ANDREA: Episode 7

Co-written by: RebelKween


Red. One of her fave colours. Ox-blood red, even better.


“Oh my God! Andrea!”



“OMG, Andrea!” That was always Berachah’s first line when she was about to complain about something.
“OMG, Andrea. You’re such a drag. Don’t you get tired of red, it’s in everything you wear.” Bera was her
course mate and also her closest friend back then. She didn’t always find it funny that Andrea was crazy about the colour red. But seriously, what was wrong in obsessing over a colour; not detrimental
at all!


“Andrea, please open your eyes…”


Huh? Open her eyes? But her eyes were wide open… in another place and time, though. Struggling with this rather wide piece of fabric, trying to turn it into a curtain was such a huge task. She was trying to set
up and decorate a stage and oh! how she wished she had longer arms. Can’t see past the red curtain. Oh boy, such a drag! (like Bera would say)


“Look what you’ve done! I hope she wakes and doesn’t remember you anymore! You big buffalo!”

“Shut up, and let’s get her on the couch over there. Senami! Please hurry with the towel and bowl of water.”


Voices. Argument. Words floating, somewhere above her head. Wait, what was that pounding in her head…


Theo’s party. The music had been loud and the people were giddy; some with wine, others with excitement; many had come alone but were not going to return alone. At this party, even if you didn’t bring ‘omo’, you can carry ‘omo’ back home with you. It was one of her first jobs, she wasn’t exactly a professional decorator yet but she had managed to transform Theo’s large living room into a party space. It was too late before she realised that the mixed fruit punch had been generously laced with hemp. She’d had one too many cups, and now her head was pounding. She walked to the DJ to ask if he could turn down the volume of the music a lil bit. “Turn down the volume…”, she was saying.


“She’s saying something”, that was Sam. “Turn down the volume?” Confused, he looked at Ed and back at Andrea. “Cupcake, there’s nothing loud here, what are you talking about?”

“That must be the effect of your flying plate. Must feel like a disco club in her head right now!” Ed said, scowling at Sam.
“I think we should get her to a hospital.” They both looked back half-surprised. They’d forgotten Senami was standing, still holding the bowl not filled with bloody water. Amongst the three of them, they
had managed to clean out the wound on Andrea’s forehead. Looked like she might be needing a few stitches though.

“I agree. Senami, please help Sam get her outside, I’ll start the car.” Ed went to grab his car keys and dashed out of the house, shouting for Dogo to open the gate.


How she hated hospitals! The atmosphere, the smell… everytime she’d been summoned to a hospital, it was for bad news’ sake! First, she’d gotten a phone call, Bera had died at childbirth, she’d lost her
sister from another mother – it was an immense loss. Then her own mother had died too, years later… she didn’t even like to think about that. Finally on the list of dead people (so far), and more recently – if 3 years ago could be considered ‘recent’, her father had joined her mother. Orphan, and with a task to carry out without much of a choice, she’d had to marry. If a girl was to marry two husbands, then she had
the right to carefully choose, which was what she did. Sam and Ed. Two men that had nothing in common. Who wants similar men under the same roof, anyway! Where is the surprise and excitement in that! No regrets, for the choices she’d had to make. Even if it resulted in a deep gash on her forehead.
She was ready to open her eyes… but, something she’d heard Ed say earlier put an idea in her head.


“Hey look, she’s opening her eyes.”

“Oh finally, thank God.”

“Andrea? Baby, you ok..? Sweetie, we’re so sorry…”

Andrea raised her hand to her head…

“Ssshhhh, not so loud, gentlemen! The point is to ease the pain in her head, not compound it, I’m sure there’s enough time to apologise later.” That was the doctor.

“Miss Andrea, I’m Doctor ‘Timi. Can you tell me how you’re feeling exactly?” Andrea looked at the doctor… he was bald. Reminded her of one of her professors in school. She turned at looked at Sam and then Ed, they were smiling at her, a little uncomfortably though.

“Where am I? And who are you people?”

It was the second time Sam and Ed’s mouths opened in shock that evening…

To be continued…


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14 thoughts on “ANDREA: Episode 7

  1. Now I’m glad I ff, twaz wot it….menh Seems Andrea has finally biten more dan she can chew…anywaz I’m sure, I can’t predict rite again,else I would hav said,…she had lost her Memory !!!..I’d calmly wait 4season 8.


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