John 3:16 – A Love Story

If there is one joy of Public Transportation,it’s all the drama that can ensue in it- Folks raining insults on the conductor and the conductor fighting back,some crazy stuffs some passengers do,some guys that come in to sell wonder drugs that seem to work for every ailment in sight & of course… Bus Evangelists.

I was really impressed with these folks because of their courage to come out to preach the word of God. They were either not ashamed or they didn’t show it. It wasn’t only in buses but different places where you encounter all these evangelists. They walk up to you to preach the Gospel… Or was it the Gospel? In retrospect,sometimes,maybe not.

The truth is that when I listen to some of these evangelists these days,I automatically switch off.
Now,it’s not like I’m a devil-far from it-but I don’t want anyone to change the image and message of Christ that I’ve come to believe in.
I’ve given my life to Christ so many times and there is need time and time again to do it but now I’ve realised my true drive which is actually the wrong one.

Many evangelists preach from the bible not the gospel and we are called to preach the Gospel.

What exactly is the Gospel? The gospel is the good news. What good news? The news that God LOVES us so much and he has made the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE (his son Jesus) so that we would be RECONCILED back to him eternally and not perish. (John 3:16)

Now that is the Gospel of Christ Jesus. The gospel driven by the greatest force… LOVE. (1John 4:7-11)

So many times,these evangelists go about preaching that you either accept Christ or you go straight to hell when you die… Even though that is the truth,I don’t buy that philosophy. I don’t buy that message. That is NOT the Gospel of Christ. The Gospel of Christ is the Gospel of Reconciliation. When you look at John 3:16 clearly,we see the driving force that led God to take the steps he took… “For God so loved the world…”
The Love God has for us is so inquantifiable, so immeasurable… That Love is the Gospel Christ came to preach. Read through Matthew through to John,that was the message of Jesus. The message of Love. Not the message of condemnation. The message of the Love of God.

Many these days go around preaching the message of condemnation,acting christian movies of damnation. It almost looks like a blackmail. Then you see people rushing to give their lives to Christ out of fear only to go take their Lives back after some days and when the coast is clear again. This is not so. This is not the calling. The gospel is not a blackmail like many make it out to be.
It’s purely a Love Story.

The problem is that many have used the gospel as a tool to correct some moral issues they are not comfortable with… to settle Vendettas. For instance,because they don’t like the fact a guy wears earrings,they now attack the guy to give his life or get condemned. Or maybe they see a guy in the midst of so many ladies,or the other way around,they move in for the kill with their own ‘Gospel.’ Issues like that abound (John 8:11)

That is why we have to Love God & understand the Love of God before we go out to preach as this is best tool for the Gospel. (Psalm 42:7)
How can we go about preaching this gospel without having the Love of God in us. We can’t tell this Love story if we don’t have the Love of God within us. It is just impossible. Deep calls unto the Deep.
That is the reason why we have so many messages of condemnation out there. Because these preachers either don’t Love God one bit or don’t understand the Love of God one bit. So their Gospel seems to lack power. (1Cor. 13:1)

We all have to pray to God that his Love will abound mightily in our hearts. And we have to pray for the spirit of Compassion and of Love for our fellow men. The harvest truly is plentiful (Matthew 9:37) so we,the labourers,must go and pass the right message across. That is the message of Love. More than heaven,more than earth,more than what we’ve gone through,more than what we’re going to go through,the most important truth of all… GOD LOVES YOU SO MUCH and he desires that you have a relationship with him.
God bless you.

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7 thoughts on “John 3:16 – A Love Story

  1. thank you so much. A Love story is an eye opener. God’s love is not about hell and brimstone but unconditional and undying love. Keep up the good work bro! Compliment of the season.


  2. God bless u my brother. Thanks for coming up wit dis kind of issue I hope many of dem will hve d privilege to read this blog. Compliment of the season!


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