Hope you’re comfortable,Dad?

“You can never hide behind a finger”

That was one saying I will always remember my dad for. It took me a while to understand it but I finally do. Clearly as a matter of fact.

Just a little over a year ago,August 26th to be precise,the country was rocked by a shocking news of the bomb explosion at the United Nations building in Abuja. I was so angry with the maniacs responsible and with the Government for being so helpless against them. But I never envisaged that I got one more shock coming that day because that was the day and indeed the night the cold hands of the grim reaper snatched my father away.

Even though some evil people raised their heads,good still overcame at the end of the day and my Papa; Clement I. Aishida was sent on his final journey on the 30th of September,2011… Exactly a year today.

That morning,there was a threat of heavy rainfall that morning and indeed a mild downpour but we still continued the process of sending him home and the rainfall wasn’t able to wash away the tears from our eyes cos the family had lost a fighter that fought for us and indeed fought till the very end.

Dad,it may seem awkward and in retrospect very painful that I never got to say ‘I Love You’ but I really do. Those of us you left behind still feel the pains and we know we’ll be united again.

Once again,Rest in Peace,Daddy.

To the Memory of Engineer C.I. Aishida.
(Survived by a wife,3 daughters and 2 sons,grand children etc)

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10 thoughts on “Hope you’re comfortable,Dad?

  1. I too lost ma grandma in the early hours of today. Now I can say wit sincerity of heart, I understand how you felt and still feel. Luv u grandma…., sorrow luks bak,worry looks around buh faith looks ahead…, I choose to lay ma grief on the character of ma faith. Hope you’re comfortable grandma.


    1. @amosun. Awww… I’m so sorry about your grandma. Pls,accept my heartfelt condolence. May her soul rest in peace. Pls,be strong and may God comfort ur family. Amen. Thanks for the thoughts.


  2. Beautifully written. I join my faith with urs in believing he is comfortable where he is. Indeed, we can never hide behind a finger. Those are definitely words that can only come out of a wise man.


  3. U r right, he was definitely a fighter, a good man, a compassionate critic. I remember he encouraged me to pursue and build my engineering career. May his soul rest in peace, and may God forgive all his tresspassees; Amen


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