Seasonal Blue-Black

Its been an eventful week so far,peeps and I wouldn’t want to bore you with all the details but what I would like to do is to thank God for his mercies. If it wasn’t for his protection yesterday,the 20th of December,by now,instead of reading my blogpost,I would have been a mere smear on Abeokuta Expressway. I know a lot of you are wondering how that happened but I shudder to even think about it or narrate it so let me give you some keywords so you can put it all together. The words are: Traffic jam,Okada,One Way,Police,Speeding Cars,Expressway. Got it? For those of you that stay in Lagos,you most likely have the picture and for those of you that don’t stay in Lagos,give me a call or call someone in Lagos and they’ll give you the details. My own is that I thank God for his protection. Na end of year be this.
Anyway,I woke up this morning to prepare for work and I made up my mind that since God gave me testimonies yesterday,I’ll see to it nothing upsets me today and I mean,Nothing. You would expect me not to crack up till at least evening,right? Wrong! Barely 20mins after I left home,while in traffic,these vendor now comes to shove his papers in my face. It was a Punch Headline that first caught my attention and I was like “WHAT!!!” It read something like; “Outrage over Jonathan,Sambo N992m food bill!” Now,I don’t usually swear in prints and I try so hard not to swear at all but the 1st thing that came to my mind in its unedited version was; “WHAT THE FUCK ARE THOSE GOONS EATING!!!” Please pardon the language but I spent the next 2-3 minutes releasing verbal expletives that I dare not print. I mean,Get outta here!!! About the ‘UPSET’ part for today,let’s get it out of the way,I’m clearly upset…very upset. You may not appreciate how I feel until you consider the fact that I did a quick mental calculation and arrived at the fact that these guys feeding will be worth N2.5m a day!!! Damn! I could help put together a swell wedding with much less than that! How can two families squander that amount per day. Now the clowns are no longer contented with eating with 10fingers,they’re now adding their toes and still calling for help. This is just sad. As soon as they get into power,they forget that they practically begged us,went on all fours to beg us,kissed our asses till they developed mouth odour etc. Now dey do whatever they want. That’s why I can’t stand Politicians. I’m even considering not voting again. Now we know what they plan to do with the fuel subsidy windfall. I’m upset right now and even more upset that I’ve been upset. I try to avoid newspapers these days but they sure have ways of finding you. These country is just sick,I tell you and its only God that’s keeping us from going crazy.

Please,don’t let those douche-bags prevent you from enjoying the season. They sure try but you try harder and be determined to win inspite of all.

I wish you a Merry Christmas,Everyone!


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2 thoughts on “Seasonal Blue-Black

  1. Thank God for your life. We wont die an untimely death. As per Bro Jona and Mallam Sambo, well what I will say is that there is always a payback period. Let them ‘eat’ the much they could now and suffer people the more, but I know one day will be one day. NEMESIS is paying them a visit sooner than they expect. We will all be alive to witness their individual downfall. God will surely punish them according to their greed and suffering melted out on the populace. Is it not the same Bro Jona that went to school without shoe? It is a shame really. We don’t have leaders but eaters. Nice stuff pal……..bigup. Enjoy your day and the rest of the week. Compliment of the season.


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