WOW… EWWW….!!!

So,I gotta admit I’m under pressure to post another blog by some of my more consistent followers but I’m a bit stuck cos I’m debating if I should post some of the comments I received on my last two blogposts and then have us all thrash out the issues with your inputs welcome. I assure it’ll be most educative but let’s keep our fingers crossed. Meanwhile, is a site you might wanna look at.

To satisfy those that want to read something from me this week,let me gist you what happened some weeks ago. I’ve already tweeted this story to my followers on twitter but I feel I should blog about it. I don’t know why but it’s just what I feel like writing about.

Now that I think of it… Eeeeewwww!!!!

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22 thoughts on “WOW… EWWW….!!!

  1. Kayode Aishida, U are not well @all. Haba!!!!! My dad is a huge fan of ur blog… You need to see him rolling. Hope u have learnt your lesson. All dat glitters is not GOLD…..Eeeewwwwwwww!!!!!!


  2. Buhahahahahahahahahahahahaha. When you mentioned her raising her arm, thought it was the armpit that would be revolting. But to have her dig way into her nostrils? OMG! Hahahahahahahaha again.


  3. Lmao! WTF… Searching for gold in broad daylight! Who does that.. Imagine your boss is like “hey, how come you’ve been late to work…?” I guess you be like “you know,stalking the purple dress girl that picks her nose in public” lol…


    1. sympathy ko? serves you right for expecting to GET IT ALL……lol! just pray your boss doesn’t catch this story, else……………………..


  4. Please confirm to me it was a thursday morning. U remb its for market environmental ba? D poor exquisite lady might just have been ensuring all d gutters n tinz are clean n prepared for anoda day of…would u now blame d poor lady for dat? But come to think of it o, u r d unnice 1 n she d victim, u sud av bin a gentleman n handed her a shovel or something, instead of allowing her all dat rigor. Kai! Only God can judge dis matter o!
    Nice 1 bro.


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