How to stay SUCCESSFULLY married to a Nigerian Man.

… And the gangsters pumped bullets at The Mask even as the ever grinning prankster danced and wove in a comical attempt to dodge the bullets. When the gangsters had emptied their magazines,The Mask,with that famous grin of his asked,”Did you miss me?” then he took a sip from the Soda he was holding. As he drank,the Soda gushed out from different parts of his body.

For as many that has never seen the movie,”The Mask” played by Jim Carrey,then you need to go watch it. That movie has it all. It’s Smoking! Real funny. But you guys get why I picked this part of the movie,don’t you?

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27 thoughts on “How to stay SUCCESSFULLY married to a Nigerian Man.

  1. guess u r 100% correct,am married and i concur totally, only if our wives can follow this, guess divorce rate wil reduced or even be eradicated


  2. Nice one Kay. I want to add that women should also exhibit some independence, emotionally. A woman shouldn’t build her joys around her man only. I once had a gf dat tired me out. If she doesn’t see or hear from me she couldn’t funtion. She wanted to call me 100 times a day, she wanted to start living with me. Infact, if it was possible my mouth will be permanently in hers 24\7. I had to run for my dear life!


    1. Yeah, a very cogent point…you should be a person on your own and not look to the guy for identity…he might enjoy it for a while but will definitely feel weighed down at some point…


  3. Love is reciprocal. Many Nigerian men are not worth all this stress u have put up on ur ‘list’ and I doubt u practice 1/10th of this list cos it sounds like ‘sucking-up’ to me and not marriage . The best way to a successful marriage, Nigeran man or Not is mutual respect, proper communication and finally lots and lots of prayers. Women need not ‘conive’ their way to their husband’s heart. With that said, I wish y’all a successful home.


    1. @Zee. Good day. Really appreciated your comment on my blogpost and I agree with the points you raised. I must add dough,that sometimes,prayer isn’t just enough. We have our roles to play to make our marriages work. I know there are so many irresponsible men out there but you’ll agree with me that not all ladies are exactly saints. I wrote that blog with the mind that every lady would look at it from a personal view and how it’ll relate to her relationship and not take a general view of it.
      Having said that,I must add here that I agree with the fact that it’s not only the ladies that have a part to play so I wrote this piece knowing a sequel is inevitable. I’ll have a message for the men too in a few days and I’m afraid they’ll be gettin a lot of knocks from me. is my blogsite. I’ll appreciate if you stay tuned. You could read previous posts of mine while at it.


  4. i laugh in greek. this long list here ehn, reads like what you’d recommend a dog do to retain the love of its master. i swear the woman you describe here is more an object than a person. i tire. where did u say u got ur lessons from again?


  5. Hi,
    Just wondering, how do u pet a man when u’re mad @ him? And
    2. If thr’z a fundamental character flaw, will doing d above mentioned improve things. For instance, if he isn’t a go getter, disciplined & focused, can duin d above mentioned turn him in2 a better man.


    1. @bdiva. 1st of all,let me state here that this article hasn’t stated that a lady can’t air her grievances. Do you know what it means to NAG? There are ways you can talk to your husband or air ur grievances or even displeasure without Naggin him. It’s your job to find that way. Is he more receptive after a good meal,or after a shower or after his team wins a game? Find that time and exploit it to your advantage. That is the power you wield as a woman. 2. If as a woman,you end up marrying a man who has no focus or who isn’t driven,then you’ve not done your job welll and you have yourself to blame. Trust me,he won’t just lose focus or be less driven just becos he got married. The signs wld hav been there way before he married you. And if you think it started after he married you,then you need to ask yourself how come. Speaking as someone who respects the sanctity of marriage,you have to make the best of whichever you find yourself. Thank you.


  6. Nice article. But I’ve heard a lot about wives keeping their husband. Are husbands the only subject. Wondering what happened to how to keep your wives and hw to love them. It’s all about men’s sexual satisfaction but from my recent survey,majority of husband don’t also satisfy their wives sexually. Must women always be neglected or is it the African thing.


  7. Yea i must say that its good to trash issues people tend to shy away from when it affects them(i may be one Lol).The point i dont agree with is the felatio thing?hehehe a decent man wont ask that and a decent woman wont give it. moderation is good says the bible even in sex man, me no like wildness. my view but nice work.


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