With (Nee Houston) Brown- My thoughts

This is unscheduled but I had to put this down. I was thinking of writing this piece when I heard of the demise of Whitney Houston but I became sure I was going to write this when a very close pal called me this morning and requested that I write a piece on the extremely talented lady that stole our hearts and souls when she was in her prime. And trust me,she was a pristinely gifted one.

To all those that she left behind,my heart is with them and I pray God grants them the fortitude to bear the loss.

You were indeed one of the greatest. Goodnight Whitney Houston Brown.


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4 thoughts on “With (Nee Houston) Brown- My thoughts

  1. well well well u ve said it all and is left for any lady that would read your this, i realy feel and concern about her life (Whitney) but, i don’t realy av the opportunity to play my concern. She was a fantastic, wonderful woman that can never be find any longer. For the ladies that go after excitement, materials e.t.c i feel so bad for them becuase that is most defficult n worst that could lead someone to hell fire i mean wrong marriage. Thank you sir i love this.


    1. I agree its long. But I’m not sure I could have made it shorter without making it too parts and I’d really prefer to avoid a 2-part wite up. Thanks for the comment,I’ll keep it to hearts.


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