A Taste of the Unusual!

So,this is long overdue and I’m sorry I had to wait this long but there are lots of issues bothering this mind of mine these last couple of weeks so I’ve not been able to settle to pen anything down.
Well here I am writing this piece but I must warn you that this is not my normal kind of write-ups but just thought to share some of the things that have been on my mind.
Without mincing words,the situation in this country really irks me. The truth is that I’m now so scared to read the papers or listen to the news because good news is now so hard to come by. This present government,for me,has evolved from just being merely ludicrous to outrightly ridiculous. There is a popular saying that “he who the gods want to destroy,they first make mad” and I think I’ll hold onto this as a consolation because our government seem to have gone stark raving mad.
Let me start with this homosexuality issue; they slap a 14year jail term on offenders and so many folks were impressed at the speed the issue was tackled. But not me… At least,not like that. Left to me,I was so indifferent to the bill because I felt a lot of things were just stupid. For how long shall we put d cart before the horse? So many issues yet to be resolved in this country that is going to benefit the common man if resolved amicably but instead,they chose to embrace charades. Someone or some people up there must have read about the Roman empire when though the people were impoverished,the Roman Emperor kept them distracted by making the Coliseum a big show by throwing and showing so many bloody but entertaining fights. Gladiators after gladiators where thrown into the fray. That’s what these clowns ruling us are doing. How does the homosexuality bill improve the life of Nigerians? Right now,the big issue is the removal of Fuel Subsidy because they need the subsidy to bring about development in the country. I find this laughable at best. I wonder what would happen to the common man when he’s told that the fuel he buys at N65 a litre will now go for about N143 a litre. So I guess if you used to spend N150 to transport yourself from Ikeja to Obalende,you would do well to quietly hold about N300 if the subsidy is removed. Let’s not even talk about food and all those other trivial necessities. I wonder where all those Billions in recovered loot is going sef. I can’t even remember the 2011 budget ever read on TV like it used to be. And just to make it even sweeter,just as the Federal Government is screwing us over,the State Government doesn’t want to be outdone. Let’s take Lagos State as our focal point: they tax us seriously,we shush;they inflate the cost of building the Lekki-Epe road,we shush, so they decide to add the icing to the cake. We now have to pay Toll to pass that route and we pay as many times as we pass. Call it a pay to pass. Its a small sum actually,just N120 per pass. You pay another when coming back so that’s N240 per day. That makes it N7,200 per month and N86,400 per year! Wow! You better don’t forget any file at home or be the forgetful type because you pay a lot more over the course of the year. Can you imagine? And I’m not even sure there exist alternate routes. An individual paying that much needed cash into the pocket of some greedy politicians. Damn! Now one minister is tweeting that in this country,we pay the least for Power Consumption in Sub-saharan Africa! Sound familiar? They are about to change the name of PHCN now. Hope it’s not the normal case of giving a dead dog a new collar? Need I talk about the ongoing ASUU strike,the silly jail term given to the Boko Haram spokesman and the fact that a sitting Senator is an alleged financier etc? Na God go help us in this country.

You just let me know what you think. Thank you.

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5 thoughts on “A Taste of the Unusual!

  1. I think its about to get really messy. I don’t know where GEJ and his economic advisers and other PDP hangers-on studied….everything just defies common sense. But then, this Nigeria we can siddon look…I hope people won’t think it alright when people start eating themselves…


    1. You too dey there? Its so bad. Look at the new budget,Security takes the Lion’s share which I believe is the whole idea. Or why would a PDP sittin senator be financin Boko Haram? Looks like his investment just yielded returns. Shebi na him we sabi? Its so sad.


      1. Lol,though sad cos of the messy situation…u just read ma mind…its investment galore as Security has 53.9bil outta 2012 budget..I do like to see the amount alloted for 2011 so I comment ma reserve…hope dey won’t soon privatise Security too..#justsaying


  2. It beats ma understanding,baffles ma comprehension how people go about these issues as trivia…where’s da voice and dat union spirit of INDEPENDENCE and justice..am excited dat I have a twin in thoughts and perception.keep it up bro…soon there shall be Clash of the titans…coming near you…hehe


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