What Do You Bring To This Ship Called RelationShip?

As I wrote the title of this post,I remembered this popular boat sayin; “All hands on deck!”

I’m waiting.

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7 thoughts on “What Do You Bring To This Ship Called RelationShip?

  1. A tricky one. Women will always believe they reserve the responsibility to remind men that the relationship needs to move forward and they(men) need to be the initiator of this ‘supposed’ direction. This shifts the responsibility leaving ‘men’ with more to bring to the table in a relationship & the ladies more like spectators/audiences with little to do but just to agree & applaud


  2. Lmao! Yes! ‘All Hands On Deck’… But remember the irony, the captain screams this into the mic but sits & observe as they sailors struggle to their post to perform in other for the ship to sail. The onus is on the men to perform/bring the greater part be it financially/emotional/physically to the table in a relationship.


  3. Well both parties need to contribute their own quota to d relationship. D financial,physical&emotional aspect sud be shouldered by both parties. Don’t rely so much on one party to sail the ship called ‘Relationship’.


  4. Don’t do what you won’t ordinarily do! Hard to obey, I find myself wanting atimes. But if you’re constantly barraged to do things you know you won’t ordinarily do, there is no better sign that the relationship is heading for the rocks.


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