ANDREA: Episode 3

Artwork by: ‘godz’

Co-written by: RebelKween




Eddie stepped out of the house clutching at his bag and dipping his right hand in the right pocket of his trousers for the key to his car. He began to whistle “Fools rush in by Elvis Presley” even has he strode towards his silver-coloured, 2009 model Toyota Corolla. He opened the passenger door, gingerly put down the bag he was carrying on the seat,shut the door then walked over to the driver side opened the door, bent as he pushed a lever to open the bonnet. Still whistling to the tune, he checked to make sure everything was in order then he shut the bonnet; got into the car; shut the door; belted up, started the car and manouvered to drive out of the compound. He honked twice even as Dogo, their Republic of Niger born gateman who doubled as their security opened the gate for him to drive out.

Eddie gave a little thought to the events of the morning and decided he couldn’t be bothered with it all.

So he forgot Sam’s birthday…Big Freaking Deal! Besides, he had a hectic day ahead of him. His personal company, Syntax Incorporation was about to go National and if he played his cards well, it might just go global. He had a presentation at midday at Shell HQ and he was only 99% ready. He felt safer with 100. He had spent all night getting ready for this day even though he had to dedicate an hour into helping Andrea to upgrade her company’s website.

With a smile, he remembered last night. She was sitting on the couch and had her head on his shoulder. She had just showered and he could still smell the fruity fragrance of her shampoo. At a point, he was getting aroused & felt like grabbing her and making passionate love to her. The mood was just right and the atmosphere called for love making… but he had a lot of work to do. Business before pleasure was his watchword and Eddie was the kind of guy who couldn’t be effective in bed when he had a lot on his mind. So his beautiful goddess, Andrea would have to wait. She slept off some minutes after 11pm and he had to carry her to her bed. He came downstairs, picked her phone, went back upstairs to put it under her pillow…

His phone rang.

He looked at the phone screen, ignored the call and kept driving. It wasn’t even 9 am yet so he had a little bit of time.

All of a sudden, he remembered something! He swore to himself as he took a turning at a roundabout and headed back for home. He got to the gate of the house, honked twice, got down from the car & walked towards the gate as Dogo rushed to open the small gate.

“Welcome, Oga Edward” Dogo greeted with a slight bow. “Any problem?”

“No problem, Dogo” Eddie replied as he ran into the house. With his silent Loafers he took the stairs 3 at a time and he thought of Sam as he knocked on the door…


“The door is not locked.”   Sam shouted back.

The door opened and Andrea stepped into the room wearing her bathrobe, shut the door and then leaned on it even as she gave Sam a contemplative look.

Now from the moment she 1st set her eyes on Sam in her life, she wanted him. It was kind of strange because she knew she was very beautiful and she had guys dropping like a waterfall over her but there was something about the way Sam came across the 1st time she met him that she found fascinating. Even though he had always denied the action that led to their meeting, Andrea knew intuitively that the accident was not an accident but a well schemed and staged incident to get close to her and boy did it work! She liked very daring guys and Sam was very daring.

“So what brings the empress to my room” Sam’s voice interrupted her thoughts. She ignored the sarcastic tone and kept on staring at her husband.

Now when it came to looks, Sam wasn’t exactly Denzel, in fact he wasn’t close. In the looks department, he wasn’t even near Eddie who had a boyish, handsome look.

She usually thought of Sam as ugly in a desirable kind of way. He had a rather long face that tended to look moronic sometimes but from the neck down, he was a work of art. He worked out religiously and he was fit with a capital ‘F.’ He lifted weights and he had the physique. With broad shoulder, well toned muscles she just loved to rub, a slim waist wit well formed hairy torso & abs to match, Sam was a physical wonder. But it didn’t end there, it got better. Sam was a MAN! She wasn’t sure if he worked his manhood out too but that huge monster sure looked like it and what’s more? The guy had mastered the art of using it. The 1st time they made love, she swore to herself that she was never going to lose sight of this “baggage” or it’s carrier for the rest of her natural life. The thought of it all began to arouse her again and she moaned silently.

“What do you want, Andrea?” Sam asked with a sigh. “You know I just got back from work and I have to sleep now.


Eddie knocked on the door again.


“I am really sorry, honey” pouted Andrea as she advanced towards Sam “You know I can’t forget your birthday. I had a real hectic day yesterday so I slept off and only just woke up shortly before you came in.”  She sat at the edge of the bed as she cast a flirty look on Sam’s hairy chest. “That was why I didn’t call you at midnight.”

“It’s okay.” Sam replied.

“So am I forgiven?” Andrea wanted to know.

“Of cos you are” Sam assured her.

“I wish you a Happy Birthday, honey.” Andreas said. “And I love you so much”

“I love you too, babe” Sam said. “So can I catch a few hours sleep now?”

“On your birthday?” responded Andrea. “Hell No!”

“Please, Andrea.” pleaded Sam.

“Oh….kay” cooed Andrea. “But before I leave, you’ll need to unwrap your 1st present of the day…ME!”

Sam eyes lit up as Andrea climbed slowly to join him on the bed. This always drove him crazy… He knew that he could never be tired of making love to Andrea as long as he lived. He grabbed her & in one swift movement, Andrea was unwrapped. With her mouth in his, he reached behind her & the bra was off.


The door opened…


To be continued…

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