Childhood – Time travels…


This is Monday and we all drag our rears back to work. Strictly speaking for myself,I’m dragging my very tired,still aching rear back to work. Why I find myself in this position is not the reason why we’re here but I’ll get to mention it in my next post. I hope.

So it was Children’s (pronounced Shildren by some) Day yesterday and from the little I saw,folks took time out to celebrate those little bundles of wonder. I’m not even going to talk about a sex video I saw just a few days ago where a 4years old boy was giving it hard to a 12years old girl with an expertise that a 44years old man would sell his soul for. And the 12years old girl…if that aint 21years experience unravelled before my eyes,nothing is.

Back to the good stuff,if you please.

So I get bombarded from every angle on my Blackberry messenger with all kinds of Happy Children’s Day greetings and so many put up pix of kids so fine they couldn’t possibly be theirs. (Chuckles)
I looked around and I saw a number of kids with smiles on their faces… The kinda smile I had on my face when I was a little kid (travelling back in time) after escaping the daily prison sentence called school and gettin home to meet the kind of meal I loved. The kind of smile I had on my face when I was showing off my new clothes and shoes. The kinda smile I had on my face when it was time to go play downstairs after TV. The kinda smile I had on my face when I was watching Superted and Voltron simultaneously. (When I was little,we had 2 TVs in the sitting room. When it was cartoon time,I had both remote controls under my control because at the age of 4,I’d already mastered the art of bullying my 2 beautiful sisters for the remote control and that’s what I call ‘Remote Control’). I could go on and on and I know you’ll understand what I mean. Childhood may be a lot of things but Childhood was FUN! Like in raw,undiluted,unbridled FUN.
4pm – 6pm was sacred to the kids then no matter the TV station. You could get closed down and the station’s director of programming shot just by showing any thing other than cartoons at this sacred time back then. But I’m sorry for kids these days. If you had to judge from TV programmes,you’d think adult are being cloned not kids being born and growing up. I just shake my head at kids growing these days and what they get exposed to so early and I gotta admit the good thing is that they’ll never know what they’ve missed. Back then,even the weather wasn’t harsh. Are u kidding me??? (Pun intended) The weather was fun. I used to fantasize rushing out into rains to take a shower but had I tried that,my dad would have seen to it I don’t make adulthood. But a kid goes out in the rain now… But I guess Mother Nature knows how to balance things out,doesn’t she?

Porn then was Lolly (remember Dauda the Sexy guy popularly known as Nackson) and Ikebe Super? But now… (Shivers and cringes at the thought)

Parents now have more work to do to bring their kids up right and they had better rise up to the challenge fast and hard. With God on your side,you’ll win. That I promise you.

That’s it! Enjoy the Holiday tomorrow and Have a Blessed Week.

Also,don’t forget… Show a Child some love. Cheers!



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