I’ll tell you a story.

Once upon a time,in a land faraway (depending on your geographical position I might add),there was this babe I’d like to call,A. Now ‘A’ was a hot babe,a real beautiful babe. ‘A’ had a boyfriend whose name was ‘B’. Now ‘B’ loved ‘A’ to the point he was crazy about her. If ‘A’ whistled,he showed up; if she clicked her teeth,he sat down and whenever she showed up,’B’ wagged his tail. She practically had ‘B’ eating out of her hands. ‘B’ doted ‘A’ so much that being unfaithful to her was something that never crossed his mind. They’ve had the flame on for a nos of years.

Then out of the blues (you could also say woods *winks*), a big bad wolf appears. Let’s call the big bad wolf,BBW.
BBW ran through chicks like a hot knife through butter. He was sleek,he was smooth,he was suave. If a babe was as much as sheepish,BBW would have her. It was that simple.
But as fate would have it,BBW ran into ‘A’ and decided this is one chic he must have. He pulled all his strings and did all he could but unfortunately… ‘B’ lost the lady he’d sacrificed so much for in the twinkle of an eye.
Within a couple of years? ‘A’ is married to the Big Bad Wolf and ‘B’ ends up brokenhearted and decided he’s never gonna trust a lady again. But that’s not the best part of the story; ‘A’ has learnt a bitter lesson and it’ll do him good to take the necessary corrections.

This is not just a true life story but somethings that happens all the time though I’ll admit a certain occurence triggered this post.

I’ve always believed that all a lady needs is Love and Attention so why would a lady that gets this in spades now go for the guy that is sure to divide your love and attention among you and others?

I’m still gonna elaborate on what I think about this but I’ll need your take on this then I’ll address the situation as a whole.

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4 thoughts on “I’ll tell you a story.

  1. “… Cos somehow I’m drawn to danger
    And have been all of my life
    It feels my heart’s divided
    Half way ‘tween wrong and right
    I know I’m playing with fire
    But I don’t know why

    Yeah the bad boys are always catching my eye
    (Ooh Way, Ooh Wah)
    I said the bad boys are always spinning my mind
    (Ooh Way, Ooh Wah)
    Even though I know they’re no good for me
    It’s the risk I take for the chemistry
    With the bad boys always catching my eye…”

    That’s an excerpt from Alexandra Burke’s Bad Boys… Why do girls leave the love and affection guys for the BBWs? Well cos it’s boring with the former and there’s no spark, no excitement or adventure; it’s just boring, you get the same scene everyday, you know how he’ll react when you’re angry, how he’ll smile when you show up, how he’ll touch you softly when you’re in the sack.. but with the BBW, there’s electricity, huge, stormy current! You can’t predict with him, and he won’t touch you softly, he’ll grab you.. pound the f**kin’ alarm! ;D

    (Don’t listen to me, I’m just rambling)


  2. Good one bro,missed your blogs buh am back on d grid…now this is a ‘straight from the heart’ Story,its now d norm:9 out of 10 of ‘nowadays’ relationship follow this path…buh out of many contributve factors,I point out few: Ask a guy/lady what is love,you get a M&B,’Ikebe super’ epistle filled with feelings..Love transcends feelings..its doing to someone what you will do to ‘you’ in dat person..buh we do not see ‘ourselves’ in the other party,so ‘how will iron sharpeneth wood without hurt,wounds and regrets’?2.Everybody wants to be loved and show affection on either male or female.there will always be a wolf if priorities are not set right and u are not willing to spice up/fight for your love..nobody wants to have a puppy as partner,stand to be d dog!We really haven’t understood LOVE if we feel Loving you must necessarily be reciprocated..ask JESUS,he knows much more.


  3. Yea, ladies are often times just unpredictable. They talk down the BBWs which makes u into an A if you like her too much, but at the end of the day you find you’ve just been scammed.
    But you may find an insight into our ladies minds when you see that incription you often find on their T-shirts, something about “Good gals go to heaven, Bad gals go everywhere”. If I was a gal, I think it’l be more exciting to go every where too. Or what do fink?;)*winks*


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