Face 2 Face 2 Face Off!

So the stage is set everybody… This is the kind of event that brought about the art of Journalism. A real media’s wet dream. Anyway,let’s not get in way over our heads with this but I can’t wait to get started.

February the 14th not Friday the 13th is celebrated worldwide as St. Valentine’s Day. I don’t need to tell you how it goes down. It’s not exactly a public holiday because we all go for our various work and businesses that day and try to maximise the few hours left to share gifts and trip our loved ones and all the cuddlings and you know what that happens after. What I can tell you is that billions celebrate this day worldwide and millions in Nigeria but just 1 couple made our post-Valentine Day headline. Someone asked that now that Valentine day is over,what next? Well I’ll tell you. One of the most super-eligible bachelors we have in Nigeria,Tuface has proposed to Anne Macaulay and as far as I’m concerned,that’s not the best part. He broke thousands of hearts in the process but out of the thousands,just a few comes to mind and these are the ones that carry the fruits of their relationship… Children. What I can’t understand is how a lady would give birth to not 1,not 2 but THREE KIDS for a much sought after superstar without tying the knots! How? I mean,I need a lady to run me through this. So now that he aint marrying you,you’ll now pack all those kids for another man to marry you and cater for them all,abi? Not like you’re divorced or widowed (we can buy that) but you just turn yourself into a Superstar’s breeding machine? Once again,I hope you ladies are learning from these events. Especially those of you that are secretly praying that a Superstar would come and impregnate you. Better don’t buy the hype. Don’t think you can use kids as a weapon to blackmail a man. If he doesn’t love you,he’ll go after the one he loves. Don’t believe everything you see on Africa Magic Yoruba.

Annie… What I can say is that you’re a conqueror and its ok to celebrate your victory in this battle. Congratulations! But erm… You won the battle but there’s a War ahead. Your fiance just opened Pandora’s box so I expect you to remain prayerful. The Juju in Afmag Yoruba is real though.

Good one,2baba! I’m happy for you. this is what you should have done a long time ago. You made the right choice and I wish you well. For all the ladies with broken hearts… Well… Sorry.

And in other News… Once again,BokoHaram are back setting things up again. And I aint talking blind dates in the spirit of Valentine… but Bombs. So comes in our own Anti-Bomb Squad to save the day. I mean,it’s cool we have a bomb squad,huh? Well,the man chosen to diffuse this bomb is none other than Sergeant Sunday Badang, a real badass guy. There’s supposed to be a protective gear for him to wear but no he doesn’t have it. But he forges ahead anyway… (Pauses to take a drink of water) you know when you follow instructions to do something stupid and when you’re castigated you try to explain that you were asked to and then you’re asked that divine question; “If he/she asks you to put your hands in the fire,will you?” Anyway,back to the story… He forges ahead like Clark Kent to the cheers of people to diffuse the bomb with his bare hands and before you know it… KABOOM!!! We suddenly realise he aint Superman at all. Now he’s on his own. No one to cheer him on any longer. I mean,how stupid can someone get! Didn’t he read in the papers or hear that billions of Naira is playing around in our budget every year for security and they couldn’t afford to give him a measly 8million naira plus protective gear to wear and he also stupidly risked himself to diffuse a bomb exposed? I’m real angry! How could he throw his life away like that? For what??? People should learn to carefully draw the line between Heroism and Stupidity! This country is just sick! Now his wife is a widow and his kids,fatherless. Could we make him a hero by putting up a monument in his name? I think not because its a story we’ll have to tell shamefacedly. But my thought is with his family. I pray God grants them the fortitude to bear this loss. So who’s going to be the next Hero? Damn!


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5 thoughts on “Face 2 Face 2 Face Off!

  1. Nyc one again, even tho its sad I can’t help buh laugh out loud.!! Hero indeed. U r gettin beta Ace. Buh erm erm its ‘I am really angry sir’


  2. Seriously, u blame dat dude? I beg to differ tho, dnt wanna write anoda article on here … On a lighter note, *hands u bandage to tie ur head to prevent excessive swelling*, dat done, U r a good writer… Nice sarcasm… Love it…


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