ANDREA: The Life Of A Polyandrist

It Begins…

It was one of those days you just wake up with this gut feeling that trouble lurks in the air. Not like it was a dark and cloudy morning,on the contrary,the weather was fine. So what about this particular morning seemed to bother Andrea so much?  Dang!!! It finally struck her so hard that it practically flung her out of the bed. She wore her pink slippers automatically but in a rush as she made for the door. She halted momentarily because it occurred to her she had forgotten something then she turned,rushed back to bed,raised one of her pillows,picked up her mobile phone and dashed out of the room again.
Sam was due in any moment from his night shift and of all things that could go wrong,she practically forgot to call him at midnight! It was Sam’s birthday and she should have… What was she thinking??? As she got to the base of the 5-bedroom mansion still rubbing her eyeballs,Eddie stepped out of the kitchen with a mug of coffee,planted a peck on her left cheek just as he whispered “good morning,sunshine” and walked to his laptop already open on the dining table.
“Good morning, Honey,” said Andrea “Did you know today is Sam’s birthday?”

“All I know is that today is Friday.” Eddie replied without taking his eyes off the laptop.

Andrea sighed and decided to call Sam. She pushed a button as she had his numbers on speed dial and went to sit in the living room while it rang. The phone rang but there was no response and Andrea redialled. Just as she was about to put the phone to her left ear,a tall hunk of a man barged into the living room.

“SAM!!!” Andrea screamed in shock. “I was just trying to…”

“Save it!” Sam snapped. “Don’t even bother. I need to go upstairs to freshen up and I’ll try not to forget to come down.”

As he turned away,Eddie said “Happy Birthday,Sam!”

Sam turned and gave Eddie the kind of look that’ll make even Medusa shed tears. Then he turned and walked away up the stairs to his room.

Eddie and Andrea both looked at each other speechlessly. Eddie was actually shaken but he broke the silence all the same.

“Looks like I’ll have to run along now. So much to catch up on.”

He hurriedly packed up his laptop in its bag,walked over to Andrea and planted a delicious kiss on her lips.

“You taste so much like yesterday, honey.” Eddie retorted as he stepped out of the house.

Andrea simply sighed. She knew it was going to be a very long day. It’s easier to manage 20 men at work than 2 men at home.

She stood up gingerly,walked up the stairs back to her room,shut the door behind her and she went to sit in front of her dressing table. She stared at her reflection eye to eye and with a defeated smile,she told an imaginary camera the truth…


“Oh Hi! I’m Andrea. Those 2 guys are my Husbands. And we all live under the same roof.”



Co-Written by: @rebelkween

Artwork by: ‘godz’

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6 thoughts on “ANDREA: The Life Of A Polyandrist

    1. Thanx babe! For once,you’re not picking on me for that obvious… You knw… *winks*
      I’ll appreciate you share the link wit ur friends. The series continues on Monday. S

      So what do you think of it all? The issue of Polyandry?


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