ANDREA: Episode 4

Artwork by: ‘godz’

Co-written by: RebelKween


It was 25th November, International World’s Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. As much as Senami hated the days of her life before she was rescued from the claws of her stepfather and the doubts and accusations from her mother, she couldn’t quite keep those crazy nights out of her mind especially on days like this! It’s surprising how many women out there are beaten and raped on a daily basis but have to keep mute because of fear of disbelief, rejection and blame! Yes, blame! The general idea now is that it’s entirely the women’s fault that they were raped. But the most painful of all is the disbelief. Senami’s mother called her a liar and a witch the day she summoned up enough courage to tell her that her husband, Senami’s stepfather, comes to her bed almost every night gradually draining and robbing her of her self-worth and whatever belief she initially had that sex could be a beautiful thing.

However, 7th April,2006 was another day she would not forget. It was when she met her saviour, even though she was not saved immediately. Her mother had just fired the sales girl, so Senami had to be at the shop till they got a new sales girl. Boredom was the order of the day, well until this very pretty,half-caste lady walked in asking for a hundred things at once. Senami got her a chair and started to look for all the things she needed.

“Is there a place I can get a bottle of Coke around here or something?”, the lady asked.

Senami volunteered to go get her something to drink. After the lady had downed her 50cl Coke, she asked for a fruit store. A mystery this lady was, she seemed to have plenty things going through her head and maybe plenty other things she needed to do before the day was over cos she kept checking her wristwatch.  When she came back from the fruit store, she was looking even more tired than she was before so it didn’t surprise Senami when she asked permission to sit down for a little while for her dizziness to subside. Poor thing! Was she pregnant?

When she was ready to go, the lady thanked Senami for the hospitality and asked for her phone number.

“You can store my number as Senami Alade Market”

“Senami. Nice name. Maybe someday you can tell me what it means. You can store mine as Andrea. Just Andrea”, the lady said with a tired smile on her face.

Andrea had come back to the shop 3 days later to get some things, and gradually they had started to form a relationship. Senami was even able to open up to her about her stepfather, but all Andrea could do was to keep telling her to “hang in there and pray for a miracle”.

A miracle did happen, one night, when the evil stepfather came to her bed again and this time asked her to roll over. At first Senami didn’t understand what was about to happen, until she started to feel him push his male member against her anus. Senami jumped, out of shock and murderous rage. NO! THAT was one thing she would not let happen! Even if her vaginal virginity had been stolen from her, no one was going to rob her of her anal virginity, that was one cherry she wasn’t planning to pop, especially NOT by rape!

Amidst hot tears, she ran out of the house. It was 10pm and there was only one person she could call. At exactly 10:35pm, Andrea came to pick her up.


Senami was folding her clothes into a neat pile on the bed. She’s content with her present life. Andrea trusted her to keep the house clean and tidy; and even though she wasn’t sure she would ever fully comprehend Andrea’s reasons for keeping two husbands, even under the same roof, she understood that it was none of her business. She accorded respect to Oga Eddie and Sam the same way she did to Andrea.

She thought she heard a knock on the door. There it was again. She dropped the sweater she was about to fold and opens the door.

“Good morning, Senami.”

“Good morning, Oga Eddie.”

“I forgot that package I asked you to hold on to for me yesterday, may I have it now, please?”

“Yes sir.” Senami replied as she went into the room and came back with Eddie’s small parcel. “Have a good day, sir.”

Eddie thanked her and dashed out of the house again. He was getting really late for his presentation. This was one of the times he wished he could fly.


The door opened and Andrea stepped out of Sam’s room with her hair tussled and a contented smile on her pretty face. It had been just over an hour since she stepped in but she admitted to herself that it would have lasted a lot longer but Sam really needed his sleep.
As she was supposed to enter her room, she thought back at the events of the morning and suddenly remembered with a pained look that she didn’t even bother to wish Eddie good luck with his major presentation that that day. She felt deflated all of a sudden. She wasn’t sure one woman had what it took to meet up with all these demands that were put on her but it was too early for regrets now. She got into her room, picked up her phone and called Eddie’s phone.

It was switched off.

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