ANDREA: Episode 5

Co-written by: RebelKween

Andrea was still in bed by 9 am and pondering over the events that happened exactly 2 weeks ago with a hollow feeling in her tummy. It was Valentine’s Day and the 1st she would be having with Sam and Eddie together as a family and she had decided that she would make sure she balanced it out so that none of her husbands would suspect she preferred one to the other.

She remembered sitting to think of what gift she could get for the guys for Val without getting them at each other’s throats. She knew she couldn’t get one a more expensive gift because that might indicate preference and too bad for her that the only thing the 2 guys seemed to have in common when it came to liking something was HER. Eddie liked technological toys, Sam liked sex toys. She could get Eddie a brand new phone and a card or something but she wondered what she could get for Sam to top that. If she had to buy shirts, she would have to buy a large number of them and it would look like she was trying too hard. She didn’t want that. She had a lot to do that day as she was going shopping for some fabrics and accessories. She was to deliver on the job the following week and time was running out. It sure is a heck of a job keeping up with these two men and her interior design career. Quality creative ideas required!

She had gotten out that day promising herself to think of what to get for the guys while working then get back to spend time with them.


She was too busy to even remember.


When she got back home around 5 pm that day, she was so spent but she had made up her mind she would be involved with making dinner that night even if it killed her. Senami had already started the business of making dinner so she rushed upstairs to bathe then came back to help in the kitchen.

Sam was the 1st guy home in the evening and he came in carrying some parcels. He had kissed her passionately at the door and handed her her gifts. He had gotten her a card, some assorted chocolates, a 100ml Paul Smith Rose by Paul Smith perfume, a beautiful teddy bear which she immediately christened Ted & a bottle of wine for the occasion. She thanked him & rewarded him with a teddy bear hug & another passionate kiss. It was nearly 7 pm & dinner was almost ready. He went up to take a shower & by 7.30 pm, they were already seated at the table for dinner. They were having fried rice with well grilled chicken for dinner.

About 5 minutes later, Eddie entered carrying his own package, walked over to kiss her good evening and wished her a Happy Valentine Day. He knew better to say a word to Sam at that time so he simply dropped a beautiful card and 2 parcels beside her plate & sat down to dish himself some of the food. She had opened the parcels to find a box of chocolates & a brand new customised Blackberry Z10. She shrieked with elation before she could stop herself as she stood up to hug and plant a rich kiss on Eddie’s lips while Sam paid full attention to his meal. She was so happy with her gifts that she felt bad she didn’t get them anything. She decided she would make it up to them as they continued with their meal with an awkward silence at the table.

After 3 glasses of wine, she had felt a little light-headed and decided to try a joke that might loosen up the atmosphere. She had opened her mouth and with a few winks had said;

“Alright guys, what do you monsters say to a threesome after dinner tonight?”

Eddie almost choked on the water he was sipping and Sam dropped the forked chicken he was about putting in his mouth.

The two guys had looked at themselves in horror and then they both turned with a wide-eyed look at her, simultaneously they shouted…



So readers, what do you think the Valentine is gonna look like? Let’s hear your thoughts.

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7 thoughts on “ANDREA: Episode 5

  1. Arrrrggggghhhhh……. Boyz will be boyz, they are very likely to consent to a threesome jor.. When the next one due, eh?


  2. Arrrrggggghhhhh……. Boyz will be boyz, they are very likely to consent to a threesome jor.. When is the next one due, eh?


    1. It’ll be out later today,ma. And not every boy likes a threesome. A threesome involvin a guy and 2 ladies mite b cool but a threesome involvin 2 guys and a lady… Yuck!


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