Hey Bisoye,didn’t I tell you I was going to write about this? Well,I’m keeping to my word. Thanks for that lovely chat.

And I’m not sure I’ll be writing this piece without you,Eniola… You inspired this. By the time I’m done here,you’ll understand.
Let’s get to it,shall we?

For those of you already dreaming about making billions off what I’m about to write about,I’m sorry I’ll have 2 burst all the 9 bubbles (let’s see who can figure that out)

You’ll get this in my book.

Our ladies don’t have to die. Just follow this golden rule.

I hope you ladies know I love you so much.


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16 thoughts on “A WOMAN’S LIFE-SAVER

  1. LOL!!!! This is soo true… Shopping is so much fun but not for everyone sha… For me its Shoes that get me that excited x_x

    Save my life today…. Plssss take me shoe shopping 😉


    1. @ dramaqueen what on earth happened to Sphagetti, macaroni, leggies, handies etc. Don’t tell me u wear shoes on ur face, body and legs!


  2. very true dear, yet to find a woman who hates shopping especially for herself and at someone else’s expense..: ). we love you too,…….kisses!


  3. ˚☺k º°˚…….I’m a lady,buh I’ll rada prefer sum1 do D̶̲̥̅̊ shoppn for M̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ !I’m lazy like that…..*rme*


  4. Wow! Kay,I can’t bliv u remember dt day. U’re r sumfin else u knw dt n u ended up eating witout me cos dr was no plaintain or so. *lol*
    This is really a cool stuff tho.fanks


  5. Wow Loooool. Very true. I could shop all day without eating plus I dance whitout music whenever I get new things ….every gal loves shopping!!! Nice one kay. Very nice


  6. Lmao….. Kay u re very funny. Gud example, especially d ”Popeye” thing, Wat do u expect? . Anyways jus keep d campaign tin going o… *lol*


  7. That lady is ME!!! I love shopping and I call it my opium. Once I feel low and I have enough money,I hit the supermarkets, boutiques, open air markets – name it – I’m rejuvenated!!! It just feels so great to be able to shop when one has money 🙂


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