My earliest memory of a ‘Time-table’ was back then in Primary school when we were asked to recite it.
“Two tines One,Two; Two tines Two,Four…” We all chorused until we got to “Twelve tines One,Twelve;Twelve tines Two,Twenty-Four…”
Now that took some work. With all the cane-lashes on our heads and all the tears… It was some hard and painful process. I used to love the “10times” then cos it was pretty straightforward.

Then I got introduced to the concept of Examination Time-table shortly after and that was a different ball game. A ball game that lasted all the way from primary to secondary then SSCE then GCE then more GCE before I finally got to the University and more sacred Examination time-tables. The kinda time table that used to make our stomachs turn and our hearts skip. But trust me,that was one unifying time table.

But the Time-table that interested me the most,ladies and gentlemen,was the Meal Time-table.

Of course,that was the 1st timetable concept I got introduced to on my journey on this planet and I found it both challenging and interesting too.
It was like a constitution and God did I love that constitution.
Though there were days that used to excite me because of the assortment of meals on display (Sundays especially) and there were days that I wasn’t so crazy about (Tuesdays & Thursdays). Tuesdays and Thursdays always carry meals I don’t like. I’ve witnessed a number of Timetable amendment but those days still sucked. Luckily enough,we didn’t use to follow it to the letter as the months wore on. How I love flexibility.

Those were the days when I was a kid but even these days,I was impressed to find out some folks still use Time-tables and I’ve seen quite a number and I came to a conclusion… We Nigerians have a whack eating culture.
Okay,maybe I generalized a little but I’ve honestly looked around. I’m still trying to get my head round the idea of eating ‘BEANS’ for dinner! It scares you now you come to think of it,doesn’t it?
Some days are so amazing; Yam for Breakfast,Eba for Lunch and Beans and plantain for Supper. And of course,it’s a travesty to eat beans without garri. And you now come to ask me why I got a pot-belly? It’s not my fault,you can call it ‘accumulated cargo from my childhood.’
I don’t need anyone pointing out to me the need to work out. We’re not all called out to be Adonis,are we? Moving on.
Luckily for Nigerians,though,Kwashiokor isn’t deadly because we would have still been struggling to beat the 30million population mark. Yes,it’s that bad.

My idea for feeding is that breakfast should be light. We don’t want to feel heavy and sleepy at a point when we’re supposed to be at our best mentally or when we’re supposed to be listening to that lecture or sermon.
Lunch is permitted to be generous in terms of grams or kilograms depending on the kinda job you do. We don’t expect a bricklayer to haul all those bricks on a small bowl of custard and a couple of balls of akara,do we?
And supper is supposed to be real light too. So we can sleep without enduring a topsy turvy night. Some of us can’t even run from danger in our sleep. We have weighed ourselves down with our supper.

Now I’m not claiming to be a nutritional expert. I eat to survive so pardon me for not checking the Calories or Fats or stuffs like that. Our forefathers somehow lived for so long without checking all those so I’ll be just fine.

So what’s the point of this post… Simple: EAT RIGHT… TRY.

To all you born in November,you’re amazing. You rock like Olumo!

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8 thoughts on “TimeTable

  1. Old memories rekindled. Nice up. What a time table we used to have. Only functional the very first day. Hmmmm, I am a November. I gotta rock like Zuma!!!


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