My Reaction To Tonto’s Tracks


So after all the furore that was generated nationwide thanks to the release of Tonto’s much anticipated new singles,I’m not certain the reactions would have been different if Pandora’s box was opened again.

So I asked how the songs were and the answer I got were unanimous. That Tonto should never enter a recording studio again.
From what I gathered,the expectation people got was that the tracks were gonna be ‘soooo Bad,’ it was to be the next big thing after Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller.’
Indeed,the track was “soooo Bad” and that’s as far as it got.

I found it funny though cos I felt she looked like someone that should be able to cut it in music but then I thought again; is it possible for everyone here to be wrong? Or could it be everyone hated her that much that whatever song she made would be regarded as a hogwash?

I decided I was gonna download the song and listen to them open-mindedly.
So I asked for the links to the songs on Blackberry Messenger and I got enough from folks that were all too willing to dump their trash on me. (I’ve noted you all o!)
I did the download and I’ve listened to both songs and here is my candid & unbiased views on them starting with “It’s Ova” then “Get High”

From a musical point of view,I thought “It’s Ova” was actually not bad for a first track by a brand new artiste. Pardon me,considering all the vibes I’ve been getting online,I actually expected a song made from hell but it was quite better than I expected.
Even though I had to admit I thought that from Tonto’s part in that track,one would be forgiven for thinking she was the featured artiste and not the one who owned the song. She just moaned the chorus and that was that.
All in all,if I had to rate this track on a Scale of ‘anything from Vic O’ to Rasqie’s “Soji Uhn…,” I would put it firmly in the middle. I think it’s good enough for that so let’s move along.

Now,as I listened to the second track,I was like… MAN!!! I couldn’t finish it. Whatever did my ears do to me that I had to subject it to such bashing???
The only positives I could pick up was a few word-play but all in all,the rap(or whatever she thinks that was) was C-rap. The production… (Shaking my head).
I suggest she shops for someone that can write her good lyrics and while she’s at it,also shop for someone that can deliver the lines well.
That track was Full of Aws (Awful).
I’m not gonna put it on any scale. If she was high when she made that track,she couldn’t have been a pretty sight. A kindergarten full of empty tins,spoons and shredded nursery-poem books will make better music than that. Let it be a constant reminder why you should never smoke weed. I was low for a while after listening to a bit of that crack of a track.

And that’s my view from a Musical point of view. But I’m not sure Music was what was on Tonto’s mind when she released those tracks. But what do we have,her name now goes viral on twitter. Everyone on Twitter now know her. She has ‘sung’ herself back into recognition and I’ll say it’s a very cool move from her. That’s one of the Laws of Power; ‘Court Attention At All Cost!’.
Whether you get talked about for something brilliant or for something shambolic,as a star,you need to remain where people can see you hence the sense in this project.
Everyone is talking about her and even those who didn’t know who Tonto is now wants to know who her. She has gone Viral!
Brilliant move,Tonto… Very smart move indeed. You need to take your P.R. Crew out to Lunch. As for that folks who produced your songs… Off with his Head!

All in all… Kudos to Tonto Dikeh

That’s my take on it folks. Keep listening to the track till they grow on you. Hehehe…

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8 thoughts on “My Reaction To Tonto’s Tracks

  1. Hehehehehehe! You know, she reminds me of Kenny (St. Brown), couldn’t sniff a thread of musical talent in her but she stayed on the scene for so long.


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