Let me start by asking a question; Have you ever gotten to your destination after a very sunny day feeling hot and all energy sapped out of you and someone who can’t be less than a divine being hands you a ‘CHILLED’ glass of water?
You won’t exactly appreciate that gesture until you feel the cool water cascading down your throat,jump-starting every fibre of your being back to life.
For me,I feel refreshed and revitalised like a phoenix out of a fire and I usually whisper my thanks to whoever that being was that invented the Refrigerator.
I usually argue that the Refrigerator IS the best thing made by man. It has saved my life so many times for me to feel otherwise but when you get to really settle down to think about it,you’ll realise that so many things are just as important so here I’ll list my top 10 things to be made by man from the ‘Least’ to the ‘Most’ Important. This is strictly my opinion.

TOP 10:

Let me know what your Top 10 is. And also,let me know if you want me to write my Bottom 10.

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10 thoughts on “TOP 10 THINGS MADE BY MAN.

  1. I’m grateful for MUSIC. I have playlist for various activities especially cooking!!! And I’m also grateful for SOAP&TOOTHPASTE. Really, I am. What would we do without scented soaps, perfumes and ROLL-ONs?


    1. My exact thoughts! Deodorants and Body Sprays am I grateful for! Some guy almost caused me death by asphyxiation last night!! It was horrible!

      @diamondaces, nice one… I’m waiting for Bottom Ten


  2. Hmmm…I’m not sure you have your priorities right…how can MUSIC be 6th?!!! Do you realize the importance of music?! In any case, I’m not sure I’ll put it on this list because I’m not too sure it’s made by man…


  3. I won’t say anything about the No. 7 item………lol
    Thank God for soap and toothpaste!…men! Sm ppl need to walk around with it and if possible use it every 30mins…….lol……….but my no 1 is music!!!!!!

    Ok…go ahead and do the bottom 10…will love to


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