You know,it’s quite funny how little 24hrs is when you have so much tasks to execute and you have a deadline that’s bearing down on you so bad. But you’ll get to appreciate how much time that is by the sheer magnitude of some series of events that hit you straight in the face. In my own last 24hrs,I’ve had to contend with news and events ranging from very good to the grossly bizarre! (What’s even more bizarre is that I spent the better part of 5 minutes trying to figure out if I got the spelling of ‘BIZARRE’ right. I’m not even sure this spelling is correct so help me out here). Anyway,let me run through some of the noteworthy events that happened in my last 24hrs. (beeping sound) The following takes place in real time:

3am – 4am : So I was awake yesterday at this time and decided to write a blog and I posted it. Nothing earth shattering there.

5am – 6am : I woke up to check my blackberry but the trackpad wasn’t working anymore. I swore under my breath and decided it was time for a change.

9am – 10am : Got a call that one of my big bros was a dad again! Now that’s great news. Made a mental note to go do some business on the 8th day. (Winks)

10am – 11am : So I decided to sneak out of work to go get a new blackberry. No big deal there too.

1pm – 2pm : Got back to work real late and that’s a big deal.

4pm – 5pm : While chatting in a Blackberry group,I was informed a christian friend had now turned Atheist!!! I checked his Facebook post and what I found there made me sick. Bizarre,isn’t it? Now I can understand converting from one faith to another but denying the existence of God… I mean,what personal tragedy short of Armageddon could have resulted to this? That point was an all-time low for me,ladies and gentlemen.

6pm – 7pm : So I learnt there’s a plan to pass cassava bread law into a bill. If that aint crazy,nothing is. Way I see it,maybe I’ve been too law abiding. Let that bill sail through and it’ll make a law breaker outta me.

8pm – : You can’t imagine my shock when PHCN restored power just about this time and it didn’t blink up till the time I left home. For an area where PHCN had virtually forgotten (at least,that’s the way I see it) I tend to regard their latest gift as a greek gift. Cynic? Naaa…

Enjoy the coming weekend,peeps!



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