ANDREA: Episode 6

Co-written by: RebelKween

If there was a time in her life she had regretted opening her mouth, that was the day. She knew what was coming next if not carefully handled was going to lead to another St Valentine Day’s Massacre. As she stared into the eyes of her men, she could see a mixture of shock, disappointment and annoyance…

“Are you crazy???” said Sam. He was always the more vocal, the more likely to get into a rage and the boldest.

“Calm down, Sam.”  She had managed to respond.

“Don’t tell me to calm down!!!” He roared as he banged the table and everything on it bounced up and down again. The force and sound had jolted her out of some of the alcohol induced giddiness and she was sharper now. Even Eddie was visibly shaken. The wine bottle had fallen to its side on the table and the content was spilling out. No one moved to get it.

“I’m sorry, Sam” She said after she had recovered from the shock. “I never meant to piss you guys off. It was just a joke”

“A joke???” Sam roared again. But this time, he didn’t bang the table. Eddie slowly stretched his hand to lift up the wine bottle. No one else seemed to notice.

“Yes it was a joke. I guess I must have too much to drink. I’m real sorry” she said. She was beginning to find her voice again.

“Erm… It’s okay, Andrea. I just think you shouldn’t drink so much. That’s the ish with alcohol” Eddie had said.

Sam had turned to fix a murderous stare at him and speaking through his teeth addressed him; “And who asked for your opinion on this, Steve Urkle?”

Now Eddie could count how many times Sam had called him by name on his right hand. He always addressed him with the name of the funny looking and funny talking geek in the American sitcom; ‘Family Matters’.

“No one asked for my opinion and I don’t need an invitation.” He replied almost nonchalantly. “I was dragged into this situation just like you. Besides, I was addressing Andrea so what’s the big fuss?”

He pushed his glasses further up the bridge of his nose. He always did this when he was excited or in the middle of a meal he enjoyed so much. Andrea could tell how much Eddie enjoyed a meal by the number of times he pushed up his glasses up the bridge of his nose with his left forefinger. She really enjoyed watching him do that but right now wasn’t the right time. The way this was heading, Eddie might just get his glasses, his face and his left forefinger broken.

Sam smiled a menacing laughter. “You should learn to stay out of my biz…” He was saying but Eddie cut in still sounding bored. “And this is also my biz, dude. I’m also married to her just like you in case you missed the memo.”

Sam had this look on his face like he was gonna choke.

Eddie turned to look at Andrea with an amused look on his face. “You’re a crazy one, babe. That sounded crazy but it still sounds like a plan.” He winked and she smiled.

Sam got up at that moment, “I can’t believe I’m listening to this geek for crying out loud and it’s not your fault at all. One thing I know is that one of these days, you’re gonna be in my biz and I’m gonna…”

“You’re gonna do what exactly ,Johnny Bravo?” Eddie cut in while standing to his feet to meet Sam angry glare for angry glare. “You’re gonna do what? Thump me? Clobber me? Let me tell you something, doofus, I took martial arts classes when I was a kid. You’ll find out how far I went the moment you attempt to lay one of your paws on me!”

“It’s okay, Eddie” Andrea pleaded as she also got up to her feet to go calm Eddie down. How she hated to see him riled up.

“You talk to your Teddy bear. He’s the one who needs to chill.”  Eddie replied

At this point, Sam was shaking with rage that he could barely stay still. “I hope you’re happy with all these, Andrea?” Sam said between clenched teeth. “I hope you’re satisfied?”

“Chill out, Sam” Eddie replied. “Why exactly are you so scared of a threesome anyway? Tiny much?”  He then winked.

Sam could take it no more. He picked up the plate of his leftover food before anyone knew what was happening and launched it at Eddie. Andrea reacted before thinking as she instinctively moved to block Eddie and she took the impact of the plate of food squarely in the face…


Any guesses as to what happens next? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments section.

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7 thoughts on “ANDREA: Episode 6

  1. Sam: oh Andrea am sorry it was meant for that bonkos how dare he? I’m going for a ride!

    Eddie n Andrea goes into d room n have a steamy sex after bathing of course.


  2. …Adrenalin rush….lol…I guess d girl in d middle will calm ha big teddy-Sam, down…but mehnn, ur narrative is quite captivating, its dope ! wen is Epi 7 poping out?


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