The Complication called…WOMEN 2.

The 1st part of the above titled blog generated a lot of furore as so many people had so many things to say about it. In order to encourage comments and inputs,I’ve decided to use a different blogging site so as to use one that will enable you add your inputs via your mobile phones and your computers. So don’t hesitate to send in your comments as I’m certain a lot of people will pick up a thing or two from these inputs. Thank you.


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7 thoughts on “The Complication called…WOMEN 2.

  1. Guy you are born to write, just take it from me…I will talk about this topic another day…

    Kissing while bungee jumping? You’re CRAYyyyyyy!


  2. Well..I gotta agree with the excitement thing…..Women love excitement and I’m a woman so I know it…I particularly like the ending….”Blessed are those who know how to listen and obey this language for they shall inherit the keys of their women’s heart.”


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