ANDREA: Episode 13

Co-written by: RebelKween

Artwork by: ‘godz’


Sam stormed into his room like a raging bull. He was angry with it all and he really didn’t give a hoot if he was reasoning well over this or not.
How could she? How could she always support that idiot over him? And he thought that it was about time to find out what Eddie was made of. Yeah! He had gotten soft these past few months and Eddie was beginning to find his voice in this relationship.
How could he even call this nonsense a relationship? How could he ever have gotten himself into this in the first place? He had to admit to himself that he must have been a few nuts short of an engine to have agreed to this set up but here he was,in an all out competition with a jellyfish over the lady he loved most in the world. Yes,he had to admit that to himself and also admitted to himself how crazy he really must be. Where did it go wrong? What happened to the Sam that ladies just couldn’t get their hands off especially after he’s given them a taste? It was such an irony though. He had scores of ladies out there still reaching out to him but here he was being forced to share his wife and what’s worse,he was sharing Andrea with a nerd. He shook his head in self-pity. This can’t be Karma. This was something else. Had he allowed greed to take over?
Then the anger returned. This was one of the times he needed Imaobong around him. He needed to take this rage out on her. He really felt like having mad sex with her right now. Of all the ladies Sam was sleeping with, Imaobong was the one that seemed to have the energy and the longevity to push Sam all the way. He was her best outlet for pent up emotions. She gave as much as she got and by the time they were done,he was usually spent of both energy and anger.
He really needed her now.
He had met her online 5years before and he usually thought of her as unique because he had never been one to hunt a babe on the internet. He believed online dating was for losers and cowards. He usually believed in seeing a lady,stalking and striking when the chance presented itself. Although in Andrea’s case,he had created the chance himself. Yes,he was a hunter like that and he prided himself in his high success rate.
His S.S.S. (See-Stalk-Strike) hardly failed him.
On the day he connected with Ima,as he fondly referred to her,he was so bored stiff out of his mind. There was no light at home and it was really hot. The generator had issues and the repairman was out of town and he wasn’t due back till the next day. He was staying on his own in a mini flat he had rented in Ikeja. He had just finished service and as a young player,he thought he needed his privacy and didn’t care for his parents house anymore. He wanted a 2 or 3 bedroom actually but as at that time,he didn’t have enough money to cover that so he decided to make do with a miniflat. He always liked having the extra room as contingency.
So he had stepped out that day with his laptop,phone and charger to go to a cybercafe close to his place as the handset was running low on battery power. He had decided to go kill two birds with a stone. Kill the boredom by fooling around on the internet while charging his phone. Normally,he would just buzz one of his female companions to come over but none was within reach and besides,the heat was a turn off.
He had gotten to the cafe,plugged in his laptop and his phone and he was soon surfing the web. He logged on to his Gmail and Facebook and Chelsea website within seconds and he was browsing away. Usually,he didn’t pay attention to recommended friends lists on Facebook but he saw this cute looking babe’s picture and decided to check out her profile. He went straight for her photos and scanned through and by the time he was done,he was sufficiently convinced. She couldn’t have been more that 5ft 5inches from what he saw and she was slim. She had some delicious looking hips on her for her slim physique and from that point on,it went crazy. What all the pictures he saw agreed on was that she had the most amazing size of boobs he ever saw for that physique. It wasn’t too big but it was big enough and it looked firm. He had to hook up with this busty babe so he sent her a friend request and he hoped that she would respond to his request. He continued what he was doing and a few minutes later,he got a notification on Facebook. When he checked,he couldn’t believe his good fortune. The babe had actually accepted and what was more,she was online. He went to work straightaway chatting her up. From then on,he logged on religiously to facebook as much as he could even on his phone. It was burning up his money a lot but he was determined to score with the babe. He got an internet modem so he could be able to reach her anytime.
Within a month,they were already more or less dating and were planning on seeing. She was in one of the universities in the south east. He had told her he was having issues with his girlfriend and they were heading for a break up. It was all lies of course as Sam didn’t even have a steady babe. He was a philanderer and sowing wild oats was one of the things he did best. Infact,he was well equipped for it. He had actually invited her over to Lagos to see the sight and sounds. She had promised she would think about it. He couldn’t wait.
Very late one night,they were on midnight calls when things got a little hot.
Ima had suggested they get on their web-cams and Sam had happily obliged. He was sure he knew what was coming next so he wore a smirk.
When they got on,Ima had suggested he took off his top and he did. She was quite impressed at his fitness. She had taken off her top too and when Sam saw what got unleashed he was practically drooling. He was rock hard already. Next,Ima asked to see his ‘tool.’ With a cocky smile on his face,he pulled his trousers down and he actually thought Ima’s eyes were going to pop out.

She came to Lagos that week…

Sam remembered that night with a relish. He had expressly warned his friends to stay away for the next couple of days so he had the room to himself and her.
That night was the wildest he had ever had. She had first seemed to be shy as he tried to hold her close. But the moment he grabbed her by the breast,she totally surrendered herself. They made mad love all night until they had no strength in them. She was with him for three days before she travelled back to school. After then,even though her parents stayed in Uyo, she always found time to visit Lagos when she could. Luckily for him,she had done her youth service in Lagos and had opted to work and live in Lagos so they saw much more of each other. Somehow,they understood they couldn’t be together in a relationship so they had other relationships but they found ways to get together to spend time with each other. After he got married to Andrea,he saw very little of her. Infact,they had only hooked up once to have sex shortly after he got married and they virtually couldn’t get their hands off each other for hours. He had gotten so mad at Andrea and it was some steamy hot and crazily wild lovemaking at her place. He had felt better after and he remembered the puzzled look on Andrea’s face when he had walked into the house whistling and unknown tune as he headed for his room. He could tell she couldn’t believe this was the same guy that had stormed out of the house in a blind rage earlier in the day.
Ima had just gotten married a few months before but he didn’t go for the wedding. He had called her to wish her all the best and that was that.
Right now,he was seething once again and of all the ladies he had keeping him really sexually active,she was the best and he needed the best right now more than ever. Yes,he was that mad.
He picked up his phone and speed-dialled Ima’s number.

“Hey babe,wassup?” He spoke when she picked up.
“Look,Ima,I’ve missed you a lot. Like real bad and I want you now more than I’ve ever wanted anyone.”

He listened for a minute.

“Yes I am,babe. I want to see you now and a moment longer I might just go crazy.” He growled.

He listened a little more.

“So I’m seeing you right now? Great.
You know my house,right?”


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