Lemons and Lemonades.

I’m so certain that we’ve all heard that popular saying, “If life throws you Lemons,then make Lemonade out of it.”

I really don’t know who I’d credit with this saying but whoever it is,deserves a pat on the back. The main point of the saying is this,no matter the tough or bad situations you experience in this life,don’t just dwell on the negatives,learn from them and equally as important,you must always learn to pick up the positives. Even if you can’t see any positives,console yourself with the fact that it’s there but you just can’t see it but you’ll still get to. It’s just a matter of time. Because,my friend,that is ALWAYS the case.

So why am I saying all these? Easy!
When some crazy situations happen around you or to you,the 1st you see are the negatives (naturally). If you’re open-minded,you’ll see the positives (cos they’re informative). But there are some of us who see another aspect of situations and that’s the Humorous part.

This is not to make you laugh,it’s just to make you smile at best but I really do hope you enjoy it.

Earlier this week,there was a kind of furore on Twitter and I dived into the thick of the action to snoop things out (now let’s get things clear,I’m no gossip and this isn’t a gossip column per se but I just thought you should know this). Popular blogger,Linda Ikeji,posted a blog questioning whether it was right for a young man who lost his elder sister and her kids in the Dana aircrash to get married the weekend after considering the fact that the sister and her kids were coming to Lagos to attend that wedding. Now Linda is a blogger that I respect a lot. I actually hope that I get as many folks as she does to read my blog but was she out of line to post that blog? I’ll say a big ‘YES.’ She was. That family must be going through a lot and she didn’t have to sensationalize it. I read a lot of the comments and if you should see the curses the nephew of the bride (or was it the groom sef) hurled at Linda… (Shivers) I do hope I don’t get that kind of feedback. Linda in her cool,calm and collected way graciously picked up as many of the curses as she could gather in her well trimmed hands and hurled them back at the “Curser” (There really should be a word like that)
I love you,Linda! I really do. And I’m not saying the curses will hit home (and I pray they don’t) but kindly delete my name from your list of suitors. Thank you. (Better safe dan sorry,aye?)

And of course,it’s been a very eventful 3 days so far in our Polity. You know there’ll always be something crazy coming from this administration. The big story of course is the match up between Femi Otedola and Farouk Lawan.
For those of you still in the dark about how these 2 guys ended up squaring up against each other,let me help you out a little here.

Remember when we all marched out to Occupy Nigeria during the Fuel Subsidy Removal (FSR) right before those Labour sell-outs sold us out? Right. Now go to “www.google.com”, type in “farouk lawan,panel,fuel subsidy probe,report” in the search bar and click “Search.” Read up on the report of the panel. I’ll suggest you read as much as you can. Then you’ll have the full picture.

I don’t understand this generation at all. This is a generation of Headlines! They just see the headlines and make their conclusions. Very soon,we’ll have to re-search before we can find the word “Research” in the dictionary.

Sorry for that digression. What was I saying again? … Oh yes!

Monday morning,we were hit on our way to work with the shocking news that Femi Otedola had revealed he bribed Farouk Lawan with $620,000 and in a manner typical of our leaders,Mr Lawan denies it with every fibre of his being,asking for proof. We on the outside heard and read stuffs about a tape circulating and being viewed by some privileged few.
Then on Tuesday,we woke up to the news that Farouk Lawan had recovered from an Amnesia he didn’t remember he had. I honestly don’t know what juggled his memory but he suddenly remembered he infact collected the said amount and also remembered he collected it to set Mr Otedola up. (Laughing out loud)
You’ve got to be genuinely crazy if you think this isn’t funny. From what I gathered,he collected $250k on two different occasions himself and had an associate collect $120k for him. I got a lot of questions to ask but I’m only going to ask 1 here. I’ll leave the rest to your comments and our discussions.
The question I have is this…

(Laughing out loud) I’m trying to contain myself here.
Okay,here goes my question: Granted,Mr Farouk Lawan was trying to set Mr Femi Otedola up. But how much exactly was he planning to collect before it counts as a bribe? Because if $250k or even $620k wasn’t enough,then what amount would the bribe have started from?
I’d like to hear your take on this. But kudos to the PDP. You’ve all but succeeded in discrediting that report. Or have they? Time will tell.

And finally,I’ll like to make a personal unpaid announcement.

Our National Assembly now have so much time and money on their hands considering they earn millions for doing absolutely nothing. From what I gathered,they’ll be honouring Super Eagles midfielder,John Mikel Obi for his successful 2011/2012 campaign in Chelsea where the club won the FA Cup and UEFA Champion’s League.

On 19th of June,they’ll be an award ceremony where the player will be honoured and later that day,a dinner will be held in his honour and it’ll be strictly by invitation. I’ll give you the full details in due course.

In the same breath,in appreciation of Drogba’s effort in securing such monumental success for Chelsea by scoring the winning goal in the Champion’s League (unlike our dear Mikel who just was lucky to be in the winning team), the striker is now in line to become the new President of the Ivory Coast. He’s also in line during his term to head the African Union. Next step will be world domination. Eat your hearts out,Pinky and the Brain!

See y’all next time.

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7 thoughts on “Lemons and Lemonades.

  1. Kudos dude! Don’t be surprise if u don’t hear anything abt Otedola V Lawan saga again. Its jst a bold headline we get to see bt not d real contents. Pls jst forget those ‘big for nothing’ agbayas dat we call senators. All we need is ‘Revolution’


  2. I don’t agree with you on the Linda Ikeji blog. She was free to express her opinion about any issue on her blog. Its just a blog anyway. *just saying*


  3. to be candid, I really dont support the families that had to go on with the wedding even after they knew about the plane crash…its totally abnormal *nonsense*


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