01-08 JUNE,2012. Summary from my Diary.

Inspite of a crazy 1st week it’s been,I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Month.

Without making it look like it’s an ominous month but the 1st week of this month has been filled with Tragedy but I don’t want to dwell on that.

That our Government has failed us is no longer news. We’re used to it. But what pains me the most is how they come on our TV to insult us,insult our intelligence and insult what we stand for.

Let’s not even talk about the joke our dear president has made of our democracy by renaming UNILAG as Moshood Abiola University,Lagos (MAULAG) without due consultation. To justify his decision,he sent a bill to the senate,albeit belated,to do the proper christening (let’s not even talk about the fact that it’s while we’re still mourning the Dana Air Crash Victims). And to add to that,he renamed 2 institutions,1 in the east and 1 in the north after a Michael Okpara and a certain Modibbo Adama respectively (At least,it’s good to know Bills get passed fast sometimes). The former’s name might ring a bell but I never heard of the latter’s name. If you know who they are and how they contributed to Nigeria’s Democracy,please,send that info to krfactorz@yahoo.com. I’ll appreciate it as I’m willing to learn.

So our dear President and his able Aviation Minister pops up on TV to come and shed tears which would have embarrassed any self respecting crocodile and the President,quite naturally,promised to get to the root of the matter which I find funny because the person that should be providing those answers is standing rooted,not quite 6feet from where he is. That drama ended only for the Aviation Minister to come back a couple of days later to say nothing is wrong with the Aviation Industry. Well,an average of almost 1 crash per annum,countless delays at airports,exhorbitant airfare,badly maintained aircrafts,etc tells me she’s lying through her teeth but that’s to be expected as she’s a ‘Honorable’ minister. What’s also to be expected is for her to do the honorable thing and resign… *sneezes* resign,aye? Not in this country. There may be Honor among thieves but not in this country. By the way,is there a female minister in this country we don’t have a problem with? Just saying

So a scape-goat is offered in the person of the DG of NCAA but is that all? Is that all the heads our dear president has promised will roll?

If the info from the black box is to be believed,then a lot of questions still need to be answered.

A lot.

And I’ll be asking a few obvious ones here.

According to the report,the 2 engines crashed simultaneously. I’ll admit I’m not too conversant with aircrafts,airlines and their operations except what I read in novels and see in movies so I need some education here. So here are the questions:

1) How on earth can 2 engines fail simultaneously? How? Even when planes get shot down,engines just don’t fail simultaneously. So what’s the story here?

2) If the plane lost 2 engines,the pilot would have sent a Mayday. If that was the case,why wasn’t he cleared to land at the nearest Airport in Ibadan or Ilorin?

Those are just the ones I’m interested in getting an answer to.

And for those of you that were at the crash scene to take pix instead of help rescuing victims… May God help you in your times of need. Selah!

I would like to seize this opportunity to send out my heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of the berieved. It’s a loss that affects us all directly or indirectly. May God grant them all the fortitude to bear this loss.



5 thoughts on “01-08 JUNE,2012. Summary from my Diary.

  1. Well said! (Y)
    I would like to know aw possible it is for d said ‘Co pilot’ to survive dat crash if its anytin like d pixs passed around? N then yarn us d crap abt his airline being safe????
    N if its true dat dey weren’t allowed to land bcus d landing space was closed for 2hrs bcus Dame wantd to take off or land? Pls we need answers!!!!


  2. I was particularly shocked at d crowd milling around d scene. They were not helping but preventing actual help from getting to any possible survivors.

    I applaud d guys that were trying to help but a number of dem could have gotten injuried demselves coz dey were ill-dressed for rescue. Imagine pple wearing dunlop slippers/slippers walking around d scene.


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