across the road. I tried to avoid them but I swung too sharp and I ran into a pole. A good lady stopped and gave me a lift here.”

“I’ll hear the details in full when we get home.”

“Okay babe.”

“But let’s go pick up your drugs first. Then we’ll see to the bills.”

Eddie had his unhurt arm across Andrea’s shoulders as they headed for the pharmacy.


“Hey babe, I’m so so sorry about what happened.” He started typing. ” It wasn’t my plan and I wish things had happened differently but fate has it’s ways of playing it’s hand. Please forgive me when you read this and buzz me to let me know you’ve forgiven me. Thank you, dear. You know I’ll always be crazy about you no matter what. Kisses.”

He smiled as he looked out the window. He considered a few things for a moment and sent the message in a rush. Then it hit him he had missed something.


He had mistakenly sent the message to Andrea.


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3 thoughts on “ANDREA: Episode 15.

  1. …Good job bro ! Spell bound ! Wat a way 2finish an episode…its all gud. No too much harm done by Sam, not sure Andrea wil suspect a thing, she wil jus be happy his sorry&yet wondering Y so soon&so nice away to say it….lol…crazy randy Sam.


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