Why Cristiano Ronaldo is Sad

So the Fifa Ballon d’Or ceremony has come and gone with all the build up,the hype,the glamour and of course,the reactions.

You can also trust your favourite would-be world’s best conspiracy theorist to be at it again.

But that’s not why Ronaldo is unhappy. Not even by a long shot.

Wow!!! What a night! I’m really impressed. FIFA NEVER disappoints.
You expect something from them and they deliver big time.

When I saw the FIFA/FifPro list for the team of the year 2012,I was really gobsmacked.
I gotta hand it to Falcao that he was able to force himself into that “RealBarcafied” Cult. Real testament to his quality. Someone’s gonna lose his job at HQ over that though. Should have wheeled David Villa in!

From the list of ‘FIFA Eleven’ it was pretty evident that Galatasaray could have won the Champion’s League for all FIFA cared. Not even a player from the 2 finalists of the Champion’s League.
I’m not here to challenge the incredulity of that joke of a team. Or the fact that Platini might actually be whistling his favourite french opera tune to himself over the ‘victory of football.’

But that’s not why Ronaldo is not Happy.

Football was thrown into confusion last September when Ronaldo,after contributing with a brace,to the 3-0 mauling of Granada admitted that he was unhappy.
Immediately,there was a media frenzy!

Could it be because he wasn’t offered more money in a lucrative contract?

Could it be because Iniesta beat him to UEFA’s best player in Europe award?

Could it be because Hitman had still been unable to wipe Messi off the face of the earth?

He declared that it was none of these reasons and that the club knew the reason why.

All spotlight beamed on the club and they seemed to be as clueless as the rest of the world. Or so it seemed.

All this while,yours truly – that would be me – kept silent over it and decided to wait for the drama to unfold. And now,if you ask me,I got a pretty good picture why Ronaldo is sad.

I’m certain a lot of you probably figured it out already but for those who still haven’t,let me paint the picture to you as I see it. Please,don’t mind my brushstrokes.

Ronaldo… No Longer Feels Wanted at Real Madrid. And the Spanish Mafia is seeing to that.
If Messi is the greatest player of all time,it’s because his teammates see to it.
They work their socks off to ensure Messi is the greatest.
But Ronaldo… The dude has practically worked his socks off to become the best and his coach recognizes this fact. But it’ll seem that there’s a Spanish contingent who would rather see Gareth Bale dive ahead of the Portugese Narcissist for the Ballon d’Or. Sorry but the pun was intended.

Or how else can one explain the fact that after the staggering individual impact CR7 put into wrestling La-Liga and halting Barca’s dominance by scoring 7 goals in 5 clasico matches,our dear Casillas elected to vote for Sergio Ramos ahead of Ronaldo! I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the reason Mourinho has put Antonio Adan ahead of Casillas in the Goalkeeping order to make him feel a bit of what his country man must be feeling.

It’s now clear that even in the team,the Spanish contingent for whatever reason DID NOT want Ronaldo to win the title he wanted very badly so what chance did he stand with Messi who had the endorsement of every living soul in Catalunya?

And tonight,as his eternal rival climbed up the podium in his horrid looking polka dotted suit to receive his Ballon d’Or award,he relives the nightmare for the 4th year in a Row. Since he arrived in Spain.

And that,folks,is why Cristiano Ronaldo is Sad.

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