ANDREA: Episode 2

Artwork by: ‘godz’

Co-written by: RebelKween


Now Sam had just stepped out of the bathroom after a shave and a bath. He had taken time to properly brush his teeth then gargled some mouthwash to obliterate the taste of the cans of beer he had at work from his mouth. The birthday for him started a few hours before midnight. But how could his wife have forgotten to call at midnight? He lay on the bed to try to catch a few hours needed sleep…

He smelt her even before she knocked on the door. Even though it was tainted with perfume now but… Oh that smell…
Now it was true that like every other lady, Andrea liked her perfumes and she was quite selective of them and didn’t just buy anything off the shelf. But there was a way Andrea smelt that he couldn’t just explain. The closest he could think of was divinity. Yes! That had to be the word. Naturally,she smelt divine. If the angels in heaven had a smell,then Andrea had that smell. No matter the perfume she used,once it connects with the natural smell of her body, it changed everything… Divinity. He allowed himself to admit that there was a way Andrea smelt that he could never miss in a crowd. It was almost like… Telepathy. He remembered the 1st time he set his eyes on Andrea…

It was exactly 7yrs ago.

He went out drinking with 4 friends at a bar that afternoon. It was his birthday and he was treating them. They all just graduated a few months back and were really on a high. He was still on his 3rd bottle of Star when the most amazing thing happened. Now Sam had heard of angels,read about angels & talked about angels. He had even seen a few movies about angels. Being a hunk who took great care of his body by working out religiously, he had had his fair share of ‘angels’ too. But nothing prepared him for this apparition that seemed to appear before him. She had walked in with the official looking man and that was as far as he was permitting himself to observe about the lady’s partner. He had all his concentration on the lady. The way she sat down on the chair offered to her in the bar,her lovely,natural looking long hair;the face that would have made the goddess Athena green with destructive envy, the ample looking bosom which sloped into a flat tummy; long shapely legs which she crossed at the ankles & not the laps; she also, as is to be expected, had her lovely fingers well manicured. No wedding bands so that made it even more special. He was convinced what he was staring at should have be a live sculpture from Mount Olympus.

“Earth to Spacecraft Samson, Earth to Spacecraft Samson, do you read me?” Retorted one of Sam’s friend in his best imitation of a robot’s voice. The other friends laughed as Samson snapped out of his reverie.
“Hey guys,do you see dat mulatto over there? Sam replied. “The one sitting 11o’clock?”
“Oh you mean the one you’ve been gaping at? Of course we see her”. Another friend answered without even looking up from his glass. “We saw her the moment she entered the bar. All we had to do was follow your gaze & you’re seriously drooling by the way”
They all burst out in laughter.

There was a knock on Sam’s door.

“Hey pooh bear, it’s Andrea, may I come in?”

To be continued…

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