ANDREA: Episode 8


Co-written by: RebelKween

Andrea tried to get out of the hospital bed; she loathed narrow beds – another reason why hospitals were a no-no for her. The doctor was beside her in an instant, “Madam, please remain in bed. You cannot try to leave, at least not yet. We have to make sure you’re perfectly alright before you…”

“I don’t need you to ascertain that I’m perfectly alright, Dr… whatever!”

Sam and Ed were still standing there, dumbfounded. What on God’s earth was going on?!

Ed found his voice first, “Come now darling, you don’t have to be rude to the doctor. He…”

“Errr… I’m sure I asked this question a few seconds ago, who are you?” Andrea cut in before Ed could finish his statement.

Sam, at that moment, swallowed an imaginary lump in his throat and it felt so real. Real? Is this real? Like for real, Andrea can’t remember them? Oh wait… maybe there’s still hope for him. Andrea appeared not to remember Ed, but just maybe she’ll remember him… time to try his luck. Sam opened his mouth to speak…

“Cupcake, please try to calm down…”

“Do not call me cupcake! I hate cupcakes. And if you don’t get me out of this place right now I’ll go crazy!”

“You hate cupcakes?! Since when?”

“Oh Sam, isn’t that a very stupid question to ask at this point in time!” Ed almost screamed. Sam was about to respond when Ed cut him off, “It’s a rhetoric question, shell brain. There’s no need to answer!”

If there was another plate handy right now, Sam wouldn’t have hesitated to hurl it at Ed and he wouldn’t have missed this time; but Ed was the least of his problems. Whatever was
wrong with Andrea and her memory – THAT was the real problem!

Doctor ‘Timi cleared his throat.”Gentlemen and Madam, let’s all try to stay calm,” he turned to Andrea “Ma’am, what can you remember about yourself.”

“My name is Andrea Nnenna Metzger…”

“Metzger?” The doctor, confused, asked.

“Yes, Metzger. It means butcher. I have a German father and an Ibo mother. I am twenty-five years old…”

“Cup… ummm… Andrea, you’re twenty-eight. What on earth is wrong with you?!” Sam could not take it anymore.

“Sir… outside please”

“What! You’re sending me out?”

“Yes. Now. Please.”

As the doctor ushered Sam out while following him, Andrea and Ed could hear their muffled voices.

Ed only heard the word “Selective”, he put that and another word together. But how? Was Andrea seeking escape before now? Did she feel trapped in their marriage? Even if she did, he wouldn’t blame her; Andrea was a strong woman! He was sure it would be a task keeping two women, not to talk of marrying and keeping two men of different personalities under the same roof. Question now is, where would they start from?

Sam and the doctor walked back into the room, interrupting Ed’s thoughts. Sam had a grim look on his face, the doctor didn’t look exactly happy either.


“Doctor, I’m ready to go home now. If you’ll please discharge me and let my two wonderful husbands help me out of here?” Andrea seemed to be in the mood for cutting people short, and why not! Hadn’t her celebratory mood for their first Valentine’s day together with her men been cut short too, literally, considering her cut forehead!

“But… Doctor! I thought you said she had selective amnesia..!” Sam could hardly believe his ears.

Andrea laughed softly. “Don’t blame the doctor, Sammie. That was what I wanted you guys to believe. Or maybe I really had temporary selective amnesia… anyway, my memory is fine now. Eddie, could you please get my painkillers from the doctor? I’ll be in the car.” She walked past the three men, and out of the room.

The doctor raised one of his eyebrows. He was actually in shock at what the lady just blurted about having two husbands. The lady must definitely have a screw loose somewhere.

Sam knew without being told he was in trouble. The only time Andrea calls him “Sammie”, with or without a smile on her face, was when she was really mad at
him. He had that sinking feeling that this was gonna end up real bad but what he couldn’t put his finger on was how.

Ed was smiling, that was all he could do, for Andrea was indeed a jolly good wife and he was genuinely enjoying this drama. He knew Andrea extremely enjoyed her little drama too cos Andrea only
called him “Eddie” after she’d orgasmed; and this surely ended in such a climax.

Now to move on with the rest of their lives…

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7 thoughts on “ANDREA: Episode 8

    1. Hehehehe… That would have been the case but we’ve already spent 2 weeks tellin the Valentine story. That was gettin too drawn out and this is Lent period. Andrea and her guys gotta prepare for Easter naa… *winks*


  1. I always say it u’got a gud head on ur shoulder and a terrific mind too. I like ur creativity and I envy your courage cos it takes a lot of guts to air ur thoughts especially on d internet! Wish I have half ur guts, maybe I’ll be a Chimamanda in d making. Keep d ball rolling! You rock!!!


  2. Can’t wait for episode 9. But I want edible Eddie to win d girl *winks*. Don’t like dt silly Sam with his terrible temper. Kudos! Pls keep d ball rolling.


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