ANDREA: Episode 14.

Co-written by: RebelKween

Artwork by: ‘godz’


For Sam,it was going to be a nightmare!

It was daylight but it was a nightmare all the same.

He had just got off the phone with Ima and was preparing to go pick her up the moment she gave the signal. For a moment then,he had broached the idea of actually bringing her in to his room to do the deed but he knew that would be downright stupid. Not only would Andrea never ever forgive him,he had this feeling that she would make his life hell.
Besides,he may have his grouse with Andrea but he was never going to disrespect her that way. To a certain level,she had given him his freedom and she wasn’t the type to pry into his call logs or his messages so he didn’t exactly feel inclined to repay her that way. There was also the issue of Senami who is in all likelihood going to run into them. Now Sam was under no illusion who Senami was most loyal to. Infact,he was certain the bitch held him the least loyalty. Not that he’d expect her to go running her mouth to Andrea but he still wouldn’t take that chance.
All he had to do now was pick up a few
items,check on his stash of condoms,get his car keys and he’ll be off. He lay down on the bed and fantasised all that will be going down with Imabong very soon. He had a playful smile on his face as his wild mind did its work. Suddenly,he seemed to remember something,he reached for his bedside fridge,opened it,grabbed a bottle of Alomo Bitters,the local herb that served as a sexual stimulant, and shut the fridge. He shook and opened the bottle as he settled back in bed. He closed his eyes as he took sip after sip of the cool,bitter liquid. It had proven time after time to boost his libido and keep him going for longer than he naturally would. This was saying something,for any lady that tangled with Sam in bed even without a sip of the herb usually admitted thereafter that they felt like they had tangled with a horse and that’s just not in size but in stamina. He sipped some more of the drink and wished that damn phone would ring on time. He checked to make sure he didn’t put it on ‘Silent’ and when he was satisfied that he didn’t,he kept it to his side and waited. It had been over twenty minutes since he had made that call and he expected Imabong should have been around now. But he was prepared to be patient and so he waited.
He was already sleeping lightly when the call came. He almost spilled the herb he was drinking on himself as he woke up with a jerk. ‘At Last!’ He told himself as he reached for the phone,lay down with his eyes closed and a smile on his face. He put the phone straight to his ears as he picked the call.

“Hey babe,what’s up now?” He started before person on the line could say a word. He needed to ask what took her so long.

“Sam,something terrible just happened.” He sat upright in bed immediately and he was fully awake and alert now. That wasn’t Imabong’s voice but Andrea’s and he had almost blown it. He thanked whatever providence had made him not say everything he had planned to say when he picked up the phone.

“Are you there,Sam?” Andrea asked.

“Yeah,yeah I’m here.” Sam responded. “Sorry I was just waking up. So what’s up? You sound troubled.”

“Eddie was involved in an accident. I just got to the hospital now.” Andrea replied.

“Hope he’s dead.” Sam wanted to ask but he knew he dare not. It wasn’t really his business if the stupid nerd had an accident. Eddie could go off a cliff for all he cared. It’ll make things better for everyone. Especially for him. But he wasn’t going to tell Andrea that. She would never talk to him again.
He mustered his most sympathetic voice as he asked instead;
“Really? I’m sorry to hear that. How bad was it?”

“Not very serious. The doctor said he should discharge him but he wants to observe him for a day or two. Just a very mild concussion and a sprained wrist was what the doctor said.”

“Okay. I’m sorry to hear that. I guess we’ll talk about it when you get home,right?” Sam asked. He wasn’t really interested in all these and he took a sip from his herb.

“What do you mean by that,Sam?” Andrea asked with her tone slightly raised.

“What do you mean by what do I mean by that? I told you we’ll see when you come home or wasn’t that what I said?” Sam retorted.

“I’m sorry to burst your bubbles,big guy but you’ll have to find your way down to our hospital.” Andrea said.

“Na na na! That aint gonna happen,dear. Come and do what there? I’m certain the doctor is doing a hell of a good job so what part am I gonna play there? I’m not his healing factor so let him get fine and come home then I can make him a cup of coffee and dote on him if you so wish but no way am I coming to that hospital to see him. NO WAY!!!”

“Way,Samson! WAY!!! I expect you to find a way here and I mean NOW! I honestly don’t care if you have a date with the president,I wanna see you here showing some support to Eddie and do you know why? Because I know that inspite of your differences,Eddie would be here if you were the one lying down in this hospital bed right now. Yes,he’s humane like that. So I need you to prove to me that I’m not living with a monster by showing yourself here or so help me God I’ll see to it that whatever is left of us will be raw hell. And if for any moment you think I’m joking,then I dare you to try me for kicks!”
She cut the connection before he could say another word.

He was really mad now! How dare she? Is she nuts? Come to see that cretin for what? Fuck that! She could do her worst for all he cared. He knew she was mad now and he wasn’t exactly all smiles himself so he was ready for anything. But then he had to admit to himself that she was right about one thing. Were he the one lying on that bed,Eddie was going to be there. He wasn’t sure if it was to tease him but he knew he was gonna come. Maybe he should just show up there to taunt Eddie. He should get some kick outta that. At least,Andrea won’t accuse him of not showing up. Guess he could do that. But what was he to do about the issue of Ima? He really had to call to cancel and he had to do it fast. He was expecting her call any moment from… (his phone rang). This time he checked and it was Ima. What could he tell her now? Maybe he could dash in and out of the hospital as quickly as possibly then dash off with her. What if he couldn’t get away fast enough? He dropped the bottle of herb he was holding in irritation. He was in a serious fix. He picked the call.

“Hello Sam. Tried calling you a minute or so ago and your line was busy?” Ima said in her sweet singsong voice.

“I’m sorry,dear. So what’s up?” Sam replied.

“What do you mean,what’s up? You asked me to come around and I’m around so what are you asking again?”

“I’m sorry dear.” He laughed a little nervously. “Didn’t mean to ask that but I just heard some disturbing news so that’s why.”

“What’s the problem. Hope it aint serious? I’m sha outside your house.”

“Erm… Do you know what? I’ll come pick you now and take you back to wherever you want to go? A cousin of mine was involved in an accident and that was the call I was receiving when you tried calling earlier. I have to dash for the hospital now so we’ll have to do this some other time.”

“I’m sorry about the accident,Sam. It’s okay. Don’t bother yourself,I’lll find my way back. Just painful I had to come all the way here for nothing.”

“I’m sorry,Ima and I’ll definitely make it up to you.” He fumbled as he put on his shirt and grabbed his car keys. “Where are you now? I’m coming outside so I can pick you up.”

“Don’t bother,Sam. I’m about hailing a cab. Go and attend to what you have to. But let me ask you a question. Do you remember that story we were told as kids about that shepherd boy that cried ‘Wolf!’?”

“Yes I do,babe. What about it?”

“Nothing,Sam. Just thinking about it. And I think you should too. Goodbye,Sam.”

“Wait! Ima!” Sam shouted but she had hung up. He ran outside the house as he kept calling her line. He almost collided with the security guard who looked as perplexed as he felt. Sam scanned the street but there was no sign of her. That was when he spotted the taxi driving off a distance away. He kept on calling her line but she didn’t pick up the call. He knew she must be real disappointed and he was real mad now. He grudgingly went back inside to get his car and drive to the hospital. He sat for a moment at the wheels thinking about Ima and what could have been.
Inspite of himself,the stimulant began to take effect…


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