ANDREA: Episode 12

Co-written by: RebelKween

As Andrea froze,she seemed to be hurled through time to that time when she was just a kid of about six years old back then in Dusseldorf,a major historical city in Germany where she resided with her parents. She and her mum had just arrived from their holidays in Nigeria the day before and even though she was tired,she was so excited. Her dad had come to pick them up at the Dusseldorf Airport himself the day before and he had promised her he had a surprise for her that he’ll be giving her the next day. They had driven to their massive home. It was indeed a huge mansion set on a 130,000square foot land and they even had their own private lake.
Andrea could barely sleep that night. She wondered all night what the surprise could be.
Very early the next morning,she hopped out of bed,dashed out of her room to her parents’ room. It was just her mum in bed fast asleep. She roused her mum out of sleep and asked after her daddy. The mum had told her to go check downstairs as she covered herself with her quilt.
Andrea didn’t have to wait to be dismissed as she was off already,dashing downstairs when she noticed some activities going on around the house. She spotted her dad talking to a couple of men who looked like workmen in the kitchen. “DADDY” she had screamed as she dashed to meet her father. Mr Metzger turned to see his little angel running towards him. He scooped her up and threw her up higher than his 6ft 2 inches frame,caught her and hugged her close.
“Daddy,my gift!” She screamed.

“Not now,my dear” Mr Metzger replied in his thick german accent. “Later. Right now,we have a party this evening so I’ll need you to be a good girl. Will you be a good girl,baby?”

“I will,daddy.”

She got a loving kiss on the cheek as a reward and was ushered upstairs to prepare for the day.
When she got into her room,a strange sight awaited her. On her bed was the most beautiful puppy she had ever seen. The white puppy yelped at her and wagged it’s tail.
She shrieked in delight as she went to hug her 1st pet. When she looked back at the doorway,she saw her dad smiling mischievously by the doorway.

“Is this my surprise,daddy???”

Her dad nodded with a grin.

“Thank you,daddy!!!” She ran to give her dad a loving hug. “I love you,daddy.”

“I love you too,dear.” Mr Metzger knelt down to hug his daughter. “And don’t shout so much or you’ll wake your mother up.”

The puppy had yelped and father and daughter had laughed.

“What are you going to call her?” Mr Metzger asked.

“I don’t know.” She admitted. “But I guess I’ll have to call her,Sammie.”

The puppy yelped again….

The party was in full swing that evening and the house was filled with guests;men in their tuxedos and ladies in their magnificent gowns. So many dazzling sights not just from the lighting but from so much precious stones. It was a thief’s fantasy. Mrs Metzger was doing her best to play the perfect host. Well dressed in a beautiful,black Givenchy gown,she also had a lovely ruby necklace and earring her husband bought for her the last time he was in France a few weeks before.

One of the main highlights of the night was a porcelain that Mr Metzger had just added to his art collection. It was a porcelain that had cost him a fortune. He had balanced it on a revolving board so that everyone could get to see the beautiful work of art. It was a Song Dynasty celadon Porcelain with a fenghuang spout that looked like the head of a peacock and it was made in 10th century China.
The guests gaped at the porcelain and congratulated Mr Metzger on his taste and such a fine and expensive acquisition.
Andrea had been playing with Sammie at the top of the stairs and decided it was also time for Sammie to get some snack too.
It was like the puppy could read her mind as it dashed downstairs with Andrea behind it.
After they had seen enough of the ancient porcelain,it was time for it to be taking back to its place. The 2 gentlemen carefully lifted it to take it into the private gallery…
Sammie was really making a dash for the kitchen now and Andrea was now running to catch up with it because her dad had expressly warned her not to let the dog out of the room…

Andrea was keen to catch Sammie,so she called out to Sammie but the puppy wouldn’t respond as it kept running…
A waiter was just walking into the room with a tray of wine balanced on his right arm. He didn’t see Sammie dash towards him…
Mrs Metzger who was already bored with the exhibition wanted to go and make sure everything was running smoothly in the kitchen. She saw a very fast movement on her left,she turned,saw Andrea and was about to call out to her but her eyes opened wide in shock instead…
For no apparent cause,the puppy leapt for the waiter’s apron and in shock the waiter flung off the tray of wine he was carrying and dived back to shake off whatever intruder he had on him and he collided with one of the men bearing the antique porcelain…
The man the waiter hit struggled to regain his balance as he felt the impact and at the same time,tried to hold the antique porcelain in place. He failed at both…
It was like a deafening silence the moment her mum shrieked her name. The next sound she heard,they all heard, was the shattering sound of the antique porcelain that cost Mr Metzger a fortune as it connected with the marble floor.

Andrea Froze in shock!


She snapped out of her thoughts as she dropped her bag on a chair and she dashed up the staircase even as her heartbeat seemed to reach her ears. She got upstairs to see Senami frozen with her hands over her mouth and fragments of plates and cups on the floor.

“What happened here,Senami?” Andrea asked.

“I was just moving these breakable plates and china cups downstairs to go wash and I didn’t quickly see him coming.” Senami started to explain in a quiet tone. She whispered the ‘him’ and instead opted to point in the direction of Sam’s door. “The next thing,he just hit the tray from my hands and everything broke.” She seemed to be in mild shock and was really on the verge of tears.
Andrea sighed. So much for him curbing his temper as he had promised.
“You clean all these up and be very careful so you don’t cut yourself. We’ll sort this out later. Guess he’s in one of those moods.”
Senami nodded she understood and got straight to work.
Andrea thought of going to have a word with him but changed her mind. That would indeed have to wait. She really had things to do.
She went back downstairs,picked up her bag and left the house. She was really angry with Sam now but that will come later.
She fished in her bag for her car key,got into her 2010 Toyota Rav 4 and as she started her car,her phone rang… Eddie.
What did he want now for pete’s sake? As if the day wasn’t crazy enough without Eddie coming up with one of his naughty antics again.

She picked his call.

“Hey sweetheart,I just had a crazy morning” she said. “What’s up?”

“Well,my morning has been crazier.” Eddie replied in a shaken up voice. “I’ve just been in an accident.” He announced.

“Oh my God!” Andrea replied with a hand to her mouth.


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5 thoughts on “ANDREA: Episode 12

  1. Hmm…….relieved about d explosion, thank God Sam is safe! Glad Eddie could call about his own accident and not some doctor calling from d hospital!


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