“The Journey of a Thousand Miles starts with one step” – Unknown.

I’m one of those that really appreciate the saying above. Truth really is,the best way to get to where you’re going is to at least make the first step by getting up and moving. Many have spent most of their lives still planning what to do without eventually doing anything.

I sat down today to think back at the last one year and before I knew it,without as much as my shoes on and just a flimsy t-shirt and my baggy shorts,I took a walk down memory lane. By the time I got back,I was full of appreciation. It was an emotional moment for me. I came back with a smile.

I remember telling a close friend of mine,@kaytde,a few years ago that I would actually like to write a book or something. I had a lot of stuffs running through my head and I needed to express myself and I remember his words to me that day and he uttered them in that characteristic way Kayode always speaks. He said: “Why not write then? With this your kind of mind you should think about it. Honestly”

Those words never left me. I knew it was something I wanted to do. But the question was HOW?
I didn’t even know what blogging was about 3-4 years ago and I’m not afraid to admit it. All I knew was that I wanted to write stuffs that’ll put a smile on people’s faces and I made up my mind I was going to get it done somehow and anyhow.

24th of November,2011 was a sad period in my life where I was just getting my head together. Here I was just 2months after committing my late dad who died 3months before to mother earth and having just returned from planning the burial of a very dear Uncle in Akure who died about the same time too. I needed a clear head and before I knew it,I had signed up to wordpress.com and I wrote my 1st blogpost that day. I wrote a naΓ―ve post about Akure.

From the outset,I truly didn’t know what I’ll be writing on next and but I knew I had to write and post. I always lived for the moment so I wait for inspiration before I write.

When I started writing,I had the help of @banky_writes,the self acclaimed writing engineer who took time out to read my posts and make corrections where necessary. He thought me the dos n donts of writings. I always look up to him and look forward to his approvals. He’s an award winning writer so you can appreciate the feeling.
Thank you @harhameeday for connecting me with him. You played a huge part.

I gotta admit,many of my earlier posts didn’t seem so brilliant or creative to even me but @MsYennie had this way of making them look like they were the funniest and most interesting stuffs she had ever read. She was usually the 1st person I send my posts to when I finish writing. She’ll then buzz to tell me how much she loves my writing and how much she laughed. I guess she was one of the folks God used to keep me going. Thank you,Yeni for lying to me all those times. Hey! It worked. πŸ˜‰

I was also friends with a couple of bloggers whose style I learnt a thing or two from; the sweetly crazy and daring, @rebelkween,the enigmatic and talented poet,@straightmi and the Ranter with the heart of diamonds, @toperants. My blogsite banner was designed by the ranter too. These ladies are special to me. Thank you.

As for you,@nittyoung,you promised we’ll do a writing collabo and I’ve not seen you. Wait till I catch you. Hehehe… Just kidding really. Some of our talks inspired many of my blogs. And I gotta admit here that some of my posts were intentionally to cheese you off. Hehehe… πŸ˜‰
Thanks for everything.

And so the journey continues and it’ll be a crime not to mention a man who I admire and I look up to from afar,the one and only @ALIBABAGCFR. He read and helped to retweet some of my blogposts and for everytime he did that,I got more than a thousand views on my blogposts. He’s been immense. I appreciate your humility,your time and your help. God bless you.

A few days ago,someone I barely know and have never even met except on twitter went through my posts and he described me in ways better than even I could have done. These were his words:

“@Blog_Aces strikes me as a child with a set of crayons, a big empty book and a head full of imagination. He writes about EVERYTHING!”

Seriously,@zebbook,I don’t know how to take this your description of me but it’s spot on. I expected no less from a poet. Thank you very much. His writings are awesome too. You don’t believe,ask Nasir El-Rufai. Yes! One and the same. Hehehe…

All in all,I wanna say thank you to all of you that have followed my posts and have taken time out to read them,comment on them or share them. I wish I could write the names of all involved,I really wish I could. God is though because he’s a rewarder. πŸ™‚

Truth is that I want to appreciate God almighty for keeping me and giving me the grace to even be writing in the 1st place.

Today marks my 1st Year officially as a Blogger so “Blogaces’ Posts” is ONE!!!

And considering the fact that I didn’t see beyond my 1st 2 posts,OVER 50 Blogposts later,I can say I’m thrilled and humbled. I can imagine if I’d continued to put it off,I may not have posted the 1st blog yet. I’ve come thus far because I even bothered to write the 1st word. So the last 1 year has been a huge Lesson to me. I promise to keep on improving and I only crave ur indulgence. Please,read when you can,get back to me and send to others. I’ll really appreciate it.

Last year feels so much like yesterday but here I am once again saying Thank you to you all.
Without you all,honestly,what’s the point?

For every handle I put up,please follow them if you’re on Twitter. They’re really awesome folks. If you need more awesome folks,I got loads of them. Holla at me.


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6 thoughts on ““BLOGACES’ POSTS” IS ONE!!!

  1. LOL! Congrats bro, this is only the beginning. Whatsoever your hand finds doing, do it well. People are watching, studying, appraising your works. See thou a man diligent in his works………….


  2. You cannot drive a car in ‘park’. You gotta put it in ‘drive’. I say that setting out is usually the major work. I’m glad you finally did. And see how far you’ve come?
    All I ask is that you keep writing. Words are powerful.

    And do publish your book in the nearest future.
    God Bless You dear.


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