Fast fast joor!!!

Before anything else,I’d like to wish my muslim brothers & sisters Ramadan Kareem. I hope all what you pray for come to pass. In view of that,I need you all to pray for me that my blogposts become international best-sellers.
Of course it’s possible. Yes it can.

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6 thoughts on “Fast fast joor!!!

  1. Kayode, is jus somefin else. I am reading dis piece inside d BRT on my way to work. I dint know wen I started laffin out loud dat everybody in d bus had to turn arnd to ask what d problem was. Nice piece here. U are jus a clown. After queueing for almost an hour to get a BRT to Lekki from Oshodi, dis piece of urs has melted all d anger inside me. Keep it up bro.


  2. Hey…I don’t know u personally so i really can’t say wat u r like as a person,but ur piece… I’m sure d idea u had was a good one,n yes, u were trying to get ur sense of humour across to us. But if u r trying to write a blog that’l become world famous like u say u desire to,u r going to have to improve drastically on ur style. Even as its a comic piece, u have to be able to make it sound better than smtn u r narrating to ur friends, n leave out lines like ‘from like 4pm ehhh,it’l now look like…’ That is neither proper english nor pidgin english!
    Enough of the negatives,yes? I was born n raised in a muslim home so i completely get what u r talking about here *smiles*. Nice…


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