A little bit of this and that.

So it’s the middle of the week and I thought to share my own personal views on some of the big stories of this interesting week.

-From Mo’hits 2 NoMo’hits:

That the group that has been keeping us entertained for about 8yrs has broken up is no news. I mean,let’s face it,marriages break up all the time much less groups. Remedies broke up,Plantashun Boiz broke up,you name it and I add it. But this break up is so ‘BIG’ it makes that of the Plantashun Boiz look like a failed prom.
I was chatting with this friend of mine and she asked what I thought of the break up and I told her something didn’t make sense and I still feel that way. When I was told about d’banj’s interview,I didn’t believe it because I felt he must be on crack to utter those words. But when I read the interview,my 1st thought was that the guy must be a few nuts short of an engine or else… Then it struck me… Is it possible this most celebrated break up in Africa could be a business strategy? Let them do some GOOD work for G.O.O.D. Music and then get back for the biggest kiss and make up we’ve ever seen this side of the Atlantic with an album that’ll sell in Africa more than even Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller?’

I mean,D’banj saying that he owns Mo’hits added to the little issues that must have brought about the break up of arguably the most successful group in Africa doesn’t make sense so I submit it’s a script Kanye and some hollywood friends cooked up to reap big from the African Market in a shortwhile. Please,quote me on this.


Well,the drama aint over. That’s what you get when you ask the man with the biggest glass house in town to start hurling rocks. Now,documents have emerged where the house committee ‘practically begged’ for N40m for the panel. But I kinda remember Hon. Hembe almost swearing there was nothing of the kind. Then he tried that childish reverse psychology to make EFCC turn the other way. *sighs* But EFCC,being the nuisance that they are,didn’t take the bait. Now the hunter has become the hunted and the panel has been dissolved. Way to go,Ms Oteh! Let’s enjoy the rest of the show. Oh! And I suggest you stand back… Cos this is paydirt.

-The Honourables and their Largesse:

If information reaching my desk is to be believed,the members of the House of Representatives just got a pay rise of 80%. Considering the fact that they’re good roads now in every constituency,infrastructures,excellent power and water supply,good health care and Security etc,I’ll say that provision of these amenities is by no means a small feat and our Honorables have been able to achieve them in such a short time so they do deserve their largesse. Congratulations,Sirs! Bon Appetit!

– Muamba:

The world of soccer was thrown into sadness at the news of the cardiac arrest suffered by 24yrs old Bolton midfielder,Fabrice Muamba. Thank God that Britain’s response to medical emergency is nothing like ours so he’s recovering now in the hospital. We can thank God for that.

– Save Oke:

This is another news that has been going round this week and this is especially personal because the fine young man is someone I know personally. The guy needs our help so let us give it to him.
Pls read this link and support with whatever you can http://t.co/h8yiLEbU.

Thank you.

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