The Red Mist…

Let me cut to the chase here… I wanna give you guys what I’ll call an IQ test. I’d like to know which of my followers indeed have an IQ and which has a QI(Questionable Intelligence). For those of you that don’t know what ‘IQ’ means,I’d suggest you should simply stick with “QI” because you’ll feel more at home with it.

Now,study the Broadcast message that I’ll be putting up below and answer the test questions that follow:

“It has just pass across that we should not put on red dress tomorrow or anything dat contain red,either shoe,shirt,trousers,pant,shirt,glasses,head warmer,boxers,cap, e.t.c.they will not use our blood to redeem is truth oooo!please re-broadcast this to save others…Frm d redemption camp..plss obey”

1) What was the first thing that crossed your mind when you read this?

2) What would be your immediate reaction after reading this?

I mean,how can… You know what,let me simply say that some folks on my blackberry messenger have really disappointed me.
I didn’t know how serious this crap was until I witnessed something on my way to work this morning.
Two traders were pointing to a beautiful lady who was walking past,she was wearing a lovely RED blouse. They were saying to themselves that “look at that one,didn’t she hear that nobody should wear red today? That’s how children of these days behave…blah blah blah.”
I mean these women can’t tell a Blackberry from a calculator and yet,somehow,they heard and bought into this nonsense.
So I wear a Red shirt,some blood sucking vampires will be out to hunt me,abi? No red boxers or scarfs,abi? I should drop my red phone at home because of this message,right? Does it make sense? You guys should give the descendants of Dracula more credit naa!
I can see all those of you that helped to broadcast this already ashamed of yourselves.
So,an idle “someone” will compose a stupid message(trust me,I’ve seen worse) for the heck of it and a “someone else” like you and I will read it and think it’s sensible enough to share?
Now,I’m not against Broadcasts, I send them too. Or how do you expect a blogger like me to advertise my blogposts? But I’m for sanity in our Broadcasts.

If you want to market your services,you can Broadcast it.

If you have an inspirational message you want to pass across,you can Broadcast it.
If you have a great joke you wanna share and you’re certain it’s worth it,please,feel free and Broadcast.

If there’s a job opening that we all should know about,I’ll be glad if you Broadcast that.

If he bought you a red shirt on Feb 14th and he collects it back on April 1st claiming he was just fooling with you,you can,please,DON’T Broadcast it! We don’t wanna know,so spare us.

What I’m saying is this,I know Broadcasts are the burdens we Blackberry users have to bear but before you forward a Broadcast message,that is if you really bother to read them,make sure you take time to at least make sense of it and then verify it. If it’s worth sending,you can try. If you don’t get this done,please,don’t bother pushing the panic button.
And if you’re one of those that take joy in starting this kinda crappy jokes and lying on reknowned ministeries to make it look more credible… God is watching you.

That’s off my mind and the Red Mist around me has been dispersed.

You can Broadcast this Blogpost (winks).

See ya later!

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8 thoughts on “The Red Mist…

  1. Nice one Kay. Broadcasts are really a burden we ļ£« users hv to bear. But one thing I don’t get is why social media has really made a lot of us dumb. These broadcats are becoming more ridiculous by d day


  2. Well said.
    Unfortunately,the cumulative effect of all these moronic broadcasts and re-broadcast is the blunting of affect of most of the readers such that people then begin to take the serious/genuine broadcasts with a pinch of salt. For all you know,an individual with an IQ of 180 may be behind them all BUT in this case,his intelligence is channelled on a negative trajectory.


  3. Well said.
    Unfortunately,the cumulative effect of such broadcasts or re-broadcasts is the blunting of affect of the vast majority of the readers such that people begin to take serious/genuine broadcasts with a pinch of salt. For all you know,the broadcasts could have originated from someone with an IQ of 180(Yes!)who sets out with the mission mentioned above. Obviously,such mental energy has already taken a negative trajectory. We can choose to be wise by doing the simplest things- at least,by NOT DOING ANYTHING(to such broadcasts)….


  4. Loool,I’m jst gonna applaud d guy who drafted d msg,cos he succeeded in mkng sme pple aw foolish dey were to av broadcasted dt mssg..May God giv dem all wisdom like dt of solomon nd increase dier IQ*wink*


  5. I hope i one day come to understand how and why anyone with a brain in his head can believe such a ridiculous msg. i guess some fellas deserve to be deceived


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