ANDREA: Episode 9

Co-written by: RebelKween

So she shifted slightly as she put a halt to her thoughts. Yeah,those were the events of 2 weeks ago as her Valentine ended up becoming a total fiasco. And what made it even better? She came out of the whole drama with a souvenir she thought to herself as she tenderly touched the small scar on her forehead. It was healing quite nicely. She stood up to walk to the dressing mirror to have another look at it as she had made a habit ever since she came back home. Ed had told her she looked even cuter with the scar and staring at the mirror now,she kinda agreed. Against her very light skin,the spot looked reddish and it reminded her so much of the red dots Indian ladies had on their foreheads. Then she remembered a joke she read somewhere about not trusting a lady with a red dot on their forehead because they record EVERYTHING. She giggled to herself as she got up from bed to prepare for the day but first,she had to find a way to mend the bridge with Sam. Ever since the incident she had effectively shut him off. She had to admit she was a little bit unfair to him and she had not had sex with him ever since and she missed that so bad. Dude should still be at work now so maybe she should just call him and break the ice. God knows how much the poor dude must be suffering over this…


He pounded on her furiously from behind like an enraged animal as the lady moaned & screeched out words that could only have been words from planet Venus. They had been at it for over an hour and this was just the second round. Sam had decided that if it’ll take him 2hrs of marathon sex to ease the sexual tension he felt then so be it. He was seriously up for it as he huffed and puffed like dog on a long race.
Just as they were about to climax yet again that session,the phone rang on his table and they both ignored it. It rang again just as they climaxed. The 3rd time it rang,Sam disengaged,picked the phone and put his finger to his lips to signal the young lady he was with to hush. That put paid to the protest that was about to escape from her lips. She nodded in understanding.

“Hello dear” he said trying to sound so casual. As he listened to Andrea on the phone.

“It’s okay,baby. It’s all over. I’m sorry about Valentine. I shouldn’t have reacted that way.” He said and listened some more.

“I sound exhausted? Oh no,I’m fine. It must be the work I’ve been doing all night at the studio. It’s been a Marathon session. I had to put in extra shifts to get my mind off a lot of things. I’ll rest when I get home. Hope we’ll see then?” He listened.

“Okay dear. Catch you then. I love you.” He said and hung up.

“So where were we?” He asked the voluptous young lady he was with. He was suddenly hard again.


Eddie was just putting finishing touches to a computer programme he was working on. It had been such a long day but there was so much he still had to do. He checked the time on his phone lying on the bedside table… 10:21pm. He knew he should be asleep but he just couldn’t tear himself off what he was doing so he toiled on. He reached for the coffee beside his bedside table and took a sip from it. As he put down the cup,he heard a gentle knock on the door.
“Come in.” He said without looking up from his laptop.

The door opened and he heard Andrea’s voice as she said “Hey,honey.” Then the door shut.

“You know you should be in bed,dear.” He was starting to say. “What are you still…” As he looked up,he held his breath. Andrea was dressed in the sexiest outfit he had ever seen. Talk of see through lingerie,he could almost see through her and she was wearing extremely little under. He suddenly didn’t feel like working anymore.

“Well,honey,I’m actually headed for bed. Your bed” She said in her most seductive of voices as she walked towards the bed.

“You know,babe,if this is a party,I have this gut feeling I’m overdressed for it” he said even as he put his laptop away.

“You bet your nerdy ass you are” Andrea purred sweetly. “But you can trust Nanny Andy to remedy that you naughty boy”
She got on the bed as she took off his glasses and proceeded to take of his robe as he kissed her neck.

“Why are you so decked up in bed,Eddie? You remind me so much of an Eskimo.”

“Hmmm… So,Nanny Andy,would you prefer the birthday suit then?”

“The birthday suit suits me just fine,Eddie.” She whispered in his ears. “Pun extremely intended.” She added.

“Will that be P-U-N or P-O-R-N?” Eddie replied with a mock disappointed look on his face. “My heart couldn’t handle it if it’s the latter,you know?”

They both giggled as Eddie stripped and somehow,her robe went missing too.
They were now in each other’s arms,cuddling,necking,touching. Andrea moaned softly as Eddie nibbled gently on her left earlobe. Then they kissed deeply and Eddie thought he was gonna go crazy. Every moment with this lady was amazing and he felt like he could eat her up. He kissed her lips some more,then proceeded down to her chin as he worked his way to her neck then he kissed and caressed her breasts. He lingered there for a while leaving Andrea dizzy with pleasure. Then he worked his way down as he caressed her beautiful flat tummy with his tongue. Then he began to work his way even further down…
Then the door flung open and there stood Sam. He was all naked and whatever it was that he rubbed on his body made it glisten like a wet marble under the moonlight. He was so rock hard and Eddie could have sworn he was looking at the largest manhood at full mast he had seen anywhere! Andrea looked in shock too and all she could do was to moan ‘Sam.’

“Hope I’m not too late for the party?” Sam said with a mischievous look on his face. “If I remember correctly,you guys seemed to favour a threesome so I thought to myself,why not? And from the looks of things,I’m properly dressed for this wild party.

Eddie and Andrea continued gaping at him with shocked looks. They couldn’t utter a word.

“I’m cocked,locked and ready to rock guys so make way for Rocket Samson!!!” Sam said has he ran and jump into their midst!

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9 thoughts on “ANDREA: Episode 9

  1. I always knew one of d two guys or maybe d two of them would actually cheat on andrea. Its almost impossible to be faithful in such situatn *u can’t have it all*


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