I’ll tell you a story too.

Well well well… What can I say? I’m certain everyone reading this has read the prequel to this. The story of A,B and BBW. If u haven’t,I’ll suggest you go read the part 1 before going further.

So,the comments started coming in and I must say some of them were an eye-opener. Definitely opened mine. I’m sure they’ll open yours too. You have the right to disagree with these opinions but let me know what you think. After all,we’re just learning.

I’ll take the comments from the guys first:

This is from a friend called AK and he commented: “Well…we have an inherent nature to despise those who treat us well and aspire towards those cold hearts that give no concessions to us. A babe, no matter how good loves a little bit of ruthless and subtle dealing. It’s a world where a man that projects been good as his motto is doomed to fail.”

I think for me,the keywords here are ‘Ruthless and subtle dealing’. The last sentence actually wowed me. Let’s keep going.

The next comment is from Abdoolwazza and this was his take: “I read it bro but trut is dats d world women live in now
No more sacrifices,dedication,or genuine efforts to stick to a soul
Even our mothers met men who were better dan our fathers but chose to stick by them bcos they were disciplined and Godly”

He wasn’t done though,he went a little further : “A woman is so fragile and unreliable. And truth is once she can be impressed by anyoda then d regular guy might soon become history. Its a fact we must live wit and accept. Except only for d God fearin ones who cherish d sanctity of relationship.”

Haaaa!!! Granted this is not an absolute but I agree nonetheless and the women will be quick to point out that this applies to men too and I’ll be inclined to agree with that too.

Now let’s hear what the ladies have to say about this and trust me,some of what you’re about to read will blow your mind!

A lady,Ojuolape,has this few words to say about it: “Datz touchin. Maybe A isn’t meant for B.”

True,maybe. But that’s the big issue; ‘Maybe’ Way I see it,does it mean because A got married to BBW,then automatically,BBW is meant for A? Couldn’t A be making the biggest mistake of her life? Just saying.

Maryjane,though,has a rather Toni Braxtonic view of the event: “Nice one. It feels good, loving somebody and somebody loves you back and it’s quiet painful when you love someone and he / she doesn’t reciprocate it. Such is life”

‘Such is life’ I read again. I’m now a full believer of that fact. Can I get an ‘Amen!’

You guys should read what fisayo (@straightmi) had to say about it: “Attention, Money, Affection, Being Godfearing…  I am not even gonna talk about the tall and handsome part… Itz easy to mention dese things which are said often whenever girls r asked wat dey want in a guy… Truth is most girls aint sure wat dey want; dis minute is attention n d next, u’ll hear her complain about being choked up… A girl wants some combination of Tyson and babyface… A guy dat is both Godfearing and very social… She wants a guy that’ll tell her truths dat wouldn’t hurt.. If u ask me, I’ll say girls want guys dat almost don’t exist… A and B’s case is typical and BBW always wins d girl’s heart, if u ask me, I’ll say ‘smooth is d ultimate sexy, lies covered up in beautiful words, humour unequalled…”

And I almost choked on my Love potion when I read this. Actually,I expected no less from a fellow blogger. See,this is what I’ve been saying all along but some ladies think I’m a chauvinist. But I’m not. I was only teaching life’s lessons as I learnt it,both from my experience and others.

Now,Anita,an intriguing lady I know didn’t disappoint me. My mouth is still Agape. Her take: “Smth was always probably missing. He loved her, but did she love him back? Love is a two way thing. If a woman loves a man,she loves him. And if she doesn’t,WOMEN ARE WIRED TO BE ABLE TO STAY WITH A MAN THEY DON’T LOVE, men are not. My guess, she never loved him, she was enjoying all d attention. Plus truth be told, wen one dots on anoda dat much, it kills everyth. Predictability spoils d fun”

Am I getting the reaction I was expecting here? I wish I could see all your faces as you read this. I’ll probably scrape some feminine jaws off the floor.

But all in all,this last comment takes the cake. It encapsulates everything I’ve been trying with relative success to say. Reading my blogs is good for your health I tell ya. Tell somebody too. Ladies and Gentlemen,I present another fellow blogger,Faith John (@briareosa) and her comment: “… Cos somehow I’m drawn to danger
And have been all of my life
It feels my heart’s divided
Half way ‘tween wrong and right
I know I’m playing with fire
But I don’t know why

Yeah the bad boys are always catching my eye
(Ooh Way, Ooh Wah)
I said the bad boys are always spinning my mind
(Ooh Way, Ooh Wah)
Even though I know they’re no good for me
It’s the risk I take for the chemistry
With the bad boys always catching my eye…”

That’s an excerpt from Alexandra Burke’s Bad Boys… Why do girls leave the love and affection guys for the BBWs? Well cos it’s boring with the former and there’s no spark, no excitement or adventure; it’s just boring, you get the same scene everyday, you know how he’ll react when you’re angry, how he’ll smile when you show up, how he’ll touch you softly when you’re in the sack.. but with the BBW, there’s electricity, huge, stormy current! You can’t predict with him, and he won’t touch you softly, he’ll grab you.. pound the f**kin’ alarm! ;D

(Don’t listen to me, I’m just rambling)”

And we all know this is more than mere ramblings,Faith, but need I say more? A word is enough they say… But I really think you guys should go read my old post; Complication called Women 1&2.

I’m outta here,folks… For Now. Peace!!!


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3 thoughts on “I’ll tell you a story too.

  1. Dude I said I was nt going to say anyfin concerning dis matter cos of the hit I took of my opinion of the complications called woman….women don’t knw wat dey want…..even if its coated in gold and silver …presented to dem by God himself…dey would still to for wood….if wood excite dem…my own is Guys dnt dull ur selves mhen….


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