What Do You Tell The Ladies?

And so it has been on my mind for a while but never has it been stronger than today.

For all you guys that have taken time out to read this,I want to tell you something here and now and whether you like it or not,it’s the gospel truth.
If for any reason,you’ve had the opportunity to read at least 1 novel in your life (I don’t care how you came across that novel or even the circumstances that made you read it) and you still have not read “The Godfather” by Mario Puzo,I hereby grant your babes or wives the permission to break up with you. And Yes,I said it!
Ladies,when you’re done reading this blogpost,ask your guys if they’ve read “The Godfather.”
If their answer is in the negative,with a little smile,quietly break up with them. They’re not good for you.
I said it!

How can a man not have read that Novel??? Leave ladies to their Danielle Steele and romantic Alice in Wonderland kinda books but for a Boy to complete his initiation into being a Real Man,forget Guinness,he needs to read “The Godfather.”

I’m not interested in if you’ve seen the Hollywood watered down version a hundred times. I’ll still score you Zero with a capital “Z” etched on ur behind with the sword of Zorro if you haven’t read that book cos the movie doesn’t count. No disrespect to Marlon Brandon,though. The movie is and will remain an all-time classic.
I can bet my last penny that all these guys sagging their pants haven’t read that Novel. You can’t read it and sag your pants.
That Novel is the most complete Novel ever written because there are a thousand and one lessons you can glean from that one Novel.

If there is a part of that novel I like so much and has stuck in my head,it’s the part where Sandra,the wife of The Godfather’s first son and heir apparent;Sonny Corleone,was having a chat in the kitchen with some of her friends and relatives. It was an all ladies affair. So she told them about the humongous size of her husband’s *clears throat* and how it was she found it rather painful making love with her husband cos of that size. She even stated clearly about being glad when the husband sleeps around with other ladies cos it takes his sexual pressure of her. Amongst all those listening and laughing with her was a certain Lucy,who had already conjured up a pix of the lady’s husband HUGE manhood inside of her.

To cut the long story short,Lucy eventually ended up having an affair with Sonny and it took the intervention of the Godfather,Don Corleone himself,to bring a semblance of an end to the madness but I gotta admit it got me thinking:

Do ladies discuss such sensitive issues with their girlfriends?

YES! They do.

Now,this is the main point for this post;

As a lady,watch what you discuss with your friends about your man. Don’t assume they’ll just sympathise with you,laugh over it and move on. Most ladies these days don’t have any qualms. They’ll move on alright but they’ll move on with your man in tow. So many ladies out there are ready to snatch your husband or boyfriend from right under your runny nose and running mouth no matter how bad or dangerous the guy is. Let’s not forget that Sonny was a well known gangster and killer.
To get you out of the picture,these ladies will play dirty and this includes using the secrets you shared with them about your man. Don’t be deceived but be guided. You’ll be the one on the losing side and the one to blame.
Don’t discuss sensitive issues in a relationship you want to keep with “the ladies.”

Learn fast that Secrets don’t exist anymore under this Sun.
The Ozone layer is badly depleted.

I’ll be writing more lessons from that Novel as time goes on.

Have a Lovely November.

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6 thoughts on “What Do You Tell The Ladies?

  1. true that! Tis a sorry situation we find ourselves in. some people have never read the Godfather….they deserve to be shot (with a paint gun)


  2. if you have your way you’d sentence every guy who hasnt read the book to life imprisonment, LOL! But I agree it’s a book every youngman must read, at least twice. It’s filled with many lessons about life but it’s remarkable that I have never thought of that scene in the way you wrote here, and damn, it’s a very important lessons for our young ladies. Dont goan be telling your friends how many times he made you cum last night #OkayBye


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