A Symbolic or Symbiotic Marriage?

Now I must warn you,there are some images being circulated that are… well, pretty offensive. So if you know your stomach has a very light grip on whatever you eat,or maybe it does have a strong grip but what you had for a meal is the real slippery type. Then I suggest you just skip this picture. Don’t want you throwing up around the place even though it’s the picture of a marriage between an African dude and a white Lady and Yes! It’s sickening. The guy in question is in his late 20’s and the lady is in at least her late 60’s from what I can see.

For those of you that can read just about anything that comes your way of which I’m humbly one (batting my eyelids and polishing my brand new diamond encrusted halo), you probably would have read or heard about the story of Oedipus. To those of you that are in the dark about the story,let me just tell you the main point of the story. Oedipus killed his father and married HIS MOTHER! End of story. I’m a great story-teller,aint I? You guys should read up on a lot of Greek Mythologies. Really educative. Or where did u think the term “Oedipus Complex” came from? I know some folks never heard of the term before but it’s used to describe a guy that has this penchant for dating older women especially a woman old enough to be his mother.

Now that we can assimilate,however, can you explain a dude who decides to get married not just to an older lady but to an ‘old’ lady (I wonder if she lives in a shoe)? For crying out loud,that lady is old enough to be his grandma! I’ll put my last kobo on d fact she’s even older than his grandma. Our own dear Oedipus would be turning in his grave now. The truth is that you hear about these things happening all the time and you shrug it off but being confronted with a graphic image takes the sugar from the pudding,doesn’t it? I wonder what her kids,grankids and oh! Great-grankids would say when mama comes back with her extremely young prize.
And what makes it more amazing was that he had some of his family with him! Or were those mercenaries? Anyway…
So what could be his reasons for marrying the sweet,very old lady? Of course,I’m a Romantic and Of course,I know that there’s a possibility the Granny loves him. It may be remote but there’s that possibility…women being what they are. But that guy must be a real desperado. If he’d gotten hooked to a white lady old enough to be his mother,you may not be reading this. But no,he had to marry grandma. Why would he take such a step? I managed to come up with major reasons any marriage would hold so let me spell it out here and try to compare with what could actually be going through the dude’s mind. Here we go…

– LOVE: if you as much as let it stroll through your thick skull this is a factor,then you’re insane. Legally insane. There’s a better chance Love exists between a Dog and a Lizard. The guy doesn’t love her of course and the lady must have some screws falling off in her head if she thinks the guy as much as like her let’s not even speak of Loving her. To the next one please.

– LUST: *chokes on ma wine* LOL!!! Really holding my tummy and ROTFLMAO!!! Let’s move on fast. I wanna outlive the old lady,pls.

– MONEY: Ahah!!! Now we’re talking. The hag must be a money bag and our dear Prince Charming (or Bounty Hunter in this case) will do anything to get his paws on the booty and that includes marrying her.

– GREEN CARD: (sighs) why not,if not? So he marries her and rides off into the sunset with her. And I’ll bet he might even claim her maiden name as his surname to make it even juicier. So many young guys in this country will kill to change citizenship and he’s getting his on platter of gold albeit battered and old gold but it’ll do anyway. Green Card Visa it is!

– COMPATIBILITY: *rolling my eyeballs* As far as I’m concerned,their compatibility factor is Zero! The dude just won himself Nanny Mcphee (and a rich Nanny Mcphee at that) and our old lady just got herself a live dildo. That’s all there is to it.

I hate to be a pessimist but I predict that fiasco they call a marriage won’t last up to a year and I’m guessing a few months. How long do you think it’ll last? Let’s see your comments.


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