How to stay SUCCESSFULLY married to a Nigerian Woman.

Hey,peeps! Well,I promised this so here I am. I told you I’ll be writing a sequel to my last blogpost and for as many as are reading this and that haven’t read the prequel,this is the link…

Get the Book.

I’m an Event Planner so I get to see first-hand the sparkling look in the eyes of couples on their wedding day. Let’s make it last a lifetime.

I would also like to plan that wedding or yours. *winks*

God bless our homes.

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26 thoughts on “How to stay SUCCESSFULLY married to a Nigerian Woman.

  1. Even if yu write something like ‘How to eat with spoon’ I tink I wld still love to read thru. Nice one dere broda! I just hope our men can read n digest dis n put it into good use…tanx for shedding light into areas dat need tackling! Keep up d good work!


  2. This is the most useless piece ever circulated. This is the reason why the numb of broken homes are on the increase. Women wants to be treated as women without accepting responsibilities of womanhood.
    Submission is the key to secure luv from a man.
    The bible calls a man the LORD over a woman.
    While iam in support of some points raised, its obvious the author of this piece is a woman that must have been tutored in the past not to be a man over a man.


    1. Dude, you’re obviously smart (every possible sarcasm intended) enough to think your idea is superior to others’. I wonder what your wife is suffering at home. Let me correct you a few:
      1) Submission comes easy with respect. Your respect for your woman only shows your respect for yourself, since the Bible describes your marriage partner as member of your own body.

      2) It is lord not LORD. Might I also remind you the same Bible mentions loving your own wife as Christ loves the Church to die for her (Church) and present her to Himself pure, without blemish or wrinkles. Ephesian 5:25 – 33 That right there, is respect, love, care, attention rolled into a few verses. But I bet you skip that over when you read, right?

      3) The author of the post is a man that understands that each one of us as individuals we’re part of a whole body which can’t function optimally when one part is not well. So, for our society to work the family unit should work, for family units to work, marriages have to work well.

      And yes, I am female… direct every protest to @Im_a_MARVEL, let’s get you tutored.


    2. dude, if u have a contrary opinion, then write ur own blogpost. dont deprecate the effort of someone else. I am in agreement with the views of the author, so take ur sarcasm to Gani Fawehimi square!


  3. @Kayode!! Its a pity that you would even dream of calling yourself LORD!!! I’m pretty sure the bible was not refering to you when it said that the man should be the “lord” over a woman!!!!!! *Smh for you*

    I think this piece is fantastic!!!!!! It says it all!!! (Well, maybe not all sha…lol)… Kayode, you might want to find something else to be LORD over!!!

    @Oluseyi..Thumbs up girl!!!!!!!!!


  4. Ask for Chimezie Okonkwo. He’s my fiancee and he does all these. I’m very proud of him and I pray it stays that way when we get married. Yep he’s my superman. Great write – up.


  5. Nice shot. You write quite well, very lucidly, eloquently and precise. But… I hope I won’t be forced to accept all your ideals and ideas as the gospel truth. Because I see some die hard fans of yours figuratively tying folks to the stake and burning them alive for expressing their candid view with respect to your writeup.
    A word:
    Let’s learn to attack issues and not persons.


  6. Nice one kay….smh 4 sme guys,I knw ur ego wnt allow u learn one or 2 things frm dis piece,”LORD” my foot,keep mkng ur wife ur doormat while another man is learning how to make her his queen,mscheww..African Men wif black minds*not interested* God bleSs u jare kay *hugss*


  7. Tell it bro! Nigerian men expect perfection in their women while forgetting its a two way street as a couple. Expectations go both ways. Now y’all have heard it, please start acting it. Fantastic as always Kay!
    and by Kay i mean the blogger not the close-minded dude who unfortunately chose to reply………lol!


  8. Not 2 bad a story kay bt sincerely my opinion,ur giving 2 much of credence 2 d woman folk n asking d man 2 give damn 2 much just 2 satisfy his woman! Ayo ni obirin ma fin bakan je ooooo!


  9. OluSeyi Falufosi (@Im_a_MARVEL) —– Uhmmmm… Honestly, if you think Ace was right in all that was written.. Then i pity you.. @Ace.. make i no talk cos cos cos cos….. haba, who give u Efo chop?


  10. Great Piece Kor.. Grear Piece Ni… If una follow wetin dis dude write.. Omo! Una dey plot the downfall of una marriage be that.. Make una no forget sey na Naija we dey ooo and CULTUREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE really would take the lead.. Haba @Ace, why you dey mislead our ladies huh? Am sure u go talk sey make we dey wash our ladies pata in your next writeup… #YEYE… Make una no get me wrong oooo… We men must treat our ladies right and love them but na una hand(women) the thing dey gan gan..


  11. Hmmmmn.
    Let me start by saying that i believe that every marriage is unique n different,n only d two pple involved know exactly how best to make it work for them!
    The way a man treats his woman depends largely on his character n personality. The average African man is not romantic n the earlier we accept this,the better.
    There is also the issue of the way a woman wants to be treated,n this depends as well on her character and personality! If we r honest,we will admit that what we say we want n what we really want are not always the same. In an age when a woman’s worth is still judged, especially by fellow women, by how good her soup tastes, n her success by how big her husband’s car is, i think we r still a long way from being d night clubbing housewives Kayode describes. Your neighbour will b sure to inform ur mother in law, n u just wait till she hears,lol!
    Generally,i feel this piece is good enough when we consider only the points he raised – the problems starts and ends with his examples! Even if as ‘modern’ women nowadays we wish we kld go thru a time vortex n emerge at that point in civilization where our western contemporaries are at, its not going to happen so we shld b able to accept n appreciate those little improvements from the days of our forefathers, n hope that our children, or maybe their children will someday live this fantasy of equality between the sexes.
    That said, i am very pleased to inform you that i recently got engaged to my boyfriend of 5yrs. He is and does all these amazing things and so much more – @ Twentea yes he does my laundry too!*tongue out*-, and yet, he is lord over me and i like it!!!


  12. @Mariam… Lovely piece i must admit but common on.. doing laundry is optional, maybe you gave him the best sex ever.. *that must have made him do that* or He closes from work early enough that his energy never got zapped while at work and by weekend he doesn’t need to rest cos he was jobless.. * Just giving reasons dear.. and not insulting anyone here and please don’t take it P.. *A man that think deep don’t do laundry(i mean washing of PATA).. I repeat *THINK DEEP*.. *Unless*————— (Meaning their are reasons to why he would help out).. And for him to have engaged you and you dating him for 5yrs shows you got the attribute of a real African woman that knows the truth. You writing this Lovely piece shows you have what it takes to make your marriage work….. I wish you the best @Mariam


  13. Nice piece…loved the bit about guys drawing the line for their wives with their family…can’t be overemphasized…that is one fight you should never leave your wife to fight on her own (there really shouldn’t be a fight but if there is…)


  14. No hard and fast rule. Let’s not get too academic about this marriage ish. The key thing is LOVE. Once it exists in its truest and most sublime form, all other things will fall in place. Let each partner listen to the rhythm of their hearts and fashion out what works for them in accordance with the peculiar circumstances of each union. Period!


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