Hey Guys! What’s up? Sorry I’ve been off the grid for so long. Very unlike me,right?

Well,what can I say… I’ve had the longest writer’s bloc in human history. That’s particularly funny considering all that’s gone down in the last one month. You would think one could write volumes of books on it,right?

I’ve just not been inspired to write and that’s the gospel fact. I’ve had my ‘hands fallen’ so many times in the last one month (If you aint from Naija and you’re reading this,ask a Nigerian the meaning of that expression). So many crazy stuffs in the news. I won’t even talk about Boko Haram because they don’t deserve a mention in my blog anymore. I’ll also not even bother about news of the Federal Government or politicians or political parties; I’ll probably sound like a broken record. I wanted to write about Dame Patience and her traffic stopping visit to Lagos. But… Hmm hmm. Let’s not go there.

But the real juicy stuff would have been the forming of MAVIN by DonJazzy (I might as well state here what’s on the mind of almost every Naija guy and that’s the fact that Tiwa Savage is steaming HOT) and the re-christening of D’banj to Daniel Anderson (I got a little confused here cos I thought D stood for Dapo. Well…). Truth is,I was about to write something juicy about this but I guess lethargy crept in.

But I wanna apologise to all you out there that have faithfully followed all my blogs. I’ve kept it away for quite a while but not anymore. I’ve more or less faced a barrage these last couple of days concerning when my next blogpost will be out and it’s a good thing. It’s a good thing because it’s obvious a lot of folks keep up (even though quite a number do quietly with no comment and all) and I take the fact that they really wanna know when my next blogpost will be out as a challenge. A personal challenge.

I know and can’t deny the fact that I actually cited a lack of inspiration (covers face in shame) but I want you all to know that lying on my bed right now at 3:35am and writing this; YOU GUYS ARE ALL THE INSPIRATION I’LL EVER NEED .

I just thought to post this now and let you all wake up to it. I’ll be serving you a fresh blogpost in a couple of days. Why? Cos I’m cocked , locked and ready to Rock!!!

Enjoy your day.



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